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shroxkstenger: I am unable to understand how relatario would work with trytond without using the template at all. I will look dig a bit more but please do help me out if you can.03:34
shroxkstenger: I am normally awake at night, so it doesn't matter. But thanks to our differing time zones I've been working on my proposal longer than I would have liked. :/03:36
kstengershrox: for what I see, the magic is in the usage of _guess_type from the MIMETemplateLoader() class in relatorio.03:52
kstengerI apologise to you, I don't feel happy while my help for you on this goes so slow.03:52
shroxkstenger: Hey, that's not what I meant! I was blaming our differing time zones. If I was awake the past few hours I would have done more than I have now :P03:53
kstengeryes, but still :)03:53
kstengercheck that function see itf it makes sense to you03:53
shroxkstenger: I thought it was that as well. Yup, I'm on it.03:53
ovnicrafttry to run sao this is not working with 3.8.403:56
ovnicraftany hint  ?03:56
ovnicrafti update trytond and sao to 3.8.4 branch03:56
kstengerovnicraft: for 3.8 you have to check this
kstengerovnicraft: there were changes from 3.8 to 3.9, so pay particular attention to section names and variable names04:00
kstengerovnicraft: if 3.9 worked for you earlier, why did you go back to 3.8 ?04:02
ovnicraftkstenger, default is stable ?04:04
kstengerno, but you said you wanted it for development, or did I missunderstand?04:05
kstengerI mean, do you plan on contributing ovnicraft?04:06
shroxkstenger: I think I have a clearer picture now. But would you know just how the file accesses It doesn't directly do it, that's for sure. The _guess_type function and the MIMETemplateLoader class somehow make use of (if it needs to be used) but I don't know how.04:17
shroxkstenger: There is a statment at the end of - MIMETemplateLoader.add_factory('', Template)04:17
shroxkstenger: I think this would meant that '' is associated with for MIMETemplateLoader04:18
shroxkstenger: But that would require running the at the beginning. Which doesn't happen.04:18
shroxkstenger: Are you understanding what I'm trying to say?04:19
kstengershrox: yes, I just have the picture complete, as you just said at the end of the type is added to the factory, this happens at module import04:22
shroxkstenger: Ah! So that import was essential, after all?04:23
kstengerah, wait a sec04:23
kstengerthis happems at, same directory as reporting.py04:24
kstengerso importint reporting, triggers the types beeing loaded to the factory04:24
shroxkstenger: Okay. Got it now :)04:24
shroxkstenger: Thank you :)04:25
kstengershrox: thank you too, you gave me a part of the puzzle I didn't nootice at the end of opendocument :)04:25
kstengerso, now I think that the fodt part of the code should probably go into opendocument too, but I'd like to hear cedk opinion04:27
shroxkstenger: Since I think I'm lagging a bit in writing my proposal. Would you mind telling me a few things that you will be looking out for when you review it? It'll definitely help me write a better first proposal which will probably require lesser changes.04:27
shroxkstenger: What makes you think so? I don't get the connection.04:28
kstengerit makes me think so because it would also be type ?04:28
shroxkstenger: Hmm. But the current types (odt, ods., etc.) are all zip files. But if we had fodt it would be a single xml file. Having a different type, for example, could very well be more convenient, I guess.04:31
kstengershrox: answering what I'll be looking for would be hard to answer.... remember I'm not the only potential mentor also, and I'm new to this ;-)04:33
shroxkstenger: All right then :)04:34
kstengershrox: true, so maybe you could fine tune the types names... anyways... those I think are more minor details, it would depend mostly on if you can find similarities between both preocesses or not, so if there is sense to make it together or separated04:34
shroxkstenger: Yes, definitely. It can be figured out later.04:35
kstengeryou'll have to balance similarities to differences. So we don't have two files that are almost identical, or we don't have just one difficult to follow file04:35
shroxkstenger: Yes. :)04:37
kstengershrox: You are in USA?04:38
shroxkstenger: No. India.04:38
kstengeroh, the server name took me to think US :)04:39
kstengerfor me it's already time to go to bed, if it's too late for you, you should rest also, and continue with a clear mind tomorrow :)04:39
kstengerI've been sleeping late lately too04:40
shroxkstenger: It's too early for me :P I just woke up. I had planned to stay up the night so that I could work on my proposal but I dozed off. Now I will have classes in some time.04:41
shroxkstenger: You sleep, goodnight :)04:41
kstengerah, ok :D well, have a good day!04:41
kstengerACTION afks04:42
shroxkstenger: You too!04:42
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awasumi wanted to discuss some specification and design decisions about the Email Notification Project for Gsoc 2016.11:43
awasumI am a student from the university of Buea, Cameroon. I am interested in some of your Gsoc projects.11:44
awasumfirstly, i did some research on template engines in python and realise that jinja is widely used and well maintained,11:45
cedkawasum: indeed we already have our template tool in Tryton based on relatorio11:46
cedkI just recently submit a patch to support text format:
awasumcedk suggested that we use kajiki. in one of the projects to replace gesnhi.11:47
cedkand I already use it here to send authentication email11:47
cedkawasum: yes but it is not relevant for the email notification as it must be based on relatorio11:48
cedkso the internal of relatorio will be transparent11:48
awasumcedk: you said in one of u=your comments that we should not use queues,11:50
awasumis the mail server already configured??11:50
pokoliawasum: the email server can be defined on the configuration file. See
cedkawasum: I would like that we use a datamanager plugged in the two-phase commit11:54
awasumoh, ok11:54
awasumi saw the link but havent grsped the whole process or idea of datamanger.11:55
awasumam new to Tryton11:55
cedkawasum: datamanage is not yet there:
cedkawasum: but the datamanager is not part of the GSoC11:59
cedkawasum: this will be done during this week for the coming release11:59
cedkawasum: so it will just expose a similar API to the smtplib12:00
awasumok, then i have to follow the development process of datamanager to complete the email notification project.12:00
awasumthat will be so good.12:01
cedkawasum: you can consider that you will send email directly at first step12:03
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cedkawasum: also don't forget to submit at least one patch12:15
awasumworking on that.12:15
awasumsetting up my development environment.12:16
cedkawasum: also you can already encode your proposal in the GSoC applicate as incomplete so mentors can already take a look12:20
awasumthanks. doing that now.12:21
cedkawasum: also if you submit using google doc, we can comment12:21
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pokolicedk: There is any issue about PYSON widget?13:01
cedkpokoli: what do you mean?13:02
pokolicedk: You always said that it will be great to have a tryton/sao widget to edit pyson statements13:02
pokolicedk: So I'm asking if there is any issue on the bug tracker (or discussion) related to it's implementation13:03
cedkpokoli: I don't think so, did you search for it?13:05
pokolicedk: found it, thanks ;)
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shroxcedk: Hi! I've been discussing the fodt project with kstenger. Just wanted to confirm a few things with you. I will have to work with the template and either modify the same or create another template that works along the same lines for fodt. Is that correct?18:15
shroxcedk: In the detailed project description in the proposal, I will mention the changes that I explain the project and the changes that need to be made along with screenshots.18:16
shroxcedk: Is there anything else that I need to add? I will submit the proposal today. So that you can review it and I then have enough time to make enough changes, if any.18:17
cedkshrox: I think the best is to write a converter between fodt into odt18:19
shroxcedk: Convert the flat xml file into separate files and folders?18:21
cedkshrox: into an odt which is a zipfile18:21
cedkshrox: so this zipfile could be passed to the opendocument template engine18:21
shroxcedk: Yes. But but since the odt, once unzipped, is just files and folders.18:21
shroxcedk: Okay. That could be done.18:22
shroxcedk: I've been comparing odt and flat odt files and there are some aspects that might be problematic. I do have a fair idea though.18:22
shroxcedk: This could also be used independently to convert fodt to odt with the help of just python then. I think.18:24
cedkshrox: yes and if you can also write the convert in the other way, it will help converting existing reports18:29
shroxcedk: Cool. And can you give me an idea of what I should mention in my project description in the proposal?18:47
cedkshrox: you should just describe the project18:49
cedkshrox: like: writing a library to convert in both way between fodt and odt18:49
cedkshrox: anyway, the best is that you put your draft proposal using google doc then we can comment on it18:50
shroxcedk: All right. I will do that.18:50
shroxcedk: It will be up in the next few hours.18:51
cedkshrox: the best is to ping us when you have the draft submission so we can take a look18:53
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shroxcedk: I will definitely be doing that. You will have immediate access, right?18:53
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cedkshrox: yes normally18:56
shroxcedk: :D18:57
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shroxcedk: Should the converter be able to handle ods, etc.?20:01
shroxcedk: Would lxml be recommended to process the xml from the flat xml file?20:44
cedkshrox: for ods yes indeed there is one opendocument format20:54
cedkshrox: and for lxml, yes it is what is already used in relatorio so we should try to limit number deps20:55
shroxcedk: Okay. I am not sure if I manage to make a converter for odt, that it will work without me having to make any further changes. For now, I am only looking into the intricacies of odt files.20:56
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