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silwolLast weekend I visited a linux-related meeting Linz, and during the lightning talks I did a short presentation on a local tryton 4.0 instance with some sample data in front of ~30 people with general interest in free software.09:56
silwolgeneral interest seemed to be quite high, with 3 detailed questions from the audience.09:56
cedksilwol: great09:57
cedksilwol: if you have papers, we can publish it on
silwolcedk: sorry, it was just a lightning talk, ~15min ad-hoc-prepared during the event09:58
silwolcedk: I will do a presentation in our local LUG next month, 15th of july. I will prepare papers for that, and then I'll send them to you.09:58
cedksilwol: OK09:59
silwolcedk: there seems to be quite little information available in german about tryton, especially screenshots which show what the system provides just to get an imagination for people who have never seen it.09:59
silwolcedk: is the site.09:59
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cedksilwol: you should see on the german mailing list or irc10:08
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pokoliHi, I'm wondering if it's possible to show an icon on tree view not linked to any field11:01
cedkpokoli: normally yes, if you put the name of an icon instead of the field11:10
pokolicedk: The name of the icon is computed by a functional field11:11
cedkpokoli: so use this function field11:13
pokolicedk: but for my use case, i think it's Ok to show linked to the field, as the icon info is linked to the field11:14
pokolicedk: but using the function field returns the icon name as Char, so it shows the name not the icon11:15
pokolicedk: and using a image widget shows it as blank11:15
cedkpokoli: you have to use the icon attribute or the suffix/prefix tag11:16
pokolicedk: so then it's linked to a field :)11:17
pokolicedk: so I can use a field that returns always None with the icon if I don't wan't any field, and the label of this field will be the icon label11:19
cedkpokoli: so you want to have a list with only icons?11:20
pokolicedk: not now, but i think it will be doable to show only the rec_name and several icons representing the state of the field11:23
pokolicedk: for example, representing invoice_state and shipment_state on sale11:23
cedkpokoli: so put inside rec_name field the affixes11:25
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csoteloHello coders17:30
csoteloI have an issue on: when I use a form, an even on_change_field_name is activated, however, when I use something like Model.write([]), and , if I write the field field_name, the event on_change_field_name wont be activated, then, my question will be for a suggest on the best way on solve this kind of issues17:33
cedkcsotelo: call it yourself17:35
cedkcsotelo: with active record it is very easy17:44
csoteloI ma reading some code done for trying to understand it17:44
prayashmIs there anyway that I don't have to enter username and password to enter sao everytime I refresh? While testing?18:00
cedkprayashm: no18:01
cedkprayashm: security first18:01
prayashmYes, I understand that.18:02
prayashmBut while developing, for the local instance, is there any thing that can be done to reduce the no. of steps to see a change I make in the javascript files in live sao.18:05
cedkprayashm: put a simple password18:06
prayashmdone that already18:07
prayashmcedk: thanks anyway!18:07
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