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mrichezHi, i need some help about record rule to evaluate if current user is in a specific group11:32
mrichez    <record model="ir.rule" id="rule_creator_new_module">11:32
mrichez            <field name="domain"11:32
mrichez                eval="[Eval('groups',{}),'in',[Id('new_module', 'group_new_module')]]"11:32
mrichez                pyson="1"/>11:32
mrichez            <field name="rule_group" ref="rule_group_creator_new_module"/>11:32
mrichez        </record>11:32
pokolimrichez: please don't pase in the channel and use some paste service, like pastebin11:34
mrichezoki, sorry11:34
pokolimrichez: having said that, you have yo use the inverse condition, [(Id('module', 'group') , 'in', Eval('groups', []))]11:35
mrichezI'll try. Thanks11:36
mrichezi've an error = 'int' object has no attribute 'split'11:38
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pokolimrichez: can we see the full traceback (using service)11:46
cedkmrichez: left side of domain should always be the name of a field11:50
mrichezok. so how to check my group , i should use <field name="group"> ?11:52
pokolimrichez: from which field of the model? You must have a user field on the model or use the create_uid or write_uid11:53
pokolimrichez: BTW, maybe It will be better if you explain what you try to filter11:53
cedkmrichez: if you don't use value from the record, you must use model access11:53
mrichezok, in my model, only creator and users in a specific group could modify  records11:55
mrichezso i define record rule11:55
mrichezin this rule, i want to  add the perm_write to a specific group11:57
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cedkmrichez: you have to create a rule without domain and link it to the group12:27
mrichezok, will do that. Thanks ! :-)12:27
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cedkpokoli: for issue5641, adding an empty label doesn't spend room?12:50
pokolicedk: no, as far the label has no text. It spends when you add the test12:55
pokolicedk: other option is to test if this.label_el before setting classes, but I found cleaner to use an empty label12:56
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mrichezBack with my rule... can't link to the group :
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pokolimrichez: you have to create an record for the intermediate table of the many2many14:51
pokolimrichez: see for an example14:51
mrichezoki... thanks !14:54
mrichezeverything is working now, thanks for explanations and your time :-)15:03
pokolimrichez: you're welcome15:04
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cedkpokoli: there is something wrong with your changeset de90bf5435ce,
pokolicedk: let me check!17:50
cedkpokoli: or maybe it is changeset 3a17f8e704a717:50
cedkpokoli: OK I found the issue17:52
pokolicedk: or maybe is the union of both17:52 restore the context of the instances17:53
cedkso the _check_access is removed as instances are not instantiated with it17:53
pokolicedk: so we must instanciate the instances with _check_access?17:54
cedkI wrote:
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