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pokolicedk: i will add the german translation posted by udono on the neso new, so you don't have to worry about it :)10:31
cedkpokoli: ok10:32
udonopokoli: Thanks!10:32
pokoliudono: thanks to you for the translations :)10:35
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pokolicedk: may this error be related to changeset 3a17f8e704a7 ?13:34
pokoliI'm executing the stock lot test with this patch
pokolicurriosly, the moves returned from function have an empty context, but the ones from copy have the transaction context13:35
pokolireturned from function -> from fucntional field outgoing_moves13:35
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tony_hello, I am getting country ID only from Address module14:22
tony_how can I change country for address14:22
pokolitony_: sorry but i don't understand. What are you trying to change?14:23
tony_may be user wants to change party address,that's why14:24
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cedkpokoli: which function?14:32
cedkpokoli: but definitly you can not mix records for saving14:33
cedkpokoli: also it looks like the rpc doesn't set correctly the context14:36
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tony_i can able to edit city,street,zip but not country & subdivision because response have id rather than value14:38
cedktony_: this is many2one so yes it is id14:40
tony_so how can I changed country?14:46
cedktony_: like any field by putting a correct value14:46
tony_sorry I am not getting you14:50
tony_I have a country id, now I want to change it14:51
tony_is there any list of country id?14:51
cedktony_: yes in the country table14:52
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pokolicedk: thanks, but i does not solve the issue, now the context is correctly set, but check_access is different from the new instances due to
cedkpokoli: I'm wondering if the RPC instance should have _check_access set or not15:22
cedkpokoli: but any way for your code, you can not mix records like that15:24
cedkpokoli: even if we manage to get the same context, nothing guarantee the context will always be the same15:25
prayashmcedk: While writing the proposal you had suggested to highlight the required fields in All Fields Section of CSV Import. Should I just mark them selected (to be moved into Fields to Import section), or just show them in a different color using ?15:26
tony_how to access country table?15:29
tony_is it same like party table?15:30
pokolicedk: you are right, only way to enforce the context is the same is re-browsing, but I dont think it's if its the proper way15:30
pokolitony_: you have to get it from the pool.15:30
cedktony_: everything is the same15:31
tony_via JSON RPC call?15:31
pokolitony_: yes if you are on client side15:32
cedkprayashm: we don't use color any more because it is bad design for accessibility15:32
cedkprayashm: I think we should forget it for now as GTK client does not support it15:32
prayashmcedk: Understood. Thanks15:33
pokolicedk: solved using write instead of save :) thanks15:37
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cedkshrox: on your repository it is not clear what should be looked?16:56
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shroxcedk: Hey, have a look at -
shroxcedk: I will clean it up today. And finish a few remaining things including working on generating the manifest.xml file18:00
shroxcedk: And maybe then I can submit a review by tomorrow (assuming it's reached that stage)18:01
cedkshrox: OK, but it is strange to publish many copies of the same script18:01
shroxcedk: Yeah, they'll be gone soon haha18:04
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paco85_hi everybody, i forgot password for tryton profile, dont have acces trought any other profile, I have a dump file of the DB, please, can anyone help me in finding a way to restore passward? or recover dump file with different password? or update passoard of the DB profile?19:18
cedkpaco85_: the easiest is to edit the login method of User to always succeed and then you change the password with the client19:22
cedkthere is an issue to add an option in trytond-admin:
paco85_ok cedk can you tell me how to edit the login method to always succed?19:24
cedkpaco85_: it depends on the version19:25
cedkpaco85_: here:
cedkpaco85_: just make the if always True19:27
cedkpaco85_: becareful that your server can be accessed only by you because anyone will be able to login to it19:27
cedkpaco85_: and remove the hack after restored the password19:28
paco85_i have to change this line: if cls.check_password(password, password_hash): ?19:29
cedkpaco85_: yes19:29
paco85_by removing password_hash ?19:30
cedkpaco85_: no make the test always True19:30
paco85_if cls. check_password (password, password) . it tests password to see if it is equal to password_hash right?19:31
cedkpaco85_: yes19:32
paco85_please, which of this files is the correct?
kstengerpaco85_: under your trytond install directory, inside the res sub-directory19:47
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paco85_i get this error when i try to login
kstengerpaco85_: just put "if True" at the before said line19:56
paco85_now it seems to work! many many thanks!!!!19:59
kstengerpaco85_: don't forget to put the change back to original after you fix your access issue20:00
paco85_yes ; ) thanks again!20:00
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