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mrichezhi, to post a patch for an issue i'm using this command : hg review -m "modulename:description"11:17
mrichezhow to add issue_id to description ?11:17
mrichezshow i do that manually ?11:17
mrichezshould i do that manually ?11:18
mrichezi mean description field on rietveld11:20
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cedkmrichez: manually or you use the editor from hgreview11:21
mrichezhgreview has an editor ?11:23
cedkmrichez: yes if you don't use '-m'11:25
mrichezcedk: oki, thanks, will try next time !11:26
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Sven____I get an error when trying to configure tryton with tryton -c -d14:21
Sven____"IOError: Database "tryton.sqlite" doesn't exist!"14:22
Sven____my conf file configures a mysql database14:22
pokoliSven____:  trytond is not able to read the config file so it's using the default sqlite backend14:23
pokoliSven____: make sure the path is correct, and your file is readable by the user running trytond14:24
pokoliSven____: it will silently faild and don't read the file if the user does not have permisions to read the file14:24
Sven____ok, i'll check14:26
Sven____pokoli: well it's strange, I'm running trytond-admin as root, the file is 777 and I gave the absolute path14:35
shroxcedk: Can you have a look at my github repo, please? I have successfully converted an fodt to odt for the most part. I have tried only a couple of fodt files as yet and there might be some redundancies here and there, but the odt opens in LibreOffice all right. Fixed the corrupt file issue as well, that Libre earlier reported.14:38
cedkshrox: OK14:57
cedkSven____: maybe the uri is not correct14:58
cedkSven____: otherwise in verbose mode, it will tell which configuration it loads14:58
cedkshrox: few general remarks:15:03
cedk- avoid to use global variable (also most of your global statement are useless as you don't assign the variables)15:04
cedk- avoid to concatenate string using '+' but use formatting '%'15:04
cedkshrox: I think it will be better to fill the Manifest when you create each file instead of looking after the list of files15:05
cedkshrox: most of the classes are not very useful as you have only one method that you call directly15:06
cedkso it is better to use method15:06
cedkshrox: I think you should manage images while creating the content.xml instead of read it again15:07
cedkshrox: I think you have enough to do for now :-)15:08
prayashmPapaParse maintainer responded by accepting the PR for custom quote character. Shall we use it now?15:28
cedkprayashm: I think it is the best option15:32
cedkprayashm: I will put a comment on discuss15:32
prayashmcedk: okay :)15:34
shroxcedk: Haha, I was expecting some of those. I'll work on these things, thanks for having a look!15:41
cedkprayashm: but for the quoting option, you should probably test if it is available or not in the library15:47
cedkprayashm: because we support only released versions15:47
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sisalpStarting Tryton V4.0, I get this message : Unable to load plugin 'chart' Do you know what happens ?16:26
nicoesisalp: You're missing a relatorio dependency pycha16:28
sisalpnicoe: thank you. Comparing 3.8, I no longer have this convenient message INFO trytond.server starting JSON-RPC protocol on xx, should I worry ?16:31
nicoesisalp: If you want to see them you can always configure the logging options (it's on level INFO according to the source)16:33
sisalpInstead I get this one : Running on http://localhost:8000/ (Press CTRL+C to quit) which doesn't make sens, so I will check the config file16:35
sisalpnicoe: I did not addapt the config since 3.8 so I guess it is the problem.16:36
prayashmcedk: It's not in the release yet. I have mailed the maintainer16:39
sisalpnicoe: indeed with pycha, I no longer have the error. I had also to add  wrapt python-stdnum simpleeval cached_property, and only the first one was in the documentation, or I don't look at the right place.16:39
nicoesisalp: python-stdnum, simpleeval and cached_property are used by modules so they should be in their respective module doc16:41
nicoesisalp: pycha is not required hence the warning16:42
cedkprayashm: it is not a problem to have the feature only once it is available16:43
prayashmcedk: You mean, I can use the library now, and later integrate the custom quote character feature, when it is release?16:44
prayashmreleased* ?16:44
cedkprayashm: I mean the options will depend if it is available or not in the library16:46
prayashmcedk: But we have to add the feature to sao, right?16:50
cedkprayashm: if it is available in the library16:53
prayashmcedk: got you :)16:53
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