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SamSagaZhey guys, someone know if exist some module to use tryton into an bookstore? or at least some way to extend the product module to add additional fields like image, ISBN, Prologue....01:29
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cedkSamSagaZ: you have to create a module that extends product08:52
cedkSamSagaZ: see
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mrichezhi, how can i get strings from another module for a field Selection ?14:30
cedkmrichez: you can call fields_get14:51
mrichezcedk: like this ? fields.Function(fields.Selection(Purchase_request.fields_get(['status']),'State'),'get_state ')14:58
cedkmrichez: no fields_get is a Model method14:58
cedkmrichez: you can do that only if you use a method for the selection instead of a list14:59
mrichezcedk: any example somewhere? :-)15:00
cedkmrichez: I do not think15:02
mrichezcedk: i'll try to find...15:06
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sisalphello, I find this in trytond log : /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/relatorio/templates/ UserWarning: Unable to load plugin 'chart'18:09
sisalpI guess I missed a dependency, but which one ?18:09
nicoesisalp: pycha (in order to display chart in relatorio)18:11
sisalpSamSagaZ: and jcm: I'm starting a new project for a book publisher, we may share the book product expension.18:11
sisalpnicoe: thank you18:11
sisalpnicoe: works with apt-get install python-pycha, doesn't work with pip install pycha18:15
SamSagaZim testing odoo too, tryting to figure wich is the one that best fit my project :/18:17
SamSagaZlooks like oddo have more modules and are more updated :(18:18
cedkSamSagaZ: most of odoo modules are correction modules18:22
cedkSamSagaZ: about "more updated" what do you mean?18:23
SamSagaZwell looks like argentina comunity updated the argentinian modules18:24
SamSagaZbtw, will play a little more with tryton18:25
cedkSamSagaZ: as I said, most of the community works on Odoo is fixing Odoo18:25
SamSagaZi understand18:25
cedkSamSagaZ: also you must be careful, Odoo is vendor locking18:26
cedkSamSagaZ: you need proprietary service to upgrade to new version18:26
SamSagaZthat sux18:27
cedkSamSagaZ: also most of the new features advertised by Odoo, are proprietary18:28
cedkSamSagaZ: sad thing is that most of the people at the end does not care about their freedom :-(18:31
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SamSagaZyeah that sux :/18:35
SamSagaZwell, will see if are easy to made modules for tryton then18:35
cedkSamSagaZ: look at the crash course pdf, I gave you18:37
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SamSagaZcedk, yes, already downloaded, will work with it tonight!22:24
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