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rrapozoHello everyone i getting a error in sao someone can help me?16:37
pokolirrapozo: hi, which error? could you use some paste service to upload it's traceback? Thanks16:38
rrapozoSo the tryton-client is working fine the name of the database is tryton but the sao not log in16:39
rrapozoShow to me database and login and I put the same that I used in tryton client and show to me a error: OperationalError: FATAL:  database "tryton/" does not exist16:40
rrapozoI think that in somewhere inside the code it put a "/" and this is the problem16:40
cedkrrapozo: what is the URL you are using?16:44
rrapozoI'm using http://localhost:8888/ because is a ssh port redirect from 8000 in other server16:45
cedkrrapozo: are you sure to use the same series for the trytond and sao16:47
cedkrrapozo: it looks like you are using trytond 3.8 and sao 4.016:47
rrapozoit's possible!16:48
rrapozothey are imcompatible?16:48
cedkrrapozo: in Tryton, everything must be from the same series16:49
rrapozoOk! Which is the best way to solve this problem? Install tryton 4.0?16:50
cedkrrapozo: decide which series you want to use16:51
rrapozoWhich one is more stable?16:51
rrapozodo you know?16:51
cedkrrapozo: they are all stable once released16:52
cedkrrapozo: and even, trunk tries to be stable16:52
rrapozo:) Thanks a lot cedk I'll try to install tryton 4.x (the problem was that I installed the deb package from ubuntu repository and there have old versions)16:54
cedkrrapozo: you can try Debian packages which are more up to date:
sisalphi, hello, where is the import/export menu ?17:17
cedksisalp: in the menu of each tab17:18
sisalpcedk: I a tool icon, but no importhave17:19
sisalpcedk: I have a tool icon, but no import17:19
sisalpI'm on demo, but demo_fr because admin is chinese17:22
cedksisalp: on sao?17:23
sisalpoh yes !!!17:23
cedksisalp: not yet implemented in sao17:24
sisalpis FEC export of accounting available ?17:27
cedksisalp: yes, it is a wizard17:28
pokolisisalp: for import/export on sao you should test
sisalpis tryton able to receive incoming mail ?17:51
sisalpon windows7, gtk crashed and keeps on restarting on the same error. someone has seen this ?18:02
sisalpeven after remove/reinstall18:04
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sisalpconfig file is corrupted18:10
pokolisisalp: yes, you can recieve incoming email via third party modules, but what do you want to do with the email?18:12
sisalppokoli: attach mail and mime attachments to customers18:14
pokolisisalp: nantic guys have this module:
sisalpcedk: pokoli: thank to your fast and precise answers, my customer will very likely migrate from OpenERP to Tryton.18:28
pokolisisalp: so lets find more customers to migrate them ;-)18:29
cedkpokoli: please close issue which are implemented instead of invalid because if they are implemented they were valid18:36
pokolicedk: ok, understood18:37
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