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SamSagaZhi guys, someone know some module that let me save some steps when make a sale? i want to set payment and invoice at same time04:23
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notizblockI have a question regarding report language settings. I have a sales report and its content is rendered in the user's defined language. So, if the user lang is set to german, the report will be rendered in german and so on. I would like the render the complete report in the language defined on the party.09:32
notizblockI have these lines at the top of the report:09:33
notizblock<set_lang( and or 'en_US')>09:33
notizblock<sale.set_lang( and or 'en_US')>09:33
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notizblockonly the product details of the sale report are rendered in the language defined on the party but not the other content such as table headers and the like09:34
notizblockIs there some setting I missed to accomplish this?09:36
Timitosnotizblock: we face some similar problems on 3.4. you can try to ping udono. but he is not online for the moment09:40
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notizblockTimitos: thx for the hint09:41
notizblockI forgot to mention, we are on 4.009:41
Timitosshould be not so different between these two versions i think09:42
notizblockTimitos: I suppose, yes09:42
cedkSamSagaZ: there is a blueprint about this topic:
notizblockGot it: I moved the the lines above below the report's page break09:50
notizblocknow the complete report is either in german or english, depending on the language defined on party.09:51
notizblockI suspect it has to do with the "page break before" on the first paragraph09:54
cedknotizblock: I guess your statement is removed by the for loop09:57
cedknotizblock: relatorio removes completly lines with control statement like for, if etc.09:59
notizblockcedk: yes, basically everything is dropped between the beginning of the for loop and the position after the page break09:59
cedknotizblock: also in ODT page break is indeed a break before the tag10:00
notizblockcedk: thx for the hint10:02
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notizblockcedk: the first line (<set_lang …>) got stripped due to a line break (instead of a paragraph break)10:17
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SamSagaZcedk, thanks11:30
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pokolicedk: should we apply to ?14:45
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nicoepokoli: I think so15:23
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cedkpokoli: of course17:23
pokolinicoe: cedk: shald I push directly this commit? Or do you want a issue/review?17:27
cedkpokoli: I think you can push17:29
cedkpokoli: but put the issue number of the install->activate17:29
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stavanyone here?23:36
stavdunno if i'm in the right place23:38
kstengerwhere do you want to be?23:38
stavor crete23:38
kstengernop, wrong place23:39
stavactually wonering if anyone would have patience to help me setup tryton on local debian host?23:39
stavi can stumble around linux ... but would like to setup a production version of tryton to test23:40
kstengerbetter just explain what's your difficulty23:40
stavinstalled thru debian jessies synaptic pack manager23:41
stavdemo works great23:41
stavcan't create new database and configure same with user23:41
stavthe permissions and working inside postresql daunting23:41
stavif u didn't figure it out.. im not a programmer..23:42
stavbut would simply like to have a template to setup company and create one user (me) for now23:42
stavshould I embark on this ... after all.. i run a business and figure this type of product is for me?23:43
kstengerstav: it certainly can be what you need, but you will need to be more specific on what you need, some of us are programmers, but none is a guesser :-)23:44
stavi have read documentation but it seems geared for developers23:44
kstengerstav: where did you get stuck exactly?23:44
stavcreate a new database23:45
kstengerwhat did you try on your postgres so far?23:45
stavnothing... hoping was doable from database23:47
kstengerok, which tryton version did you install?23:47
stavbut that brings me to a "create new database" dialog which specs fields that are fixed or wrong pass23:48
kstengerstav: for first creating a database in postgres23:52
stav...from synaptic package manager... debian jessie on 64bit virtualbox23:52
kstengerafter you create a DB in postgres you can initialize it with tryton like explained here
kstengerstav: go ahead, call if you get stuck23:54
stavsuweet! ill give it a go. thanks man!23:55
stav...umm how login from $ ?23:58
stavpsql -d mydb -U myuser don't work23:58
kstengerwhich error?23:58
stavroot@vDebJessHw10:/home/stav# psql -d mydb -U myuser23:59
stavpsql: FATAL:  Peer authentication failed for user "myuser"23:59
kstenger myuser should be "postgres" or another role you create(but I doubt you did)23:59

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