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stavbeen playing with demo3.400:01
stavwith username: demo00:01
stavcould i cheat into it from there?00:01
stavget to postrgresql shell00:01
stavthen change permissions / create databases00:02
kstengerstav: no, the demo is not installed in your computer, it's a demo server provided by tryton00:02
kstengerstav: given your surprise I have to ask, are you sure you installed both tryton and trytond (the tryton server) ?00:04
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stavill check in synaptic00:07
kstengercheck if the command trytond is available on command line00:08
stavtryton-neso and tryton-server-doc are not installed00:09
stavneso is server methinks00:09
stavim installing it00:09
kstengerstav: no00:09
stav?? Tryton is a high-level general purpose application platform written in Python00:10
stavand using PostgreSQL as database engine. It is the core base of a complete00:10
stavbusiness solution.00:10
stavThis package provides a standalone client/server package for Tryton.00:10
kstengerneso is a mix of client and server, but it doesn't exist anymore in newer versions. I dont have experience with it, but you dont need it00:10
kstengerstav: please, don't paste too many lines in the chat. If necessary at any time, use a pastebin service and post the url00:11
kstengerstav: I have to go out a few minutes00:12
stavoh.. i got it00:12
stavroot@vDebJessHw10:/home/stav# sudo -u postgres psql postgres00:13
stavpsql (9.4.9)00:13
stavType "help" for help.00:13
stavok.. to be continued... thanks for your help00:13
stavis anyone there?00:18
stavsorry about 'pastebin' ... i'll figure out what that is and not do it again00:22
stavif anyone's there and knows how to find the <config file> in the context of initializing a database,00:29
stavplease let me know.. much appreciated00:30
kstengerstav: did you already figure out ? :-)00:49
stavno.. using xchat and i dont see pastebin in any of the menus00:50
kstengeralso, at this time is past midnight in europe, so many are slept/out for a beer :p00:51
stavoh cool.. im in montreal canada00:51
kstengerjust go to from your browser00:51
stav7pm (1900) here00:51
kstenger9pm for me ;-)00:51
stavim much obliged to you sir.  ive made progress... editing pg_hba.conf file and such to allow local connection00:52
stavcreated a user00:53
stavill continue another time00:53
kstengergreat, it's a nice feeling to advance on your own, I know :-)00:53
stavbe well friend00:54
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stavanyone with postgresql knowledge listening?01:33
stavtrying to setup new company and create users..01:34
stavnot the user friendliest01:34
kstengerstav: as a general rule, just ask your question, explain what you are doing and where you got stuck.01:36
kstengerstav: Where are you now?01:36
stavill remember01:40
stavediting pg_hba.conf again01:41
stavlocal   all   all  md5 (was peer)01:42
stavso i think it's ok01:43
stavrestarted postgresql,01:43
stavnow trying to create database01:44
stavso i did: trytond -c <pg_hba.conf> -d <testdb01> --all01:46
stavfrom postgresql shell but db wasn't created...01:46
stav\l did not show "testdb01"01:47
kstengerstav: 1) whenever you see a pair of <> in a tutorial, don't use them on your command, it's just for you to fill in the blanks01:47
kstengerstav: 2) the postgres shell is for SQL commands, not for that command. The "initialization" of the db with that command is done after you had created a DB in postgres01:48
stavgot it... i'll try it01:48
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kstengerstav: 3) instead of using psql you can use the command line "createdb trytondb -E utf8 -O tryton -U postgres" This assumes you have a tryton user that will owe the database once created, and it's name will be trytondb01:51
stavfrom linux prompt?01:54
kstengerstav: 4) you cannot use the conf file of postgres as a configuration file for tryton. Check this url to understand the config file for tryton:
kstengerstav: yes01:54
kstengerstav: also, if the file is not in your current directory use the full path01:55
stavcan i paste 2 lines of terminal text?01:58
stavgot error: peer authentication failed for user "postgres"01:59
kstengeryes, 2 lines is fine :)01:59
stavroot@vDebJessHw10:/# createdb trytondb -E utf8 -O tryton -U postgres01:59
stavcreatedb: could not connect to database template1: FATAL:  Peer authentication failed for user "postgres"01:59
kstengeryou can also start to filter the lines, and show the most relevant, in this case just the last one. It looks weird to me that error because you should have a postgres user I think02:01
kstengerotherwise, you can use the postgres user directly and avoid the -U parameter02:02
kstenger"su - postgres"02:02
kstengerthen "createdb trytondb -E utf8 -O tryton"02:02
stavtried and got: ERROR:  role "tryton" does not exist02:07
stavto create user i did: "CREATE USER stavadmin01"02:08
kstengerand the result?02:08
stavthis was done before in the prompt: postgres=#02:10
stavpostgres=# CREATE USER stavadmin0102:10
stavpostgres-# /q02:10
stav= turned into -02:11
kstengerok, you missed one semicolon at the end of the sql command BUT it's either one or the other. createdb is just simpler to use02:12
kstengerI see one problem that is you don't have yet a user for tryton, which would be convenient02:12
kstengerso create a linux user called tryton, and then try the createdb command again02:13
stavjust "adduser tryton" ?02:17
kstengerI guess02:18
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stavmy linux prompt now says: postgres@vDebJessHw10:/$02:19
stavshould i adduser from this prompt or root prompt?02:19
kstengeradduser from root prompt02:19
stavThe user `tryton' already exists.02:20
kstengerah ok, then we shall just create the role02:20
stavseems appropriate02:20
kstengerthis is postgres stuff, go back into the postgres prompt02:21
kstengerrun psql02:21
kstengerrun this command in there02:23
kstengerCREATE ROLE tryton WITH CREATEDB;02:23
stavlogin only works if i do : "sudo -u postgres psql postgres"02:23
stavpsql command asks for password that doesn't work02:24
kstengerdoesn't just "su - postgres" work when you are root?02:24
stavroot@vDebJessHw10:/# su - postgres02:25
kstengerthen now "psql"02:25
stavok now postgres=#02:26
kstengerCREATE ROLE tryton WITH CREATEDB;02:26
stav? exactly as you wrote it?02:27
stavok.. replied: CREATE ROLE02:28
stavand then postgres=#02:29
stavi'm really thankful that tryton people kept it simple02:29
kstengerquit the postgres shell02:29
kstengerthis is postgres stuff so far02:29
stavok now at prompt: "postgres@vDebJessHw10:~$ "02:30
kstengerrepeat the createdb command now02:30
stavshould i 'undo' edits to .conf file at some point?02:30
kstengergiven you changed the configuration file of postgres (not the tryton one) I'd say yes, but I cannot tell for sure02:31
stavdo you mean..02:31
kstengercreatedb trytondb -E utf8 -O tryton02:32
kstengeryou can name the database as you like02:33
stavkept trytondb.... worked!02:34
kstengerok, so hopefully for now we are done with the postgres stuff02:35
stavfingers & toes crossed02:35
kstengergo back to root02:35
stavdo i have to repeat this every time i create a new company database?02:35
stavok.. back to root02:36
kstengerI'm unsure, but we gave the tryton user ermission to create dbs, so you should be able to create databases from the tryton client later02:37
stavi hope so02:37
kstengeranyway, if you need it, you will just need to use the createdb command, not all the rest02:37
stavgood 2 know02:38
stavdo i try client now or verify that trytondb was created?02:38
kstengerso now, we should check where your configuration file is. I recall that it still was created by default with 3.4 but I don't know where your distribution installs it by default02:39
stavdo u mean pg...conf file?02:40
kstengerno, the tryton.conf (or was it trytond.conf?) file02:40
kstengerpg == postgres02:41
kstengerso no tryton02:41
stavtrytond.conf is in /etc/tryton02:42
kstengergood, that is the file02:42
stavgedit into it?02:42
stavready to verify/edit02:45
kstengermake a pastebin with the contents please, I'm very tired and I cannot find a good source to guide you blindly02:47
kstengeryou need to set a password for admin user, but I can't remember anything else02:49
stavi so appreciate you...i'll paste and let you sleep...but how in Xchat?... is there another name than 'pastebin'?02:49
stavi see 'file-transfers'?02:50
kstengeropen your browser, firefox, chromium etc  and get into pastebin.com02:50
stavor can u suggest a better client for debian?02:50
kstengerbetter client of irc? I can't tell, I just use pidgin... but this is not an issue, just open your browser! :p02:51
stavat i copy paste text of trytond.conf?02:52
kstengeryes, then paste here the url that points to your pastebin02:52
kstenger(there are many pastebin-like services you can google for yes)02:53
stav...does that seem right?02:54
kstengeryes, perfect02:55
kstengerso you can uncomment line 19 (remove the # sign at the beginning of the line)02:56
kstengeralso uncomment line 62, I'm unsure if it should look like "listen =" or "listen = *:8000" you can change it later to test if one fails02:58
kstengergo to line 99 and choose a password for your  user 'admin' within tryton03:00
stavit's the first one03:00
kstenger(make sure you also uncomment the line)03:00
kstengeryes, it;s the user with all privileges in tryton03:00
kstengerok, I think that will be enough03:01
stavthank you so much for your help03:03
stavsleep well :)03:03
stavif i have any problems I'll try again tmrw03:04
kstengernow you should launch the database initialization with this: trytond -c /etc/tryton/trytond.conf -d trytondb --all03:04
kstengerthank you! :)03:04
stavfrom root or postgres user prompt?03:05
kstengerbetter to use tryton prompt03:06
kstengersu - tryton03:06
stavdoesn't switch name from root?03:06
stavstill: root@vDebJessHw10:/#03:07
kstengerno, it logs you in with the tryton user03:07
kstengerthe one we created earlier03:07
kstengerbut, if you will run it locally, then you'll be fine with root, however at a higher level it could be a security issue03:08
stavdon't work :( i'll stop bugging you friend.  will try you again tomorrow.03:10
stavone last thing... does pidgin allow copy/paste from the dialogue?03:11
stavxchat does not03:11
kstengerdo you mean if you can copy the text of the chat ?03:11
stavyes, for example from window above to ..say.. command line03:12
kstengeryes I can use the mouse to select text plus usual shortcuts03:13
stavcool.. i'll install pidgin03:13
stavgood night03:13
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xcodinascedk: Sao test are failing in drone :(12:51
cedkxcodinas: as usual local-npm is broken because JS community is a failure12:59
pokoliACTION laughs13:04
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cedkI found the problem in pouchdb13:11
cedkthere is a new package name 'constructor' and pouchdb check for name on Object (as dict) but Object in JS has an attribute constructor13:12
cedkACTION javascript is really a toy language programming13:12
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cedket voila:
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