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JanGBhi, if I use a One2Many in e.g. a wizard, sometimes is not desired that a user can create or delete records - only add_remove them. Is it possible or contribution needed?14:34
cedkJanGB: use the Many2Many widget14:37
JanGBcedk: will check this14:39
JanGBcedk: (handclap) thanks a lot! Tryton Foundation should tweet a trick :)14:42
cedkJanGB: patch is welcome:
JanGBcedk: did'nt know that14:50
JanGBACTION but my english ...14:53
JanGBcedk: done14:58
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tryingtrytonUsing 4.0, i have some products configured already. When i create a carrier and want to associate a product to it, the products configured don't appear in the Carrier Product field. Why is that?15:01
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mricheztryingtryton: carrier product must be a service15:48
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tryingtrytonAlso, if i have two companies configured and i create a purchase, from the first one to the second one. In the Other Info tab, i can't set Company to the second one.15:52
mricheztryingtryton: you create a purchase for a company, you purchase something to a party16:01
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tryingtrytonOK, but i have two companies configured. Why do i see only one in the Company field of the Other Info tab?16:11
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cedktryingtryton: because users are linked to one company at a time16:19
tryingtrytonWhat about the admin user? If I disassociate it from both companies, there's still only one in that Company field.16:22
cedktryingtryton: if a user is in no company, you will not have access to any company related document16:23
cedktryingtryton: you have to switch your user from one company to another when doing work for the other company16:24
tryingtrytonOK, i did that, but i still see only the first company in that field on the Purchase form.16:26
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cedktryingtryton: if you have changed from the administration menu, you must re-login16:26
tryingtrytonOK, that works. Thanks a lot.16:27
cedktryingtryton: it is better to switch from the user preferences16:29
tryingtrytonHow do you add a user to more than one company? I'm not seeing the list of companies in the user preferences?16:49
cedktryingtryton: for now, the system is based on a tree of companies16:52
cedktryingtryton: so a user can switch between all the children companies of his main company16:52
tryingtrytonAhh, OK.16:55
tryingtrytonWhen i add a party via Parties Associated to Sales and add that party to another category, I don't see them in the Parties Associated to Sales any more. Why is that?16:56
cedktryingtryton: because this menu entry is just for reporting, it actually shows you parties linked to a sale16:58
cedktryingtryton: so if you create a new party, it is not linked to a sale yet16:58
tryingtrytonAhh, i see. So a sale has to be made for them to appear there.16:59
tryingtrytonLet's say we had sales clients who had two unique identifiers, like a member number and an ID number. How would you recommend configuring that in Party?17:02
cedktryingtryton: what is the point of having two unique identifier, it is redundant17:03
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tryingtrytonIt's not that there's a point to their uniqueness, it's just a characteristic of the party. Think of it like a driver's license number and social security number. Both are unique but necessary to drive the car.18:25
tryingtrytonAnyway, how would that be possible to configure?18:26
cedktryingtryton: so it is external identifier, so you can use the identifiers field18:27
tryingtrytonI saw that, but where can you configure the identifier type and code?18:29
tryingtrytonI just see VAT for now.18:29
cedktryingtryton: you have to write a module to add specific identifier18:29
tryingtrytonThere's no like generic properties, KVP, of a  party?18:30
cedkKVP has poor performance on SQL database18:31
cedktryingtryton: usually we add validation on identifiers like VAT18:32
tryingtrytonIf there's no other way to do it, does leaving Type blank and adding the identifer number as Code make sense? Perhaps, there's a better way to do this without writing a whole module.18:34
cedktryingtryton: empty identifier type means no validation18:35
cedktryingtryton: but writting a module is not so complicate and it will probably be required if you have already started to need one18:39
tryingtrytonIt's mostly about having to maintain the least amount of code in house. If the type field is blank, we can still run queries against Identifier codes on Parties, correct?18:40
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cedktryingtryton: yes, trytond will still use it for search18:48
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tryingtrytonI'm missing something obvious here. How can the Tryton client build SQL queries and make those into a report?21:31
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