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cedktryingtryton: it can not, the client uses only a specific set of RPC01:12
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cedkwe could do better
nicoeThe way they compute:
nicoeMaybe we could be present on linkedin (but I never use this social network)11:15
nicoeBut above all we are missing news item about tryton11:15
cedknicoe: there is a Tryton group on linkedin11:15
nicoeThere are 5 on the page and the oldest one is from 200911:15
nicoeThey did not find it then11:16
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PeterMmmHi, someone can help with jasper_reports ?12:02
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pokoliPeterMmm: yes, I can12:31
PeterMmmpokoli: I have installed party and jasper_reports. I try a jrxml to configure for the party (label)12:32
PeterMmmI get the menu entry but on demand i get en error12:33
pokoliPeterMmm: which error?12:34
pokoliPeterMmm: and how have you installed the jasper_reports module?12:34
PeterMmmFile "/", line 811, in _RealGetContents12:34
PeterMmm    raise BadZipfile, "File is not a zip file"12:34
PeterMmmBadZipfile: File is not a zip file12:34
PeterMmmSeems still trying to execute an odf report12:34
pokoliPeterMmm: your report class must inherit from the JasperReport class defined in jasper_reports module12:35
pokoliPeterMmm: for the next time, please use a paste service (i.e: pastebin) for the error instead of posting it here12:35
pokoliACTION is seraching an example of a report definition12:35
pokoliPeterMmm: here you have the example:
PeterMmmOk, will have a look. But I was thinking it is configured by <record model="" ...> entries in the projects .xml file12:38
pokoliPeterMmm: yes, you should do both things12:42
pokoliPeterMmm: following the example:
PeterMmmOk, I'm trying this right now. Thank you so far. Bye.12:44
PeterMmmOk, got this !12:49
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tryingtrytonI'm having trouble understanding the purchase workflow in Tryton. I have a few companies configured as parties. There's two of those companies configured in the tree format where i can switch between them to make purchases for each one. However, when i generate the purchase request draft, it looks backwards with the company being the vendor and the party being the purchaser.16:30
pokolitryingtryton: its the other way arround, the party is the supplier and the company the purchaser16:32
tryingtrytonOK, but why does the purchase request look sort of backward?16:32
pokolitryingtryton: sorry but I don't understand16:41
tryingtrytonWouldn't the vendor be the first address in the generated letter template instead of the second?16:46
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pokolitryingtryton: in the default purchase desing, on the left the company is shown and the supplier is shown on the right16:52
pokolitryingtryton: indeed you can customize the reports in the way you like16:52
tryingtrytonOh, OK. Thanks.16:53
pokolitryingtryton: have a look at:
tryingtrytonHow is the dashboard customised? Or is it made from whatever the user has marked as a favourite?16:55
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pokolitryingtryton: you have to mark actions as dashboard usages, and then the users will be able to select them for their own dashboard17:00
tryingtrytonThat's pretty cool.17:00
tryingtrytonI am liking this application.17:00
pokolitryingtryton: great that you like it17:01
pokolitryingtryton: you can use existing action for dashboard or create an specific ones (normally with the creation of a custom module)17:01
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mamcodeHi a question, Tryton has methods to resize images ?18:48
cedkmamcode: take a look at Python PIL18:56
cedkmamcode: and more precisely to the Pillow package18:56
mamcodecedk: Thank you, I am looking this
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tryingtrytonThis is probably a stupid question. I'm not an accountant but a software person. What happens in Tryton after you create a purchase? I see it's in the waiting status. I'm wanting to take the product from purchase to delivery to storage to sales.23:02
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cedktryingtryton: you have to create a supplier shipment and select the stock moves23:15

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