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JanGBcedk: :)16:57
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tryingtrytonWhen i create a supplier shipment, how do i link that to a purchase?18:21
cedktryingtryton: you do not, it is automaticaly done by selecting moves created by purchases18:22
tryingtrytonOK, in the purchase, I had the move created, but i can't see it in the shipment.18:24
cedktryingtryton: you have to fill the shipment with the right supplier and click on the add button of the moves18:27
JanGBtryingtryton: create incoming shipment - fill supplier - on incoming moves select + to add moves18:28
JanGBACTION to late18:28
tryingtrytonI did, it's not appearing still.18:28
cedktryingtryton: maybe it is not for the right warehouse18:30
tryingtrytonIs there any way to revert a shipment if it's in done status or delete it?18:31
cedktryingtryton: no but you can return the purchase18:32
cedktryingtryton: or do a manual return shipment18:32
tryingtrytonOK, in the purchase order, a move is created from the supplier to the input zone warehouse. However, in the shipment only the warehouse warehouse is visible. Could that be why they're not being linked?18:37
cedktryingtryton: what do you mean by "only the warehouse warehouse is visible"18:38
tryingtrytonOn Supplier Shipments, in the Warehouse field, there's only one option, Warehouse, code WH.18:41
tryingtrytonbut, nevermind, i found the move now18:42
tryingtrytonI had to add a lot number to the PO move line. When i receive the purchase now, it says there's no period defined for that date.18:50
silwol[m]Great thanks to all devs btw. Although I have not yet tried 4.2, judging by the release notes it seems to be a great release once again :-)18:53
tryingtrytonI'm seeing a periods under Inventory & Stock Configuration, but not sure how this works exactly. There's a date field and a Close button. Is this the right one?18:54
silwol[m]I wrote an announcement for the german-speaking Pro-Linux website once more:
cedktryingtryton: did you activate any of the account_stock* modules?18:56
cedksilwol[m]: great18:57
tryingtrytonYes, they're all activated. I think what i need is to configure the Fiscal Year and periods there, correct?18:57
cedktryingtryton: yes because those modules create accounting move based on stock move18:58
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tryingtrytonTo create periods for the Fiscal Years, there's like five sequences that need to be defined. What exactly are all those for?19:03
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tryingtrytonI just entered some place holder values for now. The shipment works and i can see it as received in the purchases. That's pretty cool.19:32
tryingtrytonJust checking if i'm using this software correctly. Let's say after ordering 8k gallons of water, it's in the Storage location. If i have, let's say, three trucks configured as Storage too, to "fill" the trucks, I'd create the equivalent of an internal move using the purchase invoice line received in the previous shipment. Is that accurate?19:39
tryingtrytonIn that case, is it better to create the Move first, or create the Internal Shipment and create the Move in that process? I"m asking, because in Internal Shipments, I don't see a move that was created.19:52
tryingtrytonIf i do it the second way, upon assigning the internal movement, I get an error saying it's unable to assign those products. Why?19:59
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tryingtrytoncedk: ?20:44
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cedktryingtryton: if you can not assign, it means that you do not have enough quantity in the location21:13
tryingtrytonThe warehouse has 8k and i'm moving 2k to the other location.21:14
tryingtrytonHow do you see actual inventory to confirm?21:15
cedktryingtryton: from the relate on product form21:20
tryingtrytonIn the Relate submenu, i just have Order Points.21:23
cedktryingtryton: by product, I mean the variant21:26
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tryingtrytonOK, both of those reports are super cool. In both reports, it doesn't show any stock in any location. How could that be after confirming the delivery?21:30
cedktryingtryton: are you sure the shipment is in received state?21:35
tryingtrytonIt's in the Done state.21:36
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cedktryingtryton: with the right quantity and the right date?21:38
tryingtrytonAhh, i see. The effective date would be tomorrow, so it wouldn't show in that case, correct.21:39
tryingtrytonHow are effective dates set, BTW?22:13
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cedktryingtryton: it is by default today but I suspect that you did not configured the timezone of the company so it is the UTC today22:41
tryingtrytonI did configure the timezones to be local time, but the calendar date was disabled. I couldn't change it. Perhaps, that's by design.22:49
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