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mrichezhi, don't know if it is linked to issue 25841002, but i just update my repository, i get this error :     self.__date_format = context.get(09:21
mrichezAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get'09:21
pokolimrichez: i think it is
pokolimrichez: so you should reopen the issue with the steps to reproduce it09:29
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mrichezpokoli: no particular step, when i try to open a menu entry (purchase, ...) i get this error09:43
notizblockI noticed the following after the upgrade from 4.0 to 4.2: the translations of user-editable data is overwritten. For example: Most of our products have a german and an english translation of the name. After the upgrade the values are the same. There must be something that I completely missed.09:46
cedkmrichez: please put the traceback on the issue09:48
notizblockcedk: I thought this only applies to module translations?09:49
cedknotizblock: it is for all translations09:49
notizblockcedk: ok, thx for the clarification10:01
mrichezcedk: done. and patch :
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DoflamingoHello there. I'm searching for an up-to-date installation manual for Trytond with sao on ubuntu xenial13:56
DoflamingoI have tried the pip installation for trytond... it seems to be running... trytond --version gives out  4.2.013:58
Doflamingobut i can not find the trytond.conf file13:59
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notizblockDoflamingo: you need to create it yourself and point trytond to it: trytond --config /path/to/config15:13
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DoflamingoNotizblock: thank you. I actually found /etc/tryton/trytond.conf. I assume it should be pointed at properly15:18
DoflamingoI wrote a post at stackexchange, since I think this is too much spam for irc:
Doflamingowould really appreciate any Inputs :D15:20
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pokoliDoflamingo: How you installed tryton as a service?15:26
pokoliDoflamingo: if you install using pip it does not get started as service, so I imagine you have another tryton installation15:27
pokoliDoflamingo: running trytond -c <config_file> should run the server15:27
pokoliDoflamingo: but before conecting you should create a database and initialize it15:27
pokoliDoflamingo: see and
notizblockit seems that the access permission "administration" is required to duplicate a product on 4.2. Error message when a user does not have "administration" permission: You can not write in this document! (ir.translation)15:28
pokolinotizblock: Your user must be on the product administration group in order to create/delete/edit products15:29
notizblockpokoli: the user has "product administration" privileges15:30
notizblockin <4.2 this worked flawlessly15:30
pokolinotizblock: mmmm... the issue is with ir.translation, so I imagine is a bug, let me test15:31
notizblockpokoli: thx15:32
pokolinotizblock: i can reproduce it, so you should open a bug report15:33
notizblockpokoli: OK, on it15:35
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pokolinotizblock: I have the fix, but I can not understand on which changeset it was introduced15:39
notizblockpokoli: now that was quick!15:41
notizblockpokoli: let me test15:44
Doflamingopokoli: the installation as a service may have happened when I used "sudo apt install tryton-modules-all"15:50
Doflamingopokoli: let me reset my VM, I'll check out where it came from.15:51
Doflamingopokoli: according to the config file, it is using a sqlite config when there is nothing specified15:51
Doflamingopokoli: wouldn't that suffice for testing purposes?15:52
pokoliDoflamingo: yes, using apt will install the service, but then you have two trytond instances with diferent versions15:52
pokoliDoflamingo: i recomend ussing only one15:52
Doflamingoah... got it15:52
pokoliDoflamingo: yes, sqlite is enough for testing purposes, but you should create the database also for sqlite15:53
Doflamingothank you... I'll try it out15:53
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notizblockpokoli: duplicating works now but editing the product yields the same error message15:54
pokolinotizblock: editing the product translation?16:00
notizblockpokoli: yes, for all products.16:02
pokolinotizblock: I'm trying to understand on which changeset it was introduced :$16:06
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pokolinotizblock: i updated the patch with the proper fix16:34
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notizblockpokoli: works here, thx!16:51
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kstengerI'm having troubles to run on a specific module (for example: -m party) within a virtualenv where I pip installed trytond 4.2. here is the traceback:  I've tried several values for PYTHONPATH, and standing on different directories, but none of this helped. Is this a bug or am I not finding the right way?17:16
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pokolicedk: is @with_transaction(context={'_check_access': True}) enought to check access on tests? i can not reproduce the issue on the tests17:30
pokolikstenger: drone run this code correctly:
pokolikstenger: btw, how do you run the ?17:32
kstengerpokoli: I gave the script execution permission and call it with full path, I also tried Placing "PYTHONPATH= " ahead of the script. And nothing changed no matter what value I give to PYTHONPATH.17:36
cedkpokoli: yes but with a user without the access17:39
pokolikstenger: and it worked with previous versions? I have never done something like this17:45
kstengerpokoli: it used to work.... but at that time I was not using a virtualenv... so maybe that's it... anyways, how should I run it?17:45
pokolikstenger: i usualy do DB_NAME=':memory:' TRYTOND_CONFIG= python test17:46
pokolikstenger: but this will install the packages, if you have the development sources you can call the the only thing requires is to have trytond on the path17:47
pokolikstenger: I usually use: python develop on trytond folder to add it to the correct path and get all the dependencies17:48
pokolicedk: thanks, i manage to reproduce it17:49
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kstengerpokoli: I can't find within the virtualenv17:53
kstengersheesh... it was easier when I had the sources directly...17:54
pokolikstenger: thereis one on each module (and trytond folder). So you should execute the one in the module you want to run17:54
pokolikstenger: because tests are expected to be run from sources :)17:55
kstengerpokoli: yeah, I realize that now, heh, I thought I could mix a pip installed tryton+standard modules with a self developed module all in one virtualenv, but I obviously was wrong17:56
kstengerok, thanks for the hint pokoli!17:57
pokolikstenger: you can install tryton+standar modules + custom modules in a virtualenv17:58
pokolikstenger: but then you can not run the test for the dependencies, only from the ones you have the source there17:58
kstengerpokoli: oh, so you say I should be able to run it for my own module anyway with this setup?17:59
pokolikstenger: yes, you can run the test of your module using DB_NAME=':memory:' TRYTOND_CONFIG= python test18:00
pokolikstenger: from the root of your module18:00
kstengerpokoli: oh great, that's what I needed :-)18:00
kstengerpokoli: I assumed that since both my module and party were giving same traceback, there was another issue, but it was just the wrong command18:01
pokolikstenger: sorry but I have to go now, see you18:02
kstengerpokoli: sure, thanks18:03
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kstengerfor the record, my problem above was not fully solved until proteus was updated to 4.2 version20:08
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