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mrichezhi, in module purchase_request there's a wizard to create purchases from purchase_requests: everything is done in transition_start. With my new module quotations, i need to get data from quotations (if existing) to create purchase. What is the best way to do this ? if i call super() purchases are already created and then i should update purchases ? or define a totally new transition_start without super() ?10:29
Doflamingopokoli: I experimented with the apt packages but the Version of trytond there is 3.8.310:41
Doflamingopokoli: so I did set up a clean pip install of trytond. You said yesterday to use trytond -c <config_file>10:41
Doflamingopokoli: but where do I get this config file from? Is there a template like in the apt package?10:41
Doflamingopokoli: btw... I will post the solution (how to install tryton with sao on ubuntu xenial) on my stackoverflow post, once I got it running.
cedkmrichez: I do not see issue about updating10:51
cedkDoflamingo: there is no template because you must just set the option you need10:52
cedkDoflamingo: you can even run without any config file10:52
cedkDoflamingo: see
notizblockcedk: to clarify: district should be synonymous to subdivision?11:07
cedknotizblock: yes it is the first level of subdivision in the country11:12
Doflamingocedk: Thank you. This is what I have done so far:
Doflamingocedk: should I now be able to reach the sao webinterface from a different PC on the LAN?11:48
pokoliDoflamingo: you sould modify the listen property:
pokoliDoflamingo: otherwise it only listen to localhost11:49
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yangoonDoflamingo: JFTR: there are backports available at
Doflamingopokoli: I got trytond 4.2.0 now. So I got the following config:11:55
Doflamingopokoli: [database]11:55
Doflamingopokoli: uri = sqlite:///home/erp/tryton_db.sqlite11:55
Doflamingopokoli: [web]11:55
Doflamingopokoli: root = /home/erp/sao11:56
Doflamingopokoli: listen = localhost:800011:56
Doflamingoyangoon: Interesting... i'll look into it11:57
Doflamingopokoli: I actually can reach trytond now... had to use the actual ip instead of "localhost" the listen property12:20
Doflamingopokoli: now it asks me in the browser for a database and a username12:20
Doflamingopokoli: maybe the uri is not correctly specified? "sqlite:///home/erp/tryton_db.sqlite"12:20
Doflamingopokoli: the initialisation went without errors and it asked for the admin password at the end.12:20
pokoliDoflamingo: you have to eneter tryton_db as database12:21
Doflamingopokoli: IOError: Database "tryton_db.sqlite" doesn't exist!12:22
pokoliDoflamingo: IIR correctly, for sqlite you have to specify the database path as the directory where sqlite databases are saved12:22
Doflamingopokoli: ok, i'll try12:23
Doflamingopokoli: you nailed it. Thank you very much :D12:27
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pokoliDoflamingo: great. I as not sure because I use postgresql normally12:43
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notizblockcedk: could you please elaborate on the validation you have in mind for
cedknotizblock: some code in ModelStorage.validate that will ensure that the template syntax will work13:23
cedknotizblock: so probably calling get_full_address with an temporary address should work13:25
cedkdid someone already try to use a different CSS for sao like one from
JanGBcedk: I tried - but needs some handcraft as well13:36
cedkJanGB: "as well"?13:38
JanGBcedk: I tried to fix something in the current setup (space between icons an text in menu f.e) and you know, I'm a declared enemy of bootstrap :)13:41
JanGBcedk: so my opinion isn't neutral13:42
JanGBcedk: are you working on sao right now?13:46
JanGBcedk: because I was thinking to open a issue but wanted to find a solution first: in the menu if there is no action on entry, only submenus - a click should open the submenu like in gtk13:47
notizblockcedk: wouldn't AddressFormat.get_format() be the proper place to check for valid substitutions?13:51
cedknotizblock: why?13:59
cedkJanGB: I do not understand14:00
JanGBcedk: in sao you have to click the + to open the submenues14:00
notizblockcedk: because this is where the substitutions are loaded.14:01
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JanGBcedk: in gtk the textentry will open the submenu, if there is no action14:01
cedkJanGB: I still do not understand what are you calling textentry and how is it related to menu14:04
cedknotizblock: loaded but not executed14:04
JanGBcedk: left menu > + Parties > This will open party tree14:05
mrichezneed some advice: i had to add an "init" step to an existing wizard :  Is it correct to do that ? :
JanGBcedk: left menu> Party > Configuration (there is no action, only submenu) - clicking on Configuration doeas nothing, I have to click the + to open submenu14:06
JanGBcedk: you got it?14:10
cedkJanGB: OK14:10
JanGBcedk: didn't investigate many time how to solve it14:12
perillacedk: about css themes from bootswatch... I find it interesting...14:21
DoflamingoI wrote an installation guide on tryton with sao for ubuntu on
DoflamingoThanks for your help guys14:47
pokolicedk: we have a custom css14:55
pokolicedk: I'm sorry but I'm not allowed to share it. What we did is desing a custom bootstrap theme14:56
pokolicedk: indeed I have a "npm package" which installs our custom theme and have sao as dependency14:57
pokolicedk: the only think is to have a custom index.html (which is a copy of the existing one) with the custom css included14:57
mrichezhas somebody an example of adding a transition (in a specific order) to an existing wizard ?14:58
pokoliACTION is reading mrichez messages :P14:58
pokolimrichez: I'm not sure to understand what you need, but it's a matter of have a StateTransition which returns the "next translation"15:00
pokolimrichez: you can for example save the "last run" state in the view, and update it on the transitions15:00
mrichezpokoli: i need to do my transition in first step15:01
pokolimrichez: something similar is done on the PayLine wizard:
pokolimrichez: you can modify the _start_state of the wizard to indicate a new state if desired15:02
mrichezpokoli: so this could be correct:  over this wizard:
mrichezpokoli: it's working, but i'm wonderin if it's the best way15:04
pokoliDoflamingo: very happy that our comments were usefull for you :)15:05
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pokolimrichez: I will override the start_state in the __setup__ function15:06
mrichezpokoli: like this:
pokolimrichez: yes, but only define the init attribute can be defined as you had before15:10
pokolimrichez: For me the point is to create a __setup__ whenever you define something that already exists, and that's the case of the start_state only15:11
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mrichezpokoli: init =  StateTransition() will be outside __setup__ , it's a new transition15:12
mrichezpokoli: thanks. working.15:20
pokolimrichez: you're welcome :)15:20
notizblockcedk: I'm not sure if this is the proper approach
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pokolinotizblock: i don't think so16:49
pokolinotizblock: you should do something similiar to
notizblockpokoli: me neither, but adding validate() to the Address class and checking the format there seems wrong16:50
pokolinotizblock: basically is create an address with all the valid fields set as '' and call the full_address16:50
pokolinotizblock: if the format contains an invalid subsitution it will raise and error16:51
notizblockpokoli: hmm, this seems weird16:52
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