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DoflamingoHello there. What is the meaning of a "Party" and how is it different from a "Company"?10:01
DoflamingoI can only select english in "Administration->Users->Preferences"10:02
cedkDoflamingo: Company is ours, Party is any others10:03
Doflamingocdek: ok thanks10:03
Doflamingocdek: is it possible to Change the language to a different one then english?10:04
Doflamingocedk: german for example?10:04
Doflamingocedk: Some of the UI (i talk of sao) in in german... but some is not10:05
Doflamingocedk: especially the lefthand part stays in english10:05
cedkDoflamingo: yes it is10:06
pokoliDoflamingo: Administration -> Localization -> Languages , you should mark there the languages you want as translatable10:07
pokoliDoflamingo: and then on user preferences you should be able to select the default one10:07
cedkDoflamingo: but you have to activate the language in the translation administration, update the database to load the new terms and select the language in your user preferences10:07
Doflamingocedk: ok I did mark it as translatable and was able to choose the language for the user10:18
Doflamingocedk: but how do I update the database?10:18
Doflamingocedk: it is still in english after relog and also after trytond restart10:18
cedkDoflamingo: you must update the database to load the new terms10:18
Doflamingocedk: yes but how do I update the database :)10:19
cedkDoflamingo: same as initialize:
Doflamingocedk: that did the trick. Thank you!10:26
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cedkDoflamingo: added in the documentation:
Doflamingo*thumbs up11:09
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pokolihi, i have a strange behaviour with some modules test suite12:26
pokoliwhen runing from scripts they return the valid error code (0: OK, 1: FAIL)12:26
pokolibut when running with (or tox) the exit code is always 0, regarding if it failed or not12:26
pokolianyone have found something similar?12:27
pokolifor example:
pokoliindeed the same is happening on drone:
pokolicedk: ^12:35
cedkACTION wtf12:45
pokolicedk: indeed i can reproduce it on my laptop with: DB_NAME=':memory:' TRYTOND_CONIFIG= python test12:47
nicoeI have the same issue, I cleaned the DB_CACHE and it arose12:48
nicoealso for sqlite12:48
cedkPython setup stack is broken12:49
nicoeI am reading the unittest code right now also12:49
cedkindeed it seems that an exception in setupClass does not fail the test12:50
nicoeWell result.wasSuccessful() returns false12:55
pokoliindeed i started to see this strange behaviour on the builds of this week. So maybe is some upstream change13:00
pokolibut I don't know what upstreap package13:00
cedkpokoli: I suspect a tox issue13:01
pokolicedk: that was my first though, see:
pokolicedk: but i can reproduce with without using tox :$13:02
cedkrunning "python test" return 1 as exit code13:02
cedkpokoli: are you sure about
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pokolicedk: that's my case. But i had (not now) tox installed a system package13:07
cedkpokoli: do not understand13:08
pokolicedk: i have 0 as exit code when running python test13:08
pokolicedk: but this may be related to having tox installed as system package13:08
cedkpokoli: tox has nothing to do in " test"13:09
cedkACTION starts to smell like a setuptools issue indeed13:11
pokolicedk: on my laptop returns 0 (but the test is failing)13:11
cedkpokoli: which version of setuptools?13:13
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pokolicedk: 32.0.013:14
cedkpokoli: new release from yesterday13:14
pokolicedk: but i think it was introduced on a earlier release13:15
pokolicedk: reading I think its from 31.0.0 (as It was when i first noticed the error on travis)13:16
cedkpokoli: do not understand13:17
pokolicedk: The first time i've seen this issue was this monday on Travis-ci13:17
pokolicedk: an that's was just after the 31.0.0 release13:18
cedkI think it is 30.2.113:20
cedkACTION did bisect search13:20
cedkhow do we do in github to see commits between two release?13:21
pokoliACTION testing with 30.2.013:22
pokolicedk: exit code is 1 with 30.2.0 and yes I think this is the culprit13:23
cedkpokoli: now could you please fix the trytond failure, I think it is linked to your wizard tests13:40
pokolicedk: indeed the wizard tests are not still commited:
pokolicedk: but, yes i can have a look on the issue13:41
cedkindeed it is d0767cadfa8313:46
cedkindeed it is b8d76b07910f13:49
pokolicedk: yes it is but I don't know how to fix it13:59
cedkpokoli: I have one and I just run the test14:00
pokolicedk: indeed we should stop commiting until drone is fixing, shouldn't we?14:08
cedkpokoli: I think so14:11
pokolicedk: ok, i'm sending an email to the mailing list14:11
cedkindeed I would like to see the reaction of the maintainers to
cedkthe doc does say anything about the exit code:
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cedkpokoli: another option will be to be able to mask some releases14:26
cedkwe have a devpi-server for cache but I do not know if we can mask packages14:27
cedkcan not find a way14:32
cedkit is a petty because it is the second time we have such problem14:32
pokolicedk: but we are (by far) better covered to errors than before14:47
pokolicedk: Could you upload to the devpyserver a custom package with the change reverted and a higger ersion?14:47
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cedkpokoli: I do not know15:22
cedkpokoli: it is standard devpy without any configuration15:23
cedkso it seems it is going to be fixed15:41
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tryingtrytonIs it possible to see how many sales were made to a particular customer with Tryton?16:09
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cedkpokoli: looks like there will be a release soon:
cedkpokoli: release:
cedkI rerun the normally failed commit to see16:43
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tryingtrytonIs it possible to see how many sales were logged by a specific user with Tryton?19:17
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tryingtrytonIs it possible to see how many sales were made to a particular customer with Tryton?21:20
kstengertryingtryton: did you try filter by party?22:53
tryingtrytonI can see all the parties who bought products in the Parties associated to Sales, but I'm not sure to see historical purchases from those parties.22:54
kstengertryingtryton: you can open the sales window and use the filter "Party: JonDoe"  to see JonDoe's sales. Also in the tabs you will see the count of the sales for each state22:58
kstengertryingtryton: use quotes for the name of the party if it has spaces22:58
tryingtrytonBut there's no way for a convenient quantity and amount to be shown per party?23:00

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