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notizblockcedk: get_full_address() is only available on address09:48
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cedknotizblock: that's not a problem10:05
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cedkpokoli: where was the review for 4a7c42736b9510:37
cedkpokoli: it is not in the message10:46
cedkpokoli: also commit without review after just 2 days is not fair10:46
pokolicedk: ups, I missed it on the commit msg :(10:47
pokolicedk: as you reviewed the other change I though you reviewed this also10:48
pokolicedk: they must go together as they are related to the same issue10:48
cedkpokoli: it is not reviewed if there is no comment on it10:51
pokolicedk: sometimes I have a fast review without putting any comment on it. And then come back latter (if i have time)10:53
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ethanHow I can edit sale & sale Line data in single JSON request?11:35
pokoliethan: using a write request to a sale model, and writing on the lines field to write on Sale Lines11:37
pokoliethan: indeed, this is what the client does11:37
ethanI mean to say, can I update both saleLine & sale in single write request?11:47
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pokoliethan: yes12:05
pokoliethan: that's what the tryton client does when you edit the lines of a sale and some of it's fields12:05
ethanpokoli: thanks a lot for your answer, any example for reference of this?12:38
pokoliethan: indeed it's dificult to provide examples of the JSON request as we normally don't use it. Only clients use it12:39
pokoliethan: but if you execute the server with --dev and --verbose flags you will see each request recieved with all the parameters12:40
pokoliethan: and that's why I was poiting that the tryton client uses it12:40
pokoliethan: it's all explained on the dos:
silwolOr you could inspect the calls of the web frontend with browser dev tools12:43
pokoliethan: silwol you can aslo run the tryton client with the --verbose flag and it will log all the request also12:45
ethanok,thank you very much for your help! I will try that12:46
silwolOk, didnt know that.12:46
ethanI have tryton mac client12:50
ethanI am unable to find run --verbose command12:51
cedkethan: yes you can, run:
ethanI am using tryton 3.2 & getting too many notice & error ! :(13:00
pokoliethan: I think this is normall, those are the number of request that the client does13:18
pokoliethan: about tryton 3.2, you should start thinking on a upgrade13:18
ethanno, it shows me just 2 options 1) open console 2) terminate13:23
pokoliethan: don't understand13:25
ethanwhen I try to open tryton terminal, then after showing some notice & error it shows me only these 2 options13:26
pokoliethan: then I think you should open the console13:36
pokoliethan: I usually run the client from the console :)13:36
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ethanhow to run by console?13:49
ethansorry to ask you too many quetions! :(13:49
pokoliethan: sorry but I'm not a mac User so don't blame me if I can not provide better advices13:56
pokoliethan: you should have an application called console or terminal (or something similar)13:56
pokoliethan: You should open it and there enter: --verbose13:57
pokoliethan: then the tryton client will be openend in a new window and you will see the requests on the console13:57
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ethanpokoli: sorry but I am not blaming to anyone, see what I got when try to run from console
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mrichezhi, in proteus, i've a wizard with a form, in this form a many2one field on suppliers, how to add an existing supplier to this form ?15:52
nicoemrichez: wizard.form.your_many2one = a_proteus_record15:54
nicoeWe do that in scenarios when paying something or when setting a journal15:55
nicoeIn the purchase module eg15:55
mricheznicoe: humm, i will check. wizard.form.your_many2one = a_proteus_record give me an AttributeError15:57
mricheznicoe: Found ! i need to use wizard.form.your_many2one.append(my_record)15:59
nicoemrichez: It's not a many2one but a one2many then16:00
mricheznicoe: many2many16:04
nicoemrichez: it's the same API as a 02M from proteus POV anyway :)16:07
mricheznicoe: ok thanks! :-)16:08
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admin__hello in here21:20
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