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sulamanihi, How can I get all units for sale line?08:03
sulamaniI am able to get all uom via "model.product.uom.search_read" but not for units08:04
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mrichezhi, in proteus in need to sort a one2many field and then save it... do i need to pop and append any value in the one2many after sorting ?11:50
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cedkmrichez: in proteus, you have to set the order yourself with the sequence field12:29
cedkmrichez: it could be a nice feature to have a function on ModelList that will fill automaticaly the sequence12:30
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mrichezcedk: so i need to browse each record to set sequence field in a specific order ?12:39
cedkmrichez: yes12:40
mrichezcedk: ok thanks!12:40
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mrichezback with proteus: i'm doing a .find() on a specific state then a loop on the results to check state... x = Model.find([('state', '=', 'draft')]) and when i'm looping on the results, it's displaying results in another state ???15:08
pokolimrichez: that sounds like a bug, could you post the relevant code?15:09
mrichezpokoli: it's on a new module, so i'll create an issue with the whole code15:12
pokolimrichez: a pastebin with the relevant code is enough for me15:12
pokolimrichez: just to check if the bug is on your side or on our side ;)15:13
mrichezpokoli: ok15:13
mrichezpokoli:   - Line 20115:14
mrichezpokoli: r.state is 'quotation' and not 'draft'15:14
mrichezpokoli: and when i'm searching on state = 'quotation', it returns nothing15:15
pokolimrichez: PurchaseRequest.state is a functional field, so It must be a bug of it's searcher method15:16
pokolimrichez: i.e: Some state in the setter which is not applied on the searcher15:17
pokolimrichez: so it is not on the module you are developing, is a bug on the purchase_request module and should be reported15:17
mrichezpokoli: no, i'm adding a new state in purchase_request with my module15:18
mrichezpokoli: and i forgot to add this state in search_state method15:19
mrichezpokoli: thanks!15:19
pokolimrichez: so that's the bug :P15:19
pokolimrichez: you're welcome :)15:19
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mrichezi'm wondering how to inherit search_state method from purchase_request module ? i add a field one2many "quotations", if this field is not empty and the request state is 'draft' then the request state is 'quotation'15:51
mrichezpurchase_request state is function field and search_state is a query15:52
pokolimrichez: the easy way will be to factorize the searcher in order to allow to override the query16:07
mrichezpokoli: ?16:08
pokolimrichez: ohh indeed you can customize the query16:09
pokolimrichez: super returns [('id', 'in', query)]16:09
pokolimrichez: and query is a python-sql query, that you can manipulate on your module extension16:09
pokolimrichez: and then return [('id', 'in', new_query)]16:10
pokolimrichez: don't know if i'm explaining well. If not let me now that I will upload some code example16:10
mrichezpokoli: hum, new challenge for me :-)16:10
mrichezpokoli: examples are welcome16:10
mrichezpokoli: fast ! thanks !16:17
mrichezpokoli: will check tomorrow or tonight, i'm leaving.. bye !16:18
pokolimrichez: see youu :)16:18
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