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alexbodnhello friends, pokoli, cedk, after all my trials, my problem is the same: after activating the sale related modules, the process is prompting to add a company, but the form is readonly.15:10
alexbodnmy branch is develop, in sync with last github15:12
alexbodnthe form to select the chart of account was readonly too.15:22
cedkalexbodn: use releases16:40
cedkalexbodn: I do not know what is happening, I can not reproduce but for starting you should use release not development16:40
cedkalexbodn: also if I remember correctly you are using sao, you should try the desktop client. There may be an issue with sao. And if it is the case please report it.16:52
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alexbodnthanks cedk, i'll try the desktop client first, to insulate the bug22:08
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