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cedkmrichez: FYI
mrichezcedk: ok13:27
mrichezcedk: i'll do the same for my odule13:30
mrichezcedk: module13:30
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yeehiInstalled tryton client. Cannot connect to following, when I put it in the host name:
yeehiCan't connect to the following, either: or health.gnusolidario.org16:24
cedkyeehi: do not put http://16:26
yeehithanks cedk. Lets try again!16:26
yeehithat doesn't work either, unfortunately16:27
yeehiAlso: Tryton-Options-Form does not have an option for me to set tabs to "Top" (the correct view for GNU Health)16:28
cedkyeehi: option removed long time ago16:29
cedkyeehi: by the way, are you sure to use the right version?16:29
yeehinot sure, cedk16:29
yeehii just downloaded client 4.2 exe16:30
cedkyeehi: I do not know what version they use16:30
yeehiI just want to try and get GNU Health demo running16:30
yeehiWhat is Neso? How does it differ from Client?16:30
cedkyeehi: Neso is dead, it was a client-server bundle16:32
cedkyeehi: it seems it uses 3.8 version16:34
yeehicedk = is there software based on tryton which is sometimes deployed in Pharmacies? For example, Tryton GNU Health in the surgery, and prescriptions go to some Tryton software in the dispensary?16:37
pokoliyeehi: indeed if you open the http demo url using your browser you should see the tryton webclient there16:39
pokoliyeehi: otherwise you should install tryton 3.8 version for latests gnuhealth server version16:39
yeehiTryton 4.2.3 is running16:40
yeehiThat is the latest Tryton, isn't it?16:40
yeehiIs 4.2.3 too recent for GNU HEalth?16:40
cedkyeehi: yes, client is compatible only with server of the same series16:44
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yeehiOh, i didn't know that. Thank you, cedk. GNU Health must be quite behind Tryton. Have there been many significant developments since 3.8?16:54
cedkyeehi: see
yeehiThank you very much, cedk. I have GNU Health running on Tryton 3.8! :)16:59
yeehiTryton must be very grateful to  Cédric Krier for discovering security vulnerabilities. Is he still involved?17:07
cedkyeehi: I'm there17:08
yeehiWow! It is you!17:08
yeehiI had no idea. Thank you very much indeed,  Cédric17:09
yeehiHow do you feel about GNU Health on Tryton Cedric?17:09
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yeehiHas it been met with much success?17:10
cedkyeehi: I do not know, I do not look at it since 1 year17:23
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