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piyush"" is the right model name for geeting sale line account tax?11:16
pokolipiyush: the model name is ''11:22
pokolipiyush: see
pokolipiyush: but this is the intermediate model for the Many2Many which only sets the relation. If you read the taxes field of the sale line you will have it there11:23
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piyushpokoli: thanks for your answer. but it gives me error as here
pokolipiyush: you are not using the correct value11:31
piyushfor which field?11:38
pokolipiyush: for the model11:38
pokolipiyush: nor the one you proposed, nor the one I said11:38
piyushI am using "", isn't this correct?11:40
pokolipiyush: from the traceback you posted, this is not what the server is recieving11:54
pokolipiyush: it says you are using: "sale.line-account"11:54
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csotelodear coders, I am having an Assertion error on a piece of code, relayed top saving models.
csoteloI have tried to use an integeer and the id of a model and tyhe result are completely different12:08
piyushpokoli: here you can find my request
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pokolipiyush: now it seems correct, but the preivous traceback was not generated with this method12:10
pokolipiyush: indeed, which method are you tryting to call?12:11
pokolipiyush: it misses the method to call on the method12:11
pokolipiyush: that's why the '.tax' part is splitted and you get an invalid method12:11
pokolicsotelo: you can directly use model instances in server side12:12
pokolicsotelo: it's the service many2one product target? Oir it's a diferent model?12:13
piyushpokoli: evenif the method is write, I am getting same error12:15
pokolipiyush: could you upload the request with the method?12:15
piyushpokoli: check here
pokolipiyush: the method is missig on the request, so that's why the model last '.tax' is removed and you get an Unexisting model error12:28
csotelopokoli, yes as you could see on line 65. the wird part for me is when I use just a number, it works ( line 35 ) but, when I use the id ( same line ) that is an integer, it doesnt works12:40
pokolicsotelo: it should work with integer ids too, but it's easier with instances as you don't have to manage None values12:42
pokolicsotelo: indeed, you have an extra coma in the "," which makes the value a tuple12:43
csotelolet me try12:43
pokolicsotelo: removing the coma should make it work12:44
pokolicsotelo: other comments about the code: "The help you defined on service is useless as it contains the same work". Have a look at for a reference :)12:45
csotelopokoli, you are right, the commas was making a list from the id... really dummy question12:47
csotelothanks a lot12:47
pokolicsotelo: I have done this mistake a lot of times and sometimes its hard to notice about it :)12:50
csoteloI know, this is the thirdh day fighting with it12:51
csotelothanks a lot.. thanks so much12:51
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pokolicsotelo: you are welcome12:56
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pokoliwasn't client context reloaded after creating a company?14:53
cedkpokoli: is it a general question?15:04
pokolicedk: currently it's not done, but in my memory it seems that it was done before. So I'm trying to find why we removed this behaviour15:05
cedkpokoli: I do not understand what you are talking about15:06
pokolicedk: sure, let me clarify.15:06
pokolicedk: I created a new database and created a company on it15:06
pokolicedk: Then I expect the user context to be updated to the new created company15:07
pokolicedk: but this is not done. And I will like to understand why15:07
pokolicedk: IIRC this was done on the past15:07
pokoliIndeed, i was looking for this changeset:
pokolithe context is correctly set, but I don't know why I don't see the default accounts on the account configuration15:22
pokolibut they are stored correctly on the database table15:22
pokoliACTION is using the latest trunk15:22
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jobokis nereid dead? no longer in development?18:20
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jobokhow do I get trytond and the core modules for version 4.1.0?21:43
kstengerjobok: 4.1 was never a release, the next release to 4.0 is 4.2, and 4.1 was just a temporary version number for development in between.22:01
kstengerjobok: you can always download trytond from the mercurial repository and choose the revision you want.22:03
jobokkstenger hmm, so is it weird that the module I want to use lists version 4.1 in the tryton.cfg file?22:04
kstengerjobok: it looks to me as a development version of the module which was stuck at 4.122:04
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jobokkstenger: so how would I grab 3.8 from the mercurial repository? with the -r switch?22:07
kstengerjobok: for specific versiones branches you can use 'hg update 3.8' for example22:08
kstengerjobok: that's after you cloned the repository of course (hg clone
jobokkstenger: thanks, I'm slowly getting the hang of things22:34
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