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notizblockOn 4.2 when editing BOMs: the focus for BOM inputs and BOM outputs is on quantity. IMHO it should be on 'product'.09:15
notizblockI tried to set cursor="product" for bom_input_form.xml but it seems to be ignored.09:15
notizblockThe client finds the cursor attribute, but it seems to have no effect.09:17
notizblockat least its present in tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/
notizblockis there anything I'm missing here?09:18
pokolinotizblock: are you using sao or tryton?09:19
notizblockpokoli: tryton (4.2.4), sorry09:20
pokolinotizblock: I've tested with the purchase line and the cursor is set on product, which is the expected behaviour09:21
pokolinotizblock: have you reloaded the views after setting the cursor attribute on them?09:21
pokolinotizblock: tryton client caches de views definition when not run in development mode09:22
notizblockpokoli: is it enough to reconnect or restart the client?09:22
pokolinotizblock: restart the client09:23
notizblockpokoli: hold on, I'll try09:23
pokolinotizblock: or if you use the -d flag (development mode) close and open the tab09:23
cedkany way, an issue should be reported because the default focus should be on the first field09:24
notizblockpokoli: doesn't work09:25
notizblockcedk: agreed, I'll do so09:25
notizblockcould it be related to a new window being opened?09:26
notizblockA click on the 'new' button for BOM input/output opens a new window with the form09:26
notizblockpokoli: thx for pointing out development mode.09:27
pokolicedk: indeed I can reproduce your issue, the cursor is always set to quantity :$09:34
pokoliups, this should be notizblock09:34
notizblockpokoli: ok, thx for testing09:48
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pokolicedk: for may I commit using 2 commits (on fix and another for the test) ?09:58
cedkpokoli: yes please10:04
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notizblockis there a way to accomplish the following scenario and keep the link between sale and invoice intact: On day X: create a sale with a 1x product a 1000 €. The customer should pay 200 € now and 800€ after delivery13:17
notizblockone way is to use the manual invoice method and create two invoices manually. But then, the sale is not linked to those invoices13:18
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pokolinotizblock: but it's only for the upcoming 4.4. version13:26
notizblockpokoli: excellent, looks like the module we're looking for13:30
notizblockpokoli: so for 4.2, the manual invoice method is the way to go?13:30
pokolinotizblock: for me the way to go is update to 4.4, but if you need it know you can always backport to make it compatible with 4.413:31
pokolinotizblock: indeed, the module may work on 4.2 as there are not so many changes in the new version (only Property fields)13:32
notizblockpokoli: we plan to update to 4.4 as soon as it is declared stable.13:33
notizblockso backporting is not desired as 4.4 is scheduled for May, 1st13:34
pokolinotizblock: sometimes I wish all the users update the same way you do :)13:34
notizblockpokoli: :D13:34
pokolinotizblock: then maybe you should test on real data (using 4.3) version, before the release13:34
pokolinotizblock: it's easier to fix bugs before the release13:35
notizblockpokoli: correct13:38
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