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cedkpokoli: what about issue6420?11:28
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EdbOGot a strange thing with buttons14:01
EdbOWhen I create a button rule with multiple clicks14:01
EdbOAnd use that button in a workflow14:01
EdbOI get an empty array instead of the the item14:02
EdbOWhen I do the same with a "normal" button, it works like expected14:02
EdbOE.g. with a "normal" button I got [Pool().get('account.invoice')(4)], with multiple clicks I get []14:04
cedkEdbO: if the record did not reach the right number of clicks it is filtered14:25
EdbOcedk: I configurered the button to be clicked twice, after the second click I still get an empty array14:40
EdbOcedk: Also after the first click, the code got executed.14:40
cedkEdbO: I guess you did not configured correctly14:42
EdbOcedk: I configured it correctly. A few weeks back I configured the button
cedkEdbO: if the code is executed after the first click than why do you click a second time?14:48
cedkEdbO: after a succeful click the counter is reset14:49
cedkEdbO: also have you applied
EdbOcedk: Because the transistion is done after the second click.14:57
EdbOcedk: I already applied
cedkEdbO: I do not understand14:59
cedkEdbO: what transition are you talking?14:59
EdbOcedk: Transision of the state from "draft" to "confirmed"15:02
cedkEdbO: I really do not understand at all your stories15:03
EdbOcedk: No problem. I wil figure it out myself and maybe report a bug15:04
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cedkACTION last time I try to help EdbO15:07
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EdbOcedk: you don't have to answer, but what's wrong with figuring out myself a.k.a digging deeper into tryton how it works? To me it's better that you spend your quality time on doing the right stuff instead trying to understand me. We could spend a lot of time talking about the problem and than conclude that I missed a bit (which I now have discovered myself and learned a bit extra about how tryton works). Maybe I had to say it a bit diff17:31
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prakashpandey:cedk what are your thoughts on implementing read nested read on o2m or m2m fields. Something like[id], ['addresses.rec_name']) = [{'': ['address1 name', 'address2 name']}]18:53
cedkprakashpandey: I do not think it makes sense or even be practicable18:58
cedkprakashpandey: because there will be no way to know the id of the record read18:58
prakashpandey:cedk and because read doesn't respect the order. Makes sense19:02
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