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iscadrianHello. I downloaded the tryton source code, but the trytond.config is not present. Is it something I have to create by myself?03:47
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iscadrianwhich Tryton client is compatible with Trytond 4.2?05:58
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piyush_hello I am getting some error "'int' object has no attribute '__getitem__'"12:06
pokolipiyush_: where? on a module? on proteus?12:11
piyush_while creating new sale12:12
piyush_I am sending "taxes" : (taxID) in request12:14
piyush_may be this cause problem?12:14
pokolipiyush_: can you post the full traceback?12:23
pokolipiyush_: please use som paste service (i.e:
piyush_thank you pokoli I got my error12:25
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uha4hello, can anyone tell me, how i can access the original (not translated) value of a field?14:10
uha4i want to check in my module, if a product.template is in a specific category. But if the is translated, it should be recogised anyway14:11
uha4is there a way to access the untranslated value?14:12
pokoliuha4: you can change the translation language by using the language key on the context14:14
pokoliuha4: so just use yout "original language" code to access it14:14
pokoliuha4: something like:
uha4i tried using 'with Transaction().set_context(language=u'en'): ', but still got the translated value14:17
pokoliuha4: you have to re-browse the record to get the correct translation14:18
pokoliuha4: have you checked with the client that english do not contain the translation value?14:18
uha4ok, thanks.14:18
uha4is there a faster/simpler way than "Pool().get('product.category')(id).name" ?14:20
uha4i would like to use it in a on_change_with method, so it's called quite often...14:20
pokoliuha4: there is a cache for translations14:20
pokoliuha4: can I ask for what are you trying to implement?14:21
uha4pokoli: I have some product properties that are only relevant for food products. So i created a category 'food' in product.xml of my module. and want to hide or require some fields dependend of product category.14:25
pokoliuha4: use the xml_id for this record with ir.model.data14:26
pokolia domain like: ('category', '=', Id('your_module', 'xml_id_of_food_category')) will do the trick14:26
uha4pokoli: in the template i created a field.Function(field.Boolean)) that is updated checking the categories14:26
pokoliuha4: if you only need for pyson, there is no need of function field14:27
pokoliuha4: see
uha4pokoli: thanks, never heard of this...14:29
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pokoliuha4: when you create a record via xml, a mapping between id and db_id is stored on the table, so you always refer (from server or from pyson) to records created via xml14:30
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uha4pokoli: i think i need the function field, as template.categories is many to many, and any of the categories could be a child of 'food_category'14:31
uha4pokoli: i also want to be able to do things like "if "14:32
pokoliuha4: then, in order to get the id of the 'food_category' you should use: Pool().get('').get_id('module', 'xml_id')14:32
uha4does it make sense to cache the this category somewere more global, that this Pool().get() does not have to be executed everytime the getter function is called?14:35
uha4e.g. in a class attribute? it's anyway never going to change as long as the server is running...14:36
pokoliuha4: you don't have to worry about it14:37
pokoliuha4: there is also a Cache for get_id on and for me this will be enough14:37
pokoliuha4: but If you want to cache the value of the function field, you can create a Cache for it's values14:38
pokoliuha4: see
pokoliuha4: just take care of clearing the cache when writting on the dependant fields14:39
uha4pokoli: I was just worried as Pool().get() sounds somehow expensive without knowing exactly what it does...14:40
uha4pokoli: thanks a lot...14:41
pokoliuha4: just take care to only initialize Pool() one time when getting multiple classes14:59
pokoliuha4: dont doot Pool().get('a'); Pool().get('b'), but do pool = Pool(); pool.get('a'); pool.get('b')15:00
uha4pokoli: but i have to initialize it within my on_change_with method? or is there a better place?15:04
pokoliuha4: you have to initialize it where you have to use it. So yes, on the on_change method if you are going to use there15:08
uha4pokoli: ok, so i got it right.15:10
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dmollermHi. I am trying to automate the trytond deployment into production and development servers and I have run across a particular problem:16:45
dmollermWhen a module that had already been activated has a new tryon module dependency our deployment brings it to the python virtualenv, but then trytond won't start because the dependency is not activated, `trytond-admin --all` won't activate it, `trytond-admin -m` won't run, `trytond-admin -u mymodule` won't run either...16:46
dmollermThe only solution is to run `trytond-admin -m new_dependency`, but if there is a whole new bunch of modules this is not trivial to do. My question is: is there any reason for `trytond-admin -u mymodule` not activating the modules "mymodule" depends on? Is there any discussion/doc regarding this?16:46
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dmollermSorry, the command was `trytond-admin -u new_dependency`16:47
cedkdmollerm: I think the reason is explicit is better than implicit16:48
kstengerI would agree, but when you activate a module from the client it actually activates also it's dependencies, which is a bit contradicting :-)16:50
cedkkstenger: the wizard tells you what is going to happen and you can change it16:51
kstengerah, true16:51
cedkalso it is different to activate a new module because of a new dependency than activate depenency to active a module16:52
cedkbut it is true that it will be great to have trytond-admin to activate dependencies on new module activation16:52
kstengerideally it could be interactive16:53
cedkkstenger: yes or display the list of module to also activate16:55
kstengerexactly this is what I meant16:55
kstengerso it's exclicit but still scriptable16:56
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cedkkstenger: indeed for now, it should the first level of missing module, it will be better to show all17:00
dmollermMaybe a new command line option that assumes you want to activate any needed dependency? (apt-get style)17:00
cedkho non, do not take apt-get as example of good command line :-)17:01
kstengercedk: would you please reword "indeed for now, it should the first level of missing module, it will be better to show all"17:03
dmollermIt was just to name a popular package manager. pip, npm, yum, composer and so on have similar behaviours: prompt if you really want all the dependencies or provide an option that assumes "yes"17:04
cedkkstenger: if you try to install a module A that depends on B and B depends on C17:07
cedkkstenger: any of those modules are activated17:07
cedkkstenger: you try to activate A, trytond-admin will tell you that it is missing B17:08
cedkbut nothing about C17:08
cedkdmollerm: I think activate module is different of installing a module17:08
cedkdmollerm: it is most of the time irreversible operation so we can not use the same logic as package manager17:09
kstengercedk: got it now, but I guess it would tell you about C if on a second step you tell it to install B, do you agree ?17:10
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cedkkstenger: I think it is the case now (was not before) but it should be tested17:14
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dmollermcedk: indeed, but if the user is prompted about this or an "--assume-yes" option is provided I see no reason to activate dependencies despite the irreversible changes in the DB.17:14
cedkdmollerm: last time I look at that, it was too complex to implement17:17
dmollermcedk: traversing and parsing a tryton.cfg tree? Or messing with the "check whether this dependency is already installed"?17:29
dmollermJust saying... I'll have to look into this sooner or later for our deployments, but if the community does not agree that this would be a nice-to-have I'd rather develop a custom tool than maintain a tryton-admin feature17:33
cedkdmollerm: activate the missing module because we do not have the ORM17:35
cedkalso the best will be to reuse ir.module function but it is not available17:36
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pokolidmollerm: cedk kstenger it is not ?17:55
pokoliindeed when I first tough about this issue I had the same use case as dmollerm17:56
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dmollermpokoli: yes! thank you18:03
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kstengerpokoli: indeed19:52
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