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mrichezhi, if trytond don't ask for admin password at first install, how define admin password after ?14:13
pokolimrichez: trytond-admin has an option to force setting the admin password14:17
mrichezpokoli: ok, will check14:17
pokolimrichez: trytond-admin --help should reveal it :)14:18
mrichezpokoli: it's magic :-)14:19
mrichezpokoli: thanks14:19
pokolimrichez: you're welcome :)14:20
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csotelo_at_workhello trytoners :)16:51
csotelo_at_workI have a question related to minimal stock, I was  looking for know how to set minimal stock on products16:52
csotelo_at_workwithout sucess16:52
csotelo_at_workany suggest??16:52
pokolicsotelo_at_work: you have to create an order point to indicate what to do when the stock goes down a level16:59
pokolicsotelo_at_work: do you have the stock_supply module activated?17:00
csotelo_at_worklet me see17:00
csotelo_at_workYes it is installes17:02
csotelo_at_workwhere do I must to create the reorder point??17:02
csotelo_at_workI couldnt find it?17:03
cedkcsotelo_at_work: it is under the stock menu17:14
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csotelo_at_workcedk, I guess something have lockec it, I couyldnt find it17:23
csotelo_at_workI will check my instalation17:25
nicoecsotelo_at_work: I thing there is also a relate from the product form to the order points also17:28
csotelo_at_worknicoe, yes, I have reviewed products and invetory menues, I gues that probably some module is replacing or blocking it17:29
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pokolicsotelo_at_work: Under the inventory product you should have the order points option17:55
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csotelo_at_workpokoli, yes.. how ever I couldnt find that. I ma sure there is something blocking it19:34
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cedkcsotelo_at_work: are you in the stock group admin?20:56
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csotelo_at_workI was there when I was looking for it21:28
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