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VMandiasAnyone heard of existing interesting free-enterprise/franchising framework rfq's, concepts or projects in progress? This seems to me to be a natural starting point.09:22
pokoliHi VMandias, can you clarify? I'm not sure to follow you09:24
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mrichezhi, trying to nclone tryton 4.2 with "hg nclone -b 4.2", get this message: [trytond/trytond/modules/calendar] abandon : HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error09:37
VMandias I'm looking to enstantiate a point of sale and personnel management framework for a white-label event space that can run on local hardware. Something that could coordinate all of the various aspects of an event through a web or ideally android native interface.  This has me thinking about the ability of ERP templates to form the essence of a free-technology franchise, where businesses can copy their core roles and workflows easily 09:38
VMandiasThis idea that business models are essentially their role sets and workflows in an ERP context seems obvious, and I hope others have articulated more on the subject.09:38
cedkmrichez: I need to fix paths09:39
mrichezcedk: oki :)09:39
VMandiasI'm probably out of scope for what is an open source support forum, but as I said, this is the most salient practical springboard for the type of distributed local reprap enterprise I'm trying to piece together, so I figured I'd at least put it out there.09:42
pokoliVMandias: I think an open source ERP framework will be a good choice for what you are trying to achieve09:43
pokoliVMandias: indeed, tryton will be a good choice to create an extensible package that franchises can customize09:43
VMandiasI'm looking to simplify/tutorialize the process of customization through essentially branching off my existing model, but yes- theoretically, ya'll have precisely what I'm looking for.09:44
VMandiasWhat is the current state of the tryton android client?09:46
pokoliVMandias: there is no "oficial" tryton client09:46
pokoliVMandias: but sao (webclient) is designed with mobile devices in mind. So it will work on an android mobile out of the box09:47
VMandiasok, cool.09:47
VMandiasA few years ago when I checked, there was an affiliated projected to build an android native client library... but I really am done with client side code, so that sounds good.09:48
pokoliVMandias: yes, but I think it is not maintained anymore09:50
VMandiaspokoli: I am going to familiarize myself with the existing modules further, but I appreciate your attention and information, thanks and be well:-}09:52
pokoliVMandias: feel free to ask anything09:53
pokoliVMandias: have you seen ?09:53
VMandiaspokoli: Yes, I have now:-} I will probably have more questions but I will endeavor to make them good ones.  Thanks again:-}10:35
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sisalphello, I have two questions about database management11:23
sisalp1) it seems that when there is no Tryton database, Tryton lists all databases11:23
sisalp2) I often face : createdb: database creation failed: ERROR:  source database "template1" is being accessed by other users11:24
sisalpregarding 1), it doesn't list databases, but last entered database names (on sao). So It is not a problem I think.11:28
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mrichezcedk: thanks!11:40
cedksisalp: the template1 lock is a frequent issue when you have other process managing also the databases11:45
cedksisalp: it is probably better to use template011:46
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sisalpcedk: do you mean trytond should not be guilty for blocking template db ?13:06
cedksisalp: maybe14:15
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jutbyHello, I'm having two issues with 3.8 one is with sao and one is with install modules17:51
jutbyHere are the commands I'm running
jutbyfor sao, npm install is failing at bower install. /usr/bin/env: ‘node’: No such file or directory17:52
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jutbywhich is weird, because I had already had it up and running with a similar setup17:52
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jutbythe other issue is that if I add a module, verbose output says the install is successful, but then if I try to install another module which is dependent on it, it can't find the module that was installed17:54
jutbyis this a naming issue with how I'm installing things? A path issue?17:54
pokolijutby: you have to install nodejs for building sao17:54
pokolijutby: are you running on debian?17:56
pokolijutby: for installing the module you must install the python package too (with sudo python install)17:56
jutbypokoli: Yes, Ubuntu 16.0417:56
pokolijutby: i have it working on ubuntu 16.04, but isntalled node using:
jutbypokoli: ah, that makes sense  for the modules17:59
jutbypokoli: now that I remember, I think I did install nodejs differently when I had it working before18:01
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pokolijutby: have to go, I will read you tomorrow. Have fun and good luck :)18:04
jutbypokoli: well SAO is up now, I'm pretty sure you'll get 2/218:08
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jutbypokoli: Thanks, everything is working now19:03
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jutbywhat are the chances of a module requiring 4.1 working with 4.2?20:31
kstengerjutby: from "will totally work" to "you will need to do just like if you upgrade from 4.0 to 4.2" you can fall in the whole spectrum of answers20:37
kstengerjutby: also holding a dependency like this overtime, is minningless after 4.2 is release from my point of view, since you never know which changeset you are actually depending on20:39
jutbykstenger: Thanks, I'll probably give it a shot once I get things figured out21:00
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jutbyis there some kind of dependency map for the stock modules?23:15
cedkjutby: what is a dependency map?23:18
jutbycedk: just a chart to easily see which modules require which other modules23:22
cedkjutby: what's the purpose?23:24
jutbycedk: well, maybe I'm just missing something on an easy way to satisfy dependencies. But my process is I see a third-party module that I want to check out, so I look in the tryton.cfg file to see what modules I need. Now I see a bunch of stock modules, but those stock modules are dependent on other stock modules, so I can't just install the module listed, so I have to check what other modules I have to install.23:38
jutbyUnless there already is a better way, it would be nice to be able to easily see what I modules I need so I can plan accordingly23:39
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