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sisalphello, I'd like to add the product variant description on the sale order line. Is there a ready to use solution for this ?11:43
pokolisisalp: not as a module, but it's not complex to code it :)11:54
sisalppokoli: do you know why it is not per default ? What is the purpose of product description if it is never used ?11:57
pokolisisalp: not sure, but description is required on sale lines but no description is required on product12:02
pokolisisalp: so we use rec_name that is always defined12:02
cedksisalp: the purpose is to describe the product… And there is no point to describe the product on a sale12:12
sisalpcedk: In fact I need a multiline product specification on the proposal, order and invoice. With the description field, I perfectly manage the way it is presented and translated.12:28
sisalpcedk : the product internal code and the name of the product model are not useful in my case.12:30
cedksisalp: in your case…12:32
sisalpIs there any risk of a side effect on other modules if I modify the line description of orders and invoices ?12:32
sisalpcedk: I imagine the generic solution would be to use description as first intention, and default it to rec_name in case there is no description.12:33
cedksisalp: for me, it is not a generic solution12:37
cedksisalp: most of the use case does not want to show a description on sale12:38
cedksisalp: also it was never defined that product description is intended to be display to customer12:38
cedkit may include sensitive data12:38
sisalpcedk: what is the aim of product description ?12:39
sisalpfor internal info, I started using Notes.12:41
cedksisalp: describe the product12:43
cedksisalp: it is the usage that defines it12:47
cedksisalp: but we can not make general change based on some usages12:48
sisalpcedk: I expected that the Description column on a sale order and an invoice is also a description of what is sold. Indeed, we then may have different descriptions for sales, purchase, production, so we can live with  Code/name as a generic solution.12:50
cedksisalp: it is the description of what is sold12:52
cedksisalp: but the default description is the rec_name of the product12:56
cedksisalp: there is an issue to get the supplier name for purchase12:56
cedka generic solution would be to have a module that allow to customize the description using a small template syntax12:57
JanGBcedk, sisalp: we should have a module i.e. product_sale_description for that - I always put this in my installs, because most customer want to show a description on sales. In many cases sales must be more verbose to show a client what he will get if it is his first buy12:57
cedkbased on the product object12:57
JanGBcedk, sisalp: for the internal informations we have a very complex module product_specification. Specification for internal use with technical infos - description as the 'narrative' exposed to clients13:05
sisalpJanGB: before adding "sub-generic" we should be sure the generic implements the most expected function.13:08
JanGBsisalp: yes - a setting 'Show description on sales' with a boolean13:09
JanGBsisalp: the specification is for our very special needs - no chance to make it generic :)13:09
sisalpJanGB: yes, provided we consider that my case is not so specific. For my case, I think I'll use description as the default, and rec_name if description is empty.13:12
JanGBsisalp: Wait - I will publish ours.13:13
sisalpJanGB: I just implemented and feel comfortable with it. In particular if description translation is left empty for a language, the rec_name is used instead.13:23
JanGBsisalp: ok13:23
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lukiohi everybody, I want to set invisible a tag field when the state of an invoice is 'in'. I found a thread that says that the tag can't be override by view_attributes. Is there any other way to set a tag field as invisible?20:14
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lukiosorry, this is the thread that I talk about:!topic/tryton/CRu4n-HKFa020:26
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cedklukio: no, view_attributes is the only way21:01
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