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sisalphello, when I create a new invoice and select a product on a line of invoice, the unit_price doesn't come up. A mistake or a bug ?10:19
pokolisisalp: is the expected behaviour on latest versions. Let me search the issue on the bug tracker10:20
sisalppokoli: Cedric says users expect it works as sale, but it doesn't. Anyone knows why it shouldn't ?10:25
cedksisalp: if you want sale behaviour, use sale10:26
cedksisalp: invoice does not behave like sale because it would require to develop everything from sale to invoice10:26
sisalpcedk: just explain the reason, please10:26
cedksisalp: and we do not want duplicate our work10:26
sisalpcedk: thank you10:27
sisalpcedk: this is my case : I sell, then I post a wrong invoice, then credit it and issue a new corrected invoice. It is still the same sale isn't it ?10:28
sisalpcedk: my first concern is to use a selling function when I belong to accounting team.10:30
cedksisalp: I do not understand the question10:32
pokolisisalp: for me it's a new return sale :)10:32
cedksisalp: you can work at the invoice level or you can cancel the sale and do a new one10:32
cedksisalp: if you just need to correct a price, you can use the new wizard etc.10:33
sisalpcedk: working the invoice level is different from making a new sale. Would duplicating of invoice be the right way ?10:33
sisalpcedk: in my history, most rejected invoices are because of details about the exact name of the customer, its address or its own order reference. Sometimes because of taxe rules.10:37
sisalppokoli: it looks like, but it is not. If you create fictive return sales, you may influence the metrics: the sales team is blamed while the error was at accounting level.10:39
pokolisisalp: we have a module that makes possible to move invoices from posted 2 draft state10:41
pokolisisalp: so this problem is easly solved :)10:41
cedksisalp: you can not use such module in France10:42
cedkpokoli: and I'm not sure for Spain10:43
sisalppokoli: you break my heart ;-)10:43
cedksisalp: if you have to correct just accounting, you must go with credit note and reinvoice10:44
pokolicedk: the new account_invoice_correction module is to solve this cases, isn't it?10:44
sisalpcedk: yes this is the case when I find the initial issue. Si I'm wondering if starting from a duplicated invoice wouldn't fix the whole "problem", I mean make it easy.10:46
cedkpokoli: yes most of them10:51
sisalpcedk: pokoli: I make try : make a bad invoice, post it, credit it, post credit, then back to wrong invoice, I duplicate it and correct it, then post it. Everything works well, and I don't have to fill the lines again.10:56
sisalpsisalp: looks ok for me. We will probably have to explain this to new users.10:57
sisalpcedk: pokoli: thank you for this discussion.11:00
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dmollermHi everybody. Is there any mechanism to store user secrets encrypted in the database? A hash won't do it, I need to store passwords and private keys so that the trytond server communicates with 3rd party services on behalf of the user and the identification is with SSL certificates only.13:21
pokolidmollerm: sii? xD13:22
dmollermpokoli: you name it XD13:22
pokolidmollerm: does this help:
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dmollermpokoli: Interesting, but I'd rather go with a per-config master password so it is decoupled of the DB backend being specifically postgres13:42
pokolidmollerm: then you should probably go with something like:
pokolidmollerm: and store only the encrypted values, and unencrypt when reading13:49
cedkdmollerm: why not store the password in the configuration file14:04
pokolicedk: indeed this data is per company, so with multiple companies there are multiple passwords14:06
pokolicedk: SII it's a new legislation in Spain to send invoice data via SOAP interface to the regulator in a maximun 4 days delay14:07
pokolicedk: and the regulator only accepts requests that are send with the company certificate14:07
pokolidon't now if its an english version. But all the info is available here:
cedkpokoli: you can still store configuration per company14:09
cedkpokoli: for example, you could store in a folder each certificate14:09
pokolicedk: that makes sense14:11
cedkotherwise I think Fernet with rotation key is the best option to create a field14:11
sisalppokoli: seems that multi-company is used in Spain specifically. Do you know why ?14:25
cedksisalp: usually it is for fiscal opportunity14:26
pokolisisalp: cedk is right :)14:31
pokoliit's quite frequent here to have several companies that invoice each other14:31
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dmollermcedk: indeed Fernet looks great, thanks15:29
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dmollermsisalp: franchising is a good example of a multi-company setup very popular in Spain. The franchisor runs a trytond server and a myriad of franchises use it for invoicing15:35
semariein multi-company context, what is shared ? parties ? chart of accounts ?15:37
semarie(if something is shared)15:39
cedkdmollerm: I do not think franchising is a good example, for such case I would have one setup per company with EDI between them15:41
dmollermcedk: EDI? I don't follow you15:48
sisalpdmollerm: in France, franchising wouldn't fit. In fact any company must be responsible for its own data and prove its tranaction with any party, including the franchiser.15:56
cedksisalp: I do not think it is a valid reason15:57
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pokolisemarie: we have one use case where nothing is shared16:18
cedkpokoli: I do not see the point16:21
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shellbofhHello Guys16:30
shellbofhdoes tryton supports python 3 ?16:30
cedkshellbofh: yes via 2to316:32
cedkshellbofh: except for the desktop client which is currently migrating to GTK3 first16:33
pokolicedk: because we want to have some kind of super user that it's capable of accessing all the companies data16:40
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cedkpokoli: use ldap16:49
pokolicedk: to have one use with same credentials to all databases?16:50
cedkpokoli: yes16:52
pokolicedk: but I have other users that may only access to a subset of companies17:01
pokolicedk: with the full tree it's easier to manage17:01
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xyz_Hello! I'm trying to setup trytond for use with the client and SAO.17:28
xyz_In the v 4.2 configuration file I have the [web] with 'listen =' and 'root = /some/path/to/sao'17:29
xyz_Access to SAO is made through nginx via proxy_pass to
xyz_When I now access SAO via a browser to the nginx instance, f.e., I'll get redirected to
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xyz_However, it fails to load the 'bower_components/....' files as described in index.html, that is '', which is obviously not going to return anything.17:34
xyz_When I try to access tryton directly, e.g. http://ip:8000 I get disconnected from it, nothing happens. Logs don't show anything related to this.17:35
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pokolixyz_: if you have an nginx proxy, you can setup it to proxy only post request to trytond and server static files from root directory17:51
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xyz_pokoli: I thought about that, too. However, does sao really suppose to have the files it requires in /index.html/... ?18:01
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xyz_Ah,  got it, I had a 'index index.html' directive in the nginx configuration. Now everything seems to work.18:18
xyz_Thank you for your replies and guidance.18:18
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catonanoI'm trying to build Tryton on GuixSD. Genshi is a dependency but the current released version doesn't build with python 3.5. Also a suggestion was made to me that Tryton only needs Genshi buuilt for python220:01
catonanoso I ave 2 questions20:01
catonanoDoes Tryton need genshi built for python3 ?20:01
catonanoWell, I'll give up on thhe second question for now. So it's just 1 question20:03
catonanoOf course with "Tryton" I mean trytond20:04
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csotelo_at_workhello coders... I have noticed that branch are used for versioning instead tag. Is that right? I ask for mark my version modules. Thanks a lot22:34
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