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csoteloHello coders04:40
csotelois there a way to print reports on txt or export as it???04:40
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csotelohello coders, is there a way to print reports on txt or export as it???11:34
cedkcsotelo: yes, relatorio allows plain text because it is based on Genshi which also allows11:36
csoteloperfect!! thannks cedk11:36
csoteloI need at this moment been sure on that.. I wil read doc about it11:37
notizblockI noticed that taxes don't get transfered when a purchase is created from a purchase request. When the purchase is created manually (same supplier, same product) the taxes are automatically set as specified in the tax rules. (Tryton 4.2)12:36
notizblockis this a known behaviour or do I miss something obvious?12:37
pokolinotizblock: for me it should be a bug, but let me try :)12:41
notizblockok, thx pokoli12:45
pokolinotizblock: the product taxes are correctly set on purchase line created from purchase_request12:46
pokolinotizblock: your problem is that the supplier tax rules are not applied?12:46
notizblockpokoli: I have tax rules set on party (supplier) and those are not applied12:48
pokoliok, let me retest with tax rules :)12:48
pokolinotizblock: worked for me on latest trunk12:49
notizblockpokoli: interesting12:50
pokolinotizblock: i can not see any relevant change in mercurial history12:53
pokoliBTW, i just found that once a purchase is cancelled, it's possible to go back to draft state, without forcing to manage the exception from purchase request12:54
pokoliIs this the intended behaviour?12:54
notizblockpokoli: no, I haven't cancelled the purchase12:56
pokolinotizblock: sorry, this is another comment, not related to your issue. Something that i found while testing :)12:56
notizblockpokoli: ah OK, sorry :)12:56
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pokolinotizblock: indeed, have you found the issue?13:50
notizblockpokoli: not yet. I wasn't able to find the solution in 4.2. I'm currently trying to get 4.4 working to try there13:52
pokolinotizblock: can not see which change may cause it, do you have some custom code in this process?13:54
notizblockonly in purchase13:55
notizblockthat's why I'm starting afresh13:55
notizblockpokoli: I'll report back once I'm done14:00
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notizblockpokoli: interestingly, on 4.4 I don't see the 'create purchase requests' wizard. There is only the 'Purchase Requests' list. The wizard list does not contain it either. Was it moved to another module or removed?14:48
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notizblockpokoli: purchase and purchase_request are installed and enabled14:50
pokolinotizblock: the create purchase requests wizard have been merged into one single wizard14:51
pokolinotizblock: new wizard is on the Stock -> Order point -> Supply stock menΓΊ14:53
notizblockpokoli: ahh, thx for the pointer14:59
notizblockpokoli: It happens for me on a fresh 4.4 too.15:03
notizblockpokoli: adding a purchase line manually adds the tax; creating a purchase from the purchase request, the purchase line does not have tax15:04
pokoliACTION checking in 4.415:04
pokolinotizblock: still can not reproduce15:07
pokolinotizblock: taxes on purchase are now in a separate tab in line form (i think this was introduced on 4.2)15:08
pokolinotizblock: are you sure your tax rule does not return an empty tax?15:08
notizblockpokoli: could be, how can I test it?15:10
pokolinotizblock: creating a purchase/supplier invoice with same supplier and product should produce the same result15:11
notizblockpokoli: If I manually create the supplier invoice the tax is added as soon as I add the product to the invoice line.15:13
pokolinotizblock: but the tax rule is applied?15:13
notizblockpokoli: yes, tax is added automatically15:14
pokolinotizblock: then I don't know, but I'm sure it can not fix without reproducing it :$15:20
notizblockpokoli: sure; I'll discuss it tomorrow with my colleague. I'm pretty sure, that I miss something obvious15:21
pokolinotizblock: great, let me know if I can help :)15:30
notizblockpokoli: thx for your patience :)15:31
notizblockbtw. at a first glance 4.4 makes it difficult to see name of the database one is connected too. The database name is hidden behind the 'Copy URL' button15:34
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notizblockpokoli: i might have found the issue. I left the 'Supplier Taxes' list in Products -> Accounting empty. I thought it would be enough to have a tax rule where the original tax is blank and the substitution tax is set to a tax.16:02
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pokolinotizblock: an empty original tax will match all taxes, but if no tax is defined there is nothing to substitute16:24
pokolinotizblock: adding a tax on the product should solve the issue16:24
notizblockpokoli: exactly, thx for the confirmation16:25
cedknotizblock: have you a tax rule to add a tax when no tax is defined?16:30
notizblockcedk: jep, I had this16:33
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cedknotizblock, pokoli: so maybe the tax rule application from purchase request is not complete16:34
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pokolinotizblock: cedk: indeed the tax rule is not called with empty tax:
pokoliACTION will upload a patch16:48
pokolinotizblock: could you test please? ;-)16:56
notizblockpokoli: sure, on it17:00
g5pwhey everyone, Mittelab hackerspace is officially migrated to Tryton 😊 Thank you!!17:03
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lukiog5pw: excelent!17:06
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nicoeg5pw: nice17:11
pokolig5pw: great! maybe you want to write an use bussines-case for the website :)
g5pwpokoli: awesome! we'll do a write up when we can 😊17:13
g5pwpokoli: is there a "standard" format? I see a couple of questions and answers, will that be OK?17:14
notizblockpokoli: works on 4.217:17
pokolig5pw: sure, see:
g5pwthanks pokoli :)17:20
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wifasoinot so fast @g5pw... I need to learn more before we can say "migrated to Tryton". But the groundwork is done.17:32
g5pwwifasoi: stop stifling my enthusiasm πŸ˜ƒ (a big thanks goes to wifasoi of course)17:33
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