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LordVangot a question:13:39
LordVanis it possible in tryton to have an order with several (partially recurring partially one-off products -- from manufacturing) with different planned delivery dates ?13:40
pokoliLordVan: yes, a sale order may be linked to several customer shipments (each with a planned date)13:44
LordVanpokoli, but what i mean is can i define that when creating the order - and not when creating the shipment13:46
LordVanso i can then query for things i need to ship tomorrow13:46
pokoliLordVan: by default supply date is computed using the product lead_time13:47
LordVanbut can i overwrite that per "line" of the order?13:47
pokoliLordVan: there is one nantic module that does that:
pokoliLordVan: but the question is, how do you know delivery date?13:49
LordVani have a customer that orders13:49
LordVan30 * Article XYZ by next week13:49
LordVan100 * XYZ by the end of the month,..13:49
LordVanso know when the customer *wants* it13:49
LordVandoesn't mean i can or will meet it13:49
LordVanbut i need the info in there when tehy want it13:49
pokoliLordVan: and why not creating several sales for each date?13:50
pokoliLordVan: you can create sales on future dates and I imagine that the customer can cancel some sales after some time13:51
LordVanbasically what i noticed with (just about any) FOSS ERP/CRM systems is that they are mostly created for resale / retail13:51
LordVanI don't really want to create X orders per customer order if they have different dates13:51
LordVanin some cases i could end up splitting one customer order into 15-20 orders in the system13:51
LordVanwhich would be a nightmare13:51
pokoliLordVan: in tryton, we provide a generic case, that can be customizable13:52
pokoliLordVan: and that's what's the nantic module does: Creates a specific case13:52
LordVanso i'd have to take that and then make sure i maintain it to work with future versions13:53
LordVanif i make changes too i mean13:53
pokoliLordVan: yes (or contract somebody that maintains it for you )13:53
LordVanideally i'd prefer a system that meets requirements of manufacturing businesses too .. but that seems hard to find  - i am also testing dolibarr at the moment13:54
LordVansomething else13:54
pokoliIf you have a good test suite maintaining the module is not as hard as it seems :)13:54
LordVanit'S been a while since i'Ve actually tried tryton (at least one major version ago)13:54
LordVanon the current version13:54
LordVancan I create a partner/company and then add several contact persons (each potentially with on conctact details and maybe address) ?13:55
LordVanpokoli, well it is python so it's gotta beat php on dolibarr but still ^^13:56
pokoliLordVan: in tryton that's achieved using the party_relationship module:
LordVanbtw just found demo4 tryton13:57
LordVannice web interface13:57
LordVanback when i last tried there was nothing like this13:57
LordVanask cedk ^^ i annoyed him back when it was first forked XD13:58
pokoliLordVan: so you can have company/contact but also whatever type of relations13:58
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LordVanACTION tries to find that in the demo13:58
pokoliLordVan: so it have been a lot of time since you last tryied, as this module is there since 3.2 (3 years ago)13:59
pokoliLordVan: it's not activated on the demo site, let me activate it for you13:59
LordVani mean we are now (to a very small extent)  using dolibarr because we put the customer data in there + generate our project sheets with it too14:00
LordVanbut if there is a compelling case to swap to tryton it would still be easy14:00
pokoliLordVan: module is activated. You will see a new tab on the party form14:01
pokoliLordVan: and the Relations types can be created from: Party -> Configuration -> Relation types14:02
pokoliLordVan: in tryton there is also a project module :)14:02
pokoliLordVan: sorry but didn't know too much about dolibarr14:02
LordVanpokoli, one main reason why i chose dolibarr to start with: document generation from ODT templates (by using a simple text replace system) and pdf14:03
LordVanthe odt template stuff is really quick to do14:03
LordVanin dolibarr all you need to do is know the placeholder like {object_title} and type that in (without formatting per letter or stopping so it is exactly like that in the content xml within the odt / ods) and it replaces it14:04
pokoliLordVan: our reports are also generated with odt and exported to pdf14:04
LordVanyou can probably see how it is really quick to get some results with that14:04
pokoliLordVan: yes, exactly the same. But you have to register the report template on the database14:04
LordVan(except htat  I ahd to patch dolibarr and fix bugs lol14:04
pokoliLordVan: for example our asset depreciation table can be downloaded from
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pokoliLordVan: on tryton the last 5 major releases recieve bug fixes14:06
LordVanpokoli, nice ... does it deal automatically with things like creating an extra page if there is too much content in a table for exampl?14:06
pokoliLordVan: yes14:06
LordVanthat is somethign that afaik i can only do with php+pdf in dolibarr14:07
LordVansomehow they seem to treat odt generation as a bit of a side thing14:07
LordVanbut in general it works14:07
LordVanabout party relations14:08
pokoliLordVan: we use relatiorio for generating reports (
LordVani have to admint i do not understand what to enter in From type and to14:09
pokoliLordVan: The type is the type of relation. Let me create the company/contact one as example14:10
LordVanbit difficult if one is not familiar with the UI and archtiecture yet14:10
LordVan ;)14:10
pokoliLordVan: it's easier to understand from the party from14:11
pokoliLordVan: just ho to Party -> Parties menú and double click any record to open a form14:11
pokoliLordVan: you will see a relations tab there, showing all the relations of the current party14:12
pokolithen you can create a new record using the notebook icon on the rigth14:12
pokoliLordVan: you will be asked for the type, so you can select if you want to relate the compnay of this contact, or the contact of this company14:12
LordVanwhen i look at the list of all parties14:13
LordVanwill it show me all companies and all contacts then?14:13
pokoliLordVan: and the too field indicates the other party which is the relations14:13
LordVan- what i mean14:13
pokoliLordVan: yes, a party is a company, a contact, and employe, a supplier a customer14:13
LordVanthere is no seperation betweek company / customer / business partner and actual people with contact numbers,..14:13
LordVanso could a filtered view be created to show e.g. all actual customers14:14
LordVanah wait14:14
LordVanther eis parties associated to sales14:14
pokoliLordVan: See
LordVansorry for askign so many things ^^14:14
pokoliLordVan: don't worry14:14
pokoliACTION is enjoying the chat14:14
LordVanA contact mechanism is made of a type, value and comment. -- i do not see a place to enter a comment?14:30
LordVanis taht disableD?14:30
pokoliLordVan: comment is available only on form view14:30
pokoliLordVan: use the last icon on the contact mechanims to change view. The notebook after ther right arrow14:31
LordVanthat is .. a bit inconveninet14:31
LordVanwe have quite a few people who have like work landline, work mobile, private landline, private mobile (or maybe 2)14:32
LordVanso if i just have a list of numbers in the overview it is not very helpful14:32
pokoliLordVan: the idea is to order them using the sequence field, so the most relevant ones are shown on the top14:33
pokoliLordVan: and of course, you can modify the view to add the comment on the tree view :)14:33
pokoliLordVan: tryton is suposed to be extended by your own modules (or module) to fit your specific needs14:33
LordVanyou mean modify it in the source code or in some config?14:33
LordVani am just trying to figure out to what extent i'd have to modify / extend14:34
pokoliLordVan: create a module that modify that add the fields to the view, so when activating the module the field is shown there14:34
LordVanjust to be on the safe side: the source code (variables,..) in tryton are using english right?14:34
LordVan(dolibarr has *a lot* of french in the DB fields and source and it frankly drives me mad since i donT' speak french)14:35
pokoliLordVan: yes, everythink is in English here14:35
pokolialthouth some developers know french ;)14:36
LordVani don't mind14:36
LordVanbut like example pdf generation for invoice has thigns like margin_left/top/right/bottom in french14:36
LordVanwhich is not helpful to me lol14:36
pokoliLordVan: no, everything in english here14:37
LordVani did a lot of replacing there XD14:37
LordVananyway back to more interesting stuff14:37
LordVanso ic ould write a module to extend tryton which modifies the contact mechanisms part of the party to display the comment too14:37
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LordVansounds like something that should be simple in general ^^14:38
pokoliLordVan: well, you just to have some knowledge of python and xml14:38
pokoliLordVan: a tryton module is a python package14:39
LordVani've been coding python since some time aroudn the first major release lol14:39
LordVani know14:39
LordVani do admit i am not too well versed with the newer python 3 stuff14:39
pokoliLordVan: have a look at:
pokoliLordVan: currently tryton support python2 and python3 too14:40
LordVanthe only thing so far i do not like that much is taht parties contain everything from a contact at a company to our customers and suppliers14:40
LordVani'd prefer it seperated , but if that's the only compromise i can live with it14:41
pokoliLordVan: and to be more concrete. Some docs about how to extend a view:
LordVanthere's some nice documentation14:41
LordVananother downside of dolibarr .. quite a few things in french only again haha14:41
pokoliLordVan: it's to avoid data duplication, for example if the same party is a customer and a supplier14:41
LordVanwell that is fine14:42
pokoliLordVan: what's your main language?14:42
LordVanwhat i meant was the differenciation between customer/supplier and people working there ^^14:42
pokoliLordVan: lucky guy. Tryton is fully translated to german:
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LordVanyou knwo14:59
LordVanit is nice to go into an IRC channel for an ERP and actually have people answer you lol14:59
LordVan(that is not a given these days)14:59
LordVansuitecrm and dolibarr both have some but hardly anyone there - or even when then mostly users only14:59
pokoliLordVan: that one of the best things about tryton, there is people behind it :)15:00
LordVanthat is why back when it was forked from tinyerp i did try it out - and talked a lot with cedk15:00
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LordVanbut the native gui only vs web-ui was a bit of a pain15:00
pokoliLordVan: indeed, if you don't get a reply on IRC, you can use other channels:
pokoliLordVan: now things have changed. And we have both options, and they only web15:01
LordVanthing is with dolibarr that i noticed that on the forum hardly anyone replies - at least not before i figure it out or fix it myself15:01
LordVan- i did just submit pull requests on github then and they got merged fast, but the devs seem to ignroe the forum :(15:02
LordVanthe problem is that  we have some rather specific needs due to being a manufacturing company and not a reseller15:03
LordVanfor most resellers eRP stuff is rather simple (and stock stuff)15:03
LordVanbut when like for us nearly every order has something one-off in it that is custom made ..15:03
LordVanmakes things difficult15:03
pokoliLordVan: have you seen all the production modules? We've improved such topic on last versions15:04
LordVannot yet no15:04
pokoliLordVan: maybe you should read
LordVanthere's a lot i need to read ig uess haha15:10
pokoliLordVan: i guess it too. Just make sure to ask your doubts here15:13
pokoliLordVan: and if there is something on the docs that we can improve let us know :)15:13
LordVani think what would be good was if i write up our specific requirements and post it somewhere (not here, since it would be too long lol) to get some feedback what is possible as-is and what needs custom work15:14
pokoliLordVan: that will be nice.15:15
pokoliLordVan: then we can provide some guidance on which modules to activate on your database15:15
pokoliLordVan: and you can create a testing environment on your local machine to test it15:16
LordVanfor example i need customized project sheets per order and - at least- per material/thickness/surface treatment (we do metal works mostly sheet metal) and we need printed out sheets for people to write theri hours in,.15:23
LordVanthose are quite a pain15:23
LordVanlots of special cases15:23
LordVanand very difficult to do this in code imho15:23
pokoliLordVan: a project is a manufacturing order?15:25
pokoliLordVan: you can encode the people and machine ours in production using the production_work_timesheet module15:26
LordVanbut i need that sheet15:26
LordVanno computers in the hall15:26
LordVanand most of the workers there are metal workers who *may* find the on switch of a pc ^^15:26
LordVanso paper is needed15:26
pokoliLordVan: then you should create and odt template to print it, and then incode to the system15:27
LordVanthe thing is that the distribution is difficult as it is not simple 1 sheet per order "line" but rather per part15:28
LordVanand some may combine into one sheet if material matches and not assembly,.. ^^15:28
LordVanso i think i will definitely need to code that15:28
pokoliLordVan: but 1 order line, is one manufacturing order no?15:29
pokoliLordVan: indeed, production modules are installed on demo database ;-)15:29
LordVanlet me give you an example:15:30
LordVancustomer orders product A,B,C,D - each with seperate planned date quite often15:30
LordVanpart A is just a simple laser-cut steel part 2mm thick15:31
LordVanpart B is Aluminium - 3mm cut, bent and soldered15:31
LordVanpart C is an assembly consisting of C-1 steel 2mm, C-2 steel 5mm and some small parts15:31
LordVanpart D is an assembly like this: D-1 aluminium 4mm, D-2 aluminium 4mm , D-3 assembly soldered made of D-3-1 Aluminum 1mm and D-3-2 Aluminium 4mm15:32
LordVanso basically15:32
LordVani need a sheet for part A as it is ithe only single part 2mm steel15:33
LordVanone for part B for the same reason15:33
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LordVan2 folders for C - one for steel 2mm and one for steel 5mm  + either a 3rd folder for small parts or if just something small added to one of the other 215:33
LordVanfor D i'D need 4 sheets : 1 for D-1 & D-2 , one for D-3-1 and one for D-3-215:34
LordVanmaybe i'd even have an extra one for each assembly15:34
LordVanso i can'T even just combine all same materials from an order15:34
LordVanbut i can do it within an assembly15:34
LordVanyou see it gets rather complex15:35
LordVan*and* for repeatedly -ordered parts i want those things saved including all the manufactzuring instructions to be printed on the sheets too15:35
LordVanpokoli, do you know what i mean or was it too confsuing? ;)=15:47
pokoliACTION reading15:48
pokoliLordVan: so you have nested productions. To produce C, you need to produce first C1, c2 and some small parts15:49
pokoliLordVan: same for D15:50
pokoliLordVan: and each production has it's on works, and it's own sheet15:50
LordVanyes but things like same material, thicknes annd treatment can be combined in one15:50
pokoliLordVan: let me explain a little bit how this will be handled on tryton15:50
pokoliLordVan: once you've confirmed the sale order, a customer shipment will be created containing all the moves and the planned dates15:51
pokoliLordVan: In the product form, you will indicate that this products are producible, so the scheduler will create production request for each customer request15:52
pokoliLordVan: and for component, the nested productions will be also created15:53
pokoliLordVan: in order to have the dates correctly set, you have to indiciate on each product/bom convination, which is the required time to produce it15:54
pokoliLordVan: and this information will be used, to set the planned date for productions and nested productions to fill the customer moves dates15:54
LordVanthis might add a bit too much complexity (unless the interface hides most of this - or can hide it when not needed15:56
pokoliLordVan: there are tabs to filter by state, it will hide the request if you are interested only on the running ones16:02
LordVani will have to look at that16:03
LordVanthe problem is if it gets too complex for our office staff to enter it16:03
LordVani do not have the time to do it myself lol16:03
pokoliLordVan: but you don't have to enter anything as it's computed by the system16:12
pokoliLordVan: you have to search for a production request to work on, and start working on it16:12
pokoliLordVan: normally the planned date is used to determine what have to be done first16:12
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LordVani shall look into that module16:14
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LordVanback ^^17:16
pokoliLordVan: yes, you should probably install the stock_supply_producton module for full picture17:19
LordVani shall17:21
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LordVani wonder if the tryton gentoo overlay still works17:21
LordVan (meaning is maintained)17:21
pokoliLordVan: I think so:
LordVanyes ^^17:23
LordVani think cedk still maintains it17:28
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pokoliLordVan: i think so17:33
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udonohi, is there a way to test for empty childs of a stock.location in a domain? We tested ('', 'in', []) or ('childs', '=', None) but it will not work.19:20
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cedkudono: for me, it should work, there is a tests19:53
udonocedk: thank and yes I looked up the tests but childs is a one2many and there is no ('targets', '=', None) test its only for many2many . btw we use Tryton 3.419:55
udonofalse, there is a test.19:56
udonobut we can not find stock locations without any child, strange19:57
udono:-) all works as expected, thank you and sorry for the noise… I think I was too hurry with the update cycle and oversee something. FTR: ('childs', '=', None) filters all records without childs…20:13
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