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alexbodnhello friends09:56
alexbodnhow could i programatically initialize a tryton database?09:58
cedkalexbodn: using trytond-admin10:01
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_2cadzHi, is there a work around the possibility to add image to a product and of course to see it in the view ?10:24
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alexbodnCOOL cedk. i oversaw it ;)10:31
_2cadzmrichez: Thanks :-)10:32
alexbodnthanks a lot cedk10:32
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alexbodnwill trytond-admin install a module i'd choose to update? or should i first install it with proteus?14:28
cedkalexbodn: it activates modules passed to update option14:29
alexbodnthanks cedk. do you suggest that all modules installed by their are available to be activated this way?14:31
cedkalexbodn: I do not understand the question14:33
luc_hello i want to know if tryton have some reference in defense industry14:35
luc_and if Mylar ( could be used in tryton ?14:36
luc_to have a military grade encryption in tryton ?14:36
alexbodnsorry cedk. you say trytond-admin would *activate* modules by -u. does activating mean saving these modules' fields in the ir and ui tables? and which modules may be activated like this? every module that has been "python install"-ed ?14:38
cedkluc_: what do you want to encrypt?14:38
cedkalexbodn: activate means exactly the same as the activate button on the module list14:39
alexbodncedk: and does the modules list contain every installed modules in the entry-point?14:41
cedkalexbodn: yes14:41
alexbodnthanks, cedk. with time, my questions will be more clear, i promise14:42
luc_Hello Cedk, for military purpose we need a way to encrypt some data in the client side, so even if a server is compromised, the data will not be available for the server administrator14:44
luc_Mylar is a way to create this way a encryption for defense sector14:44
cedkluc_: you will have to write a plugin for the client14:45
luc_ it is a way to do it without plugin14:46
luc_but it is based on Meteor14:46
luc_the system that we want to develop base on tryton is a Battlefield Management System14:48
luc_with a Sensor Network-Based Countersniper System14:48
luc_but security requirements are very high14:48
luc_and Meteor it is not the best way to do it, tryton is better14:49
nicoeluc_: as cedk said you should use a plugin on the client side to encrypt the data ; I think GNU Health has done something like that14:58
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LordVangot a question:15:25
LordVanis tryton's stock system easily extended for our Sheet Metal storage? : we need material type (and surface type) , thickness and measurements (X,Y) + some comments (or maybe even pic)15:26
LordVanmeaning i want to use it to keep stock of our material we use to make our products (so i do not want to create products for that)15:29
cedkLordVan: use lot to store information about specific items of a product15:30
LordVanwhat i mean is i want this seperate from our finished products15:32
LordVanso not in the product list15:32
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LordVanlooking at the product and inventory system i think it'd need to be something else - a customized version of product15:42
LordVanhow difficult would you rate writing a module like that (for someone who has python experience but none with tryton)15:44
cedkLordVan: I do not understand your requirements15:44
LordVanlet me try to explain what i need:15:45
LordVanwe work with sheet metal  and cut, bend, solder,.. that15:45
LordVanso we buy the sheet metal, but because we usually have low numbers of individual products15:45
LordVanwe do have left over half a metal sheet here and there (different measurements,..)15:46
LordVani want to keep track of what is where and how many15:46
LordVanbut it's not something we'd directly sell15:46
LordVanso adding it as product would be not really  useful15:46
LordVanso data wise it would be like this:  Sheet Metal ( material , location, size_x, size_y, thickness, comment/description - maybe picture)15:49
LordVanmaybe i misunderstand something here and it can be solved already without any/much coding15:49
LordVansince i am rather new to (this version) of tryton15:50
LordVanbut i don'T want those metal sheets in my product list as they are not going to be for sale, just internal use usually15:50
LordVanmaterials would be a (nested) list like "Steel,  Stainless Steel, Stainless steel brushed, stainless steel mirror, .."15:51
LordVanit is rather special need15:51
mrichezLordVan: maybe with module product_attribute ?15:53
LordVani shall have a look15:53
LordVanproduct is impractical ..i t requires a price15:55
LordVani shall ponder this.. back later15:57
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