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pokoliLordVan: morning :)09:54
pokoliLordVan: about the issue you posted yesteday, I'm wondering if it's enought to know the surface of steel available on the system09:55
pokoliLordVan: or you need the detail of which parts of which size09:55
LordVanyeah if I end up using tryton for this I would need basically location, material, size (X,Y) and a comment field (maybe photo)09:56
LordVanthe way the stock module can arrange stock locations would work fine09:57
LordVanbut the product module is not really  agood match for this09:57
LordVanas i do not have nor care about price at that point09:57
LordVananyway this was just an idea i had it would not be the primary use of tryton09:59
LordVancurrently trying to wrap my head around how to set up & use the party & order modules best (for our use cases)10:02
LordVanand how to import the data10:02
cedkLordVan: for me, if you want to have invertory control on those peices, they must be product10:02
cedkLordVan: also you will have to get a proper stock valuation etc.10:03
cedkLordVan: price is not an issue, just put 010:03
LordVancedk, i think i know what you mean, but that would complicate what we need a lot (this needs to be simple to use for not too IT-savy people)10:03
LordVanso i am not sure about doing that10:04
LordVanalso i do not want to mix those "left over" metal sheets with actual products tbh10:04
cedkLordVan: there is only two options: the left part has value for you and they must be a product; they do not have value and you just not put them in the system10:05
LordVantaht'S what i was thinking10:06
LordVanbasically i'd have to make my own module for this instead i guess10:06
LordVan(i do have something i wrote quite a few years ago using twisted,... but it is .. not optimal and needs to be replaced)10:06
cedkfor me, the leftpart should be variants that you create for each size10:07
LordVanhmm not sure i understand the whole variants stuff (yet)10:07
LordVanso you mean i'd add 1 article for "Left over metal sheets" and then somehow create variants for each of them?10:08
cedkLordVan: yes10:09
LordVanACTION looks at variants and how they work10:09
cedkof course, it will be a lot of work but you are expecting a lot10:12
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cedkalso here, I'm only talking about the data design, it is up to you to customize the views/models to ease the user task10:13
LordVanbut what i need is also some filter by material, sub-material thickness and ideally later also by size10:13
LordVanbut yes that is probably a view thing10:13
cedkfor example, you could have a wizard that create/set the right sheet as output of the product by just asking the size etc.10:13
LordVanwizards are nice for entering one sheet, but if one enters 10 at once it gets old really fast10:14
LordVanwould probably need some batch-input (maybe in a table) too10:14
LordVanI do wonder if making a lot of custom views,.. for products is more complicated / more work than creating a simplified version of product for this10:17
LordVanwell anyway i will leave this for another time i think10:19
LordVanfirst i need to figure out how to reliably import my data into tryton from dolibarr (mostly the party data for the time being)10:19
cedkLordVan: if you use a different Model, you will have to create new model for: Move, Inventory, Production, Shipment, Stock Accounting, Cost computation etc.10:20
LordVanwell i would only need to link it to "stock" for the locations i think - since i don't need to link this to anything else (unless that is somehow required?)10:23
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pokoliLordVan: if you produce some generic scripts to migrate from dolibarr, it will be great to share them :)10:24
LordVanwhen i imported into dolibarr i did so from CSV files (partially with their csv import , partially directly using postgresql stored procedures ..^^)10:25
LordVanwhat is the recommended way to import into tryton?10:25
LordVanor write python scripts to do the importing? (i think i'Ve seen some online somwehwer)=10:25
cedkLordVan: it means: being able to move them: Shipment, being able to count them: Inventory, being able to produce them: Production, being able to get accounting value: Accounting10:26
LordVancedk, ic well that is of course something to consider then10:26
LordVanbut well i should probably really focus on my data import first haha10:26
LordVan or is that what i should use for importing?10:27
cedkLordVan: that's what we (B2CK) use most of the time10:29
LordVanseems to me it would be good to use that instead of CSV and SP10:29
LordVanalso i prefer python to PL/SQL10:29
LordVan ^^10:29
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LordVanafk for a while back later10:30
cedkLordVan: it allows to script like if you were encoding from the client10:30
pokoliLordVan: yes, I will use proteus also10:31
pokoliLordVan: is a good example :)10:32
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Timitoscedk: will the next version of the tryton client be GTK3 only? or have plans changed?11:12
cedkTimitos: I think it is just going to be the default11:19
Timitoscedk: so it will be not possible to get gtk3-only features into this version, right?11:22
cedkTimitos: not yet11:31
Timitoswell thats sad11:31
cedkTimitos: the problem is that almost nobody tested GTK311:32
pokoliTimitos: which gtk3-only features are you interested in?11:37
Timitospokoli: bring back the color on required fields for example11:38
Timitosits a blocker for many of our customers11:38
pokoliTimitos: now it's indicated on the label (bold)11:38
Timitospokoli: i know and this is the problem :-) they want the color back11:39
pokoliTimitos: maybe you can work with a patched version, until we get gtk3-only11:39
Timitosi would prefer to invest into upstream at this point. but if its not possible i need to do that11:40
pokoliTimitos: the idea will be to implement the patch for the gtk3-version (currently is experimental) and test with that11:47
Timitosyes thats an option11:49
pokoliTimitos: it's the only way to make it happen. Test it11:50
alexbodnhello cedk, pokoli, all friends11:55
pokolialexbodn: hello, nice to see you here. How it's goings?11:55
alexbodnhey pokoli, it's going slowly, as i can't unfortunately work on this only.11:56
Timitoscedk: pokoli: i think it would be good to set the development version of the gtk client to GTK3 by default now and not short before releasing it11:58
cedkTimitos: yes I have been thinking about that11:59
cedkalso I guess it is probably doable to make a patch using the same technics as tryton/common/widget_style.py12:00
pokolialexbodn: that's a pitty, but this happens to me also :)12:00
Timitoscedk: that would be great12:01
pokoliI will be happy to test patches :)12:05
pokoliTimitos: i've run the client with GTK_VERSION=3 and I see your problem... fields are not marked as required on this version.12:06
Timitospokoli: even if they would be marked it would not help ;-) but i will request b2ck to create a patch for that topic12:07
Timitospokoli: another point i just found is, that the icons are missing on the menus12:08
pokoliTimitos: i see the icons correctly :$12:09
Timitospokoli: also in the "connect" menu at the top?12:09
pokoliTimitos: yes12:10
Timitoshm. ok12:10
pokoliTimitos: also custom icon set (we have some icons customized)12:10
cedkpokoli: weight is not shown because of
alexbodnhow could i get a modules dependency tree? trytond-admin insists on the proper installation order12:11
pokolialexbodn: if you install from the Administration -> Modules -> Modules option, dependencies are marked to install also12:12
pokolicedk: maybe we should propose a patch, as I don't see so much activity on this issue12:12
alexbodnthanks pokoli. i'm a very lousy user, my way is to write code ;)12:13
alexbodnpokoli, you suggest the client has such code?12:14
pokolialexbodn: it's on server side, but you can use proteus to mimic client actions12:15
alexbodnpokoli there is an example in proteus, but it didnt give the result12:15
pokolialexbodn: you can use something like:
pokolialexbodn: indeed I will accept a PR that exposes this method as click command (so you can execute it from commandline)12:17
alexbodnthis should probably go in, pokoli12:19
alexbodnnot in trytond-admin, since this depends on proteus12:22
pokolialexbodn: in the issue that I linked is implemented without proteus12:24
alexbodnpokoli: still reading, not just scrolling ;)12:25
alexbodnok pokoli, i see it. i'll fork and patch12:30
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pokolialexbodn: will be great if you can provide feedback about the patch, report issues and comment on codereview12:32
alexbodnpokoli: it's a feature i need. my environment is 4.0.12:36
alexbodni'd like to work on it12:36
pokolialexbodn: we only implement new features on latests trunk :)12:59
LordVansomething that would be a nice addition to tryton-admin: some feedback when someone tries to run --all without starting trytond first (currently 4.4.1 just exits silently)12:59
pokoliLordVan: don't understand13:21
pokoliLordVan: there is the --verbose flag13:21
pokoliLordVan: and it's not required to run trytond in order to run trytond-admin13:21
LordVanah wait for -p it did not do anything without trytond running13:24
LordVani ran trytond-admin -c ... -v -p13:25
LordVanand it just went to the next prompt13:25
LordVanthen i started trytond and it actually asked for the password13:25
LordVanlet me re-try this just5 in case13:27
LordVannow it works13:28
LordVanmaybe it was something else then13:28
LordVanor because it had never been run13:28
pokoliLordVan: the -p action may read the password from an environment variable, and then it does not ask for anything13:36
pokoliLordVan: it's all explained on the help13:36
LordVanthere was no env var13:36
LordVanand the odd thing is after i started trytond it worked from the same shell without any changes13:36
LordVanno idea what happened13:36
LordVanwell if i can reproduce i will let you know what the problme was13:37
LordVanmore importantly .. i gotta work on that import stuff13:37
LordVanbut first i guess i need to add the other identifier types13:37
LordVanlike in this link someone sent me:
LordVanor rather13:38
LordVani shall ask in first if someone has created those i need already13:38
pokoliLordVan: in spain we don't neeed any extra identifiers13:42
pokoliLordVan: using vat with country prefix will validate your country vat13:42
LordVanwell need probably not13:42
LordVanbut we ahve that info on some parties in dolibarr13:42
LordVani don'T really want to loose information13:42
LordVandoes tryton not have a Notes/Comment field for parties?13:43
pokoliLordVan: there is a note functionality for all the modules13:45
pokoliLordVan: It's available on the toolbar, near the attachment options13:46
LordVanthere are lot of things tryton can do but to someone not familiar with the UI finding them is a bit of a challenge ^^13:47
LordVanthat said13:47
LordVanis there a way to make it obvious to the user that there is a Note?13:48
pokoliLordVan: the number of unread notes for the user will be shown on the toolbar13:48
LordVanah i see a star13:49
LordVanhmm not too visible unfortunately but i guess it should do :d13:49
LordVan(our users need more like a big flashy red box lol)13:49
LordVanalthough i'd solve most of that probably with categories instead ofa  note13:49
LordVanlike "this customer has to pay cash on pickup" (because it takes them 6 months to maybe pay an invoice for like 50 €13:50
LordVan(I know there are payment terms but this would be best to be visible there too13:50
pokoliLordVan: you should probably create a warning on the sale/invoice workflow when processing a sale of this kind of parties14:00
pokoliLordVan: so the user will get an message that i have to accept to proceed14:00
pokoliLordVan: but of course this is customization, and it will go on your custom module14:01
LordVanhaha yeah14:02
LordVanin fact actually that info needs to be also available before it is invoiced14:02
pokoliLordVan: if you want to go for standard, there is the sale_credit_limit, which raises a warning if the party owes you more than a limit amount (defined per party)14:02
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LordVanI am sure i will have to do some customization14:04
LordVantalking about that14:04
LordVanhow easi would it be to add some custom fields to e.g. party?14:04
pokoliLordVan: just create a custom module and extend the party module definition and views14:07
pokoliLordVan: if you have python knowledge easy14:07
pokoliLordVan: here is a WiP tutorial that explains basic comments:
LordVanok - well i am not sure if i need it yet (i did need it in dolibarr, but tryton allows more phone numbers anyway)14:08
pokoliLordVan: of course, feel free to include your comments if you have any doubts14:08
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LordVanthe only thing i will definitely need is a way to differentiate between verious types of phone numbers14:10
pokoliLordVan: there is a note field on contact mechanism14:11
pokoliLordVan: and you can extend the types, like it's done on the identification14:11
LordVani know about the note thing but realyl i'd need it more visible to differentiate between business phone, private phone  (or email)14:12
LordVanand others maybe14:12
pokoliLordVan: then you should extend the types14:13
alexbodnpokoli: i've patched default and branch 4.0. it appears to work ok on 4.0. there appears to be no test for trytond-admin. is there a way to check a module is correctly installed?14:27
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pokolialexbodn: open the module list and check it's correcty activated15:01
alexbodnyou mean to select * from ir_module; ?15:02
pokolialexbodn: if you want to use sql, but using the client will be enough15:04
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alexbodn1. i didn't even manage to install the gui client; 2. i'd like to wrap the whole thing in a  reproducible test15:06
pokoliis the calendar view supposed to work with GTK_VERSION=3 ??? I can not open it. May I report it?15:06
alexbodnpokoli: the select appears to be correct.15:09
cedkpokoli: see patches required:
LordVanpokoli, which part of that tutorial did you mean i should look at for extending contact method types?15:14
pokolicedk: thanks15:15
pokoliLordVan: probablly it will be good to read the full tutorial to get the conceps15:17
LordVanb7ut i was thinking one thing .. if for the sake of importing before i know all that i import, and put a fixed string in the note so we know what is what and then when i have the custom types i add those by parsing the notes15:19
LordVan(i have a bit of a time problme here ^^)15:19
LordVanthat way it would keep the import script more generic15:23
LordVanI'd prefer to have an import script that works on unmodified tryton - i can always run a 2nd one for modifications later15:24
pokoliLordVan: yes, you can store on notes and then extract latter15:42
LordVanpokoli, strikes me as an acceptable intermediate step :)15:42
LordVanbecause .. i get the feeling the import will be not exactly trivial either - even though the data is limited to party module for the moemnt (and some project stuff, but if need be i could do that manually)15:45
LordVanbut ih ave to say .. ir eally like the proteus approach for this15:46
cedkLordVan: at B2CK, our way of working is first make the development of features so the company workflow can work15:46
LordVanit is a lot better than importing some CSV and/or manual sql15:46
cedkLordVan: once it is done, we migrate the data15:46
LordVancedk, i understand, but i want to first work on getting the import working on a test-system15:47
LordVanbefore I start writing that module15:47
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LordVanthe problem is I do still have to do my other work here (3d-CAD)15:47
LordVanbtw from what i'Ve seen there is no way to mark a phone number as being the primary one for a party or is there?15:48
LordVanmaybe i should just pay b2ck to write me that small contact type module haha15:50
LordVanthough then i won't have the learning experiende ;)15:50
cedkLordVan: put it as first in the list15:52
LordVancedk, yes that's what i was thinking of doing15:52
cedkLordVan: common pattern in Tryton, ordered list an pick the first one as default15:52
LordVani hate windows ..15:53
LordVancedk, sounds good to me yes15:53
LordVani could do that instead of adding extra types .. hmm15:53
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LordVanless custom stuff probably means easier upgrade later on16:03
emezetahello. is there any kind of standardized versioning like 'supported', 'stable', 'testing', 'devel', etc, for tryton releases? If so, I'd appreciate if you can point it to me.16:14
Timitosemezeta: stable is always a version with even number at the minor version (like 4.2, 4.4, 4.6), devel is with odd number (4.5 is current devel version)16:16
cedkemezeta: we have an old wiki page:
emezetathks @ both16:17
cedkwe should included this old wiki page on the website16:18
LordVanbtw cedk duno if you did see that yesterday ..  but it would be great if the ebuilds also installed a sample config for trytond ;)16:18
cedkLordVan: I do not think so16:20
cedkLordVan: there is no sample configuration file, it is a file to customize16:20
LordVan(i mean named trytond.sample.conf of course )16:20
LordVanyeah but i foudn it easier to use one from opensuse and change that to my needs16:20
LordVanjust so one knows what config sections and options there are i mean16:20
LordVani know it's in the docs of course16:21
cedkLordVan: we had such file before and it went very fast out of sync16:21
cedkLordVan: also it is modular so the section depends on which modules are installed16:21
emezetafyi is dead.16:22
LordVanof course i meant just the main part like db and network ports,..16:22
cedktrytond have good defaults so the configuration file should only contain what user needs16:22
LordVanwell i need to look into logging config still (currently running it within a screen from stdin - which works well for testing anyway ;))16:23
cedkemezeta: where did you find this link?16:23
LordVancedk, i just found it a bit difficult to find out which sections and settings i do need tbh16:23
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emezetacedk you gave it to me a few lines ago16:29
cedkemezeta: it is a deprecated wiki page so it is normal to have dead link16:29
emezetadeprecated ;)16:29
LordVanwell i shall ponder this some more .. cya later or tomorrow ^^16:30
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andrespolitihello! i see gnu health has qr generation functionality. Does sao has a component to scan qr codes also?20:01
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