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cedkcsotelo: please show the traceback00:11
csotelocedk, give me a minute please, after the error, form get totally crashed00:15
csotelocedk, sorry·. something is weird with my internet connection00:19
csotelopastebin is no loading00:19
csoteloI will be waiting. as soon it gets back I will paste the trace back00:20
cedkcsotelo: fixed by issue593000:24
csotelocedk, I see, on 3.8??00:39
csoteloI see00:39
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csoteloDear coders, I have and issue with this url module on the file. Module doesnt install into tryton/modules path, the is :
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alexbodnhello friends10:35
alexbodnhello pokoli, are you aboard?10:36
pokolialexbodn: hi, yes I'm here :)10:36
alexbodnhow are you?10:36
alexbodnmy mission is fulfilled :)10:37
pokolialexbodn: I'm testing some tryton regression ;) but well thanks. And you?10:39
pokolialexbodn: I saw you ran a test suite10:39
alexbodngood thanks10:39
pokolialexbodn: which version are you working on?10:39
alexbodni made the required patch and test for default and 4.0. but i ran the test on 4.0 only10:41
alexbodntest ran on sqlite and pg10:42
pokolialexbodn: sorry I do not rember, which issue are you talking about?10:42
alexbodntryton-admin install modules with their dependencies.10:43
alexbodnyou asked me to prepare a pr10:43
pokolialexbodn: well, we don't accept PR, have a look at the how to contribute:
pokolialexbodn: I can add you as contributor for so you can modify the patch10:45
pokolialexbodn: can I have a look at your code?10:46
alexbodnof course you can, pokoli10:46
alexbodni have cloned trytond in bitbucket (but forgot to fork). how can i make a patch?10:47
pokolialexbodn: if you are using mercurial, I will recomend hgreview10:49
alexbodnlet me read10:53
alexbodnpokoli, i'd like to submit my modification to the patch10:53
pokolialexbodn: then patch owner have to add you as contributor10:54
pokolialexbodn: you're a lucky guy, as I'm the patch owner10:54
alexbodnknew it ;)10:55
pokolialexbodn: I need your email (the one you use in rietvield) in order to do it10:55
alexbodnah, just a moment, thought bitbucket.11:01
alexbodni don't have a rietveld account yet. let me check first11:01
alexbodnpokoli, in rietveld i'm alexbodn@gmail.com11:04
pokolialexbodn: added you as collaborator11:05
pokolialexbodn: you should be able to modify the issue on rietvield11:05
alexbodnpokoli, could you please initiate me on how to export a patch from the hg up to submitting it ro rietveld?11:07
pokolialexbodn: have you installed hgreview?11:07
alexbodnright now11:07
alexbodnpokoli hgreview installed11:09
pokolialexbodn: so no you have to configure it as explained on the how-to-contribute11:12
pokolialexbodn: and then get the review, modify and upload11:13
pokolialexbodn: it's all explained on the how to contribute11:13
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csoteloHello coders, I have and issue with this url module on the file. Module doesnt install into tryton/modules path, the is :
pokolicsotelo: I don't see any issue11:26
alexbodnpokoli, i have already committed the patches. how should i proceed? may also submit per release patches?11:28
pokolicsotelo: btw, don't use trytond as prefix. It's reserved for oficial modules11:29
pokolialexbodn: you don't have to commit them. Use use before-commit codereview11:29
pokolialexbodn: but If you push them to your bitbucket fork, i can review them11:29
pokolialexbodn: we only accept patches for latests development version11:30
alexbodnpokoli, i have 4 patches: 2 for 4.0 and 2 for default11:30
pokolialexbodn: so lets center on default and forget about 4.011:31
pokolialexbodn: which patches?11:31
alexbodnone for fixing/backporting the password parameter to trytond-admin, and the second for the dependency handling, inc testing it11:33
csotelopokoli, about prefix, nice to know that11:54
csotelopokoli, when I do python install, it installs into egg path no into tryton/modules path11:55
pokolialexbodn: there is no need to backport on default :)11:55
pokolicsotelo: and what's the problem? trytond will read module definition from there11:55
csotelopokoli, this is righty, but module is not installed on tryton/module as I could see on other modeules. Let me create a paste bin with the paths11:58
pokolicsotelo: I know what you mean, but there is no problem about the paths11:59
pokolicsotelo: if the module is installed as python module, trytond is able to know about it11:59
csotelohmmm, ok.. then.. why when I install other python module, it is set into trytond/modules path? probably I am wrong, but my "package_" definitions on points to trytond/modules path12:01
pokolicsotelo: IIRC each module is installed on it's own path12:03
pokolicsotelo: but I don't understand why you worry about that. Do you have any issue?12:03
csotelopokoli, I have no try to test it on tryton, I just was testing the paths... and since i have found it, then I get worried12:04
csotelolet me try to chec it12:04
alexbodnpokoli, indeed. default needs a patch for password parameter.12:16
alexbodnmy repository is a clone of original trytond on bitbucket. how could i connect it to my fork, instead?12:18
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pokolialexbodn: don't understand. What do you mean by connect it to my fork?13:17
pokolialexbodn: can you share your repos URL?13:17
pokolialexbodn: which patch for password parameter are we talking about? Where is the issue?13:17
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LordVancedk, the gentoo ebuilds seem to be missing some dep .. i just tried to check a vat number through VIES and got this error: ImportError: No module named pysimplesoap.client14:38
LordVanafter installing vatnumber with USE=vies it works ok14:38
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LordVanwhen i create a sale / offer  and add a position .. why is my delivery date greyed out there?14:56
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andrespolitihello! do you know a method of scanning qr codes from Sao?15:00
LordVanWhat do i need to configure/set up to be able to mark a product as saleable ? I get the error "Account Revenue" is required15:16
LordVanah .. seems i need an account category15:16
LordVan.. the error message was not too helpful :P15:16
pokoliandrespoliti: you should look for some js library like
pokoliandrespoliti: and then add it as sao plugin15:22
pokoliLordVan: account category or revenue account set for product template15:22
alexbodnpokoli, i cloned your repository locally. i think i can post both patches to review.15:23
andrespolitipokoli: how do i add it as a plugin?15:25
pokolialexbodn: which repository?15:25
pokoliandrespoliti: you should include you code in the index.html and extend sao to call it15:26
pokoliandrespoliti: what are you trying to achieve?15:26
LordVanpokoli, yeah i just created a dummy category15:27
andrespolitipokoli: we want to be able to scan a qr code to open a record in tryton15:27
alexbodnpokoli, i've cloned
LordVannow i am stuck on something else .. when trying to save the sale i want to create i get an error message that i hae to select a company .. but for some reason that is greyed out15:28
LordVanmy test data needs sorting haha15:28
LordVanor some glitch maybe i shall re-try15:28
LordVanpokoli, i was just confused, since i do not intend to use the accounting /b ook keeping module but apparently i still need some basic setup for sales - or can i disable that somehow?15:29
LordVanhow come i get an error for missing permissions with the admin user?15:31
LordVandoes the admin by default not have all permissions? - including making a sale15:31
pokoliandrespoliti: then you should probably create a new widget type for the qr scanner and add it to a wizard, which opens the record15:32
pokolialexbodn: and where do you uploaded your changes?15:33
pokoliLordVan: you should create a minimal chart of accounts, and set the default accounts for products from accounting configuration15:33
pokoliLordVan: once you have the defaults set, everything will work as expected15:33
LordVanpokoli, now if i had even the slightes clue what minimal accounts are ^^15:33
andrespolitipokoli: i have never modified sao. Do you know where should i look to create a new widget?15:34
pokoliLordVan: yes admin have all permisions, but maybe you are by passing an access rule due to the company field15:34
LordVanpokoli, i just created a dummy company15:34
LordVanah wait15:34
LordVanmaybe i failed there15:34
LordVanor maybe not15:35
LordVancomplains about sale.sale15:35
pokoliandrespoliti: you should probably extend this method:
LordVanpokoli, is there a list of minimal requirements of data to set up to do test-sales?15:37
pokoliandrespoliti: but take care, that if you are using both sao and tryton, you should create the widget for both clients15:37
pokoliLordVan: may I see the full traceback? try runing the client with -d flag15:38
andrespolitipokoli: yes, the client will only use sao15:38
LordVanpokoli, well i am using sao and/or the windows tryton client (unfortunately) not sure how to do the -d there15:38
andrespolitipokoli: thank you!15:39
pokoliLordVan: On server side you can use the --dev flag to log errors :)15:39
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pokoliandrespoliti: you're welcome, will be great if you can share your progress :)15:40
LordVanhmm how can i delete a company i created to test ..15:41
LordVani do not find a delete button15:41
andrespolitipokoli: yes, we will propose it and see if management gives us the time to do it :)15:42
pokoliLordVan: use the delete option from the toolbar:
LordVanpokoli, i would15:45
LordVanif i had that button15:45
LordVani only have new, save, switch view, reload then previous, next, ..15:45
LordVan(as admin)15:45
pokoliLordVan: use the icon on the left to open the full list of options15:46
pokoliLordVan: if using sao, you should click on the model name to open the list options15:50
savumiesI'm customizing tryton for a dance school and have created some modules already. Now I'm wondering how should I integrate the accounting part to it.15:52
savumiesEg. how to add payments for enrollment and monthly fees15:53
savumiesAnd also my client is not doing official accounting on the system thy just want to track incomes and expenses by categories, basically. Any suggestions?15:55
LordVanpokoli, ah! hidden so it can'T be pressed by accident?15:55
LordVanthanks :915:55
pokoliLordVan: not hidden, but it's not one of the day to day operations you do on a record15:56
pokolisavumies: you should probably look at the sale_subscription module for monthly fees15:57
pokolisavumies: and for managing payments we have the account_payment module15:57
pokolisavumies: we have the accounting integrated, so once you start doing invoice you will have the accounting for free15:57
LordVanpokoli, point taken15:58
LordVanstill tryingt o figure out why admin doesn't have permission though15:58
pokoliLordVan: it should have16:01
pokoliLordVan: do you use some third-party module or have you customized model accesses?16:01
LordVanno had no time yet to do any of that16:03
LordVani just put some test data in and looked into data migration16:03
LordVani have like 3 parties in the system and 1 company16:03
LordVan2 articles16:03
cedkLordVan: I guess your user is not linked to the company16:04
savumiespokoli: Thanks. Maybe i'm missing something but the workflow of sales, invoicing and payment seems quite complex, as only one person will enter this information. It should be really simple and quick to add a payment.16:06
pokolisavumies: on tryton, payments are entered after posting the invoice16:07
pokolisavumies: so you can think about a extension of the invoicing workflow16:07
LordVancedk, well i can't remember doing such a thing .. i shall look where to set that16:08
savumiespokoli: Thanks, i'll look into that.16:12
LordVani am considering starting with a fresh db again ^^16:14
LordVanwell thanks anyway so far i shall be back (gtg for the moment)16:14
pokoliLordVan: when you start a new db it asks you to create a company16:14
LordVanbut it did not show that one in my dropdown for company on a sale16:16
LordVani just deleted all and created it fresh16:16
LordVannow ti shows16:16
LordVananyway i had some problems to start wtih16:17
LordVanso maybe i will reset the db16:17
LordVan ^^16:17
LordVanis there some wy to clear it or shall i just drop all the tables and re-create with trytond-admin?16:17
pokoliLordVan: drop and create is the easiet option16:19
LordVani shall do that later ;)16:19
LordVangot to go out a bit now16:19
LordVani shall do it before .. got anozhterh 10 mins16:20
LordVannote to self: dropdb & createdb is *a lot* easier tahn clearing all tables, sequences,.. ^^16:26
LordVanwell re-created db fresh :d16:27
LordVani feel better now haha - i shall test when i am back. cya16:27
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cedkkstenger: no prefix in commit message17:37
kstengercedk: ah, yeah, sorry, forgot that18:11
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