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alexbodngood morning09:05
alexbodni wish to open an issue with a patch, but don't understand upload.py09:08
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pokolialexbodn: you can open the issue and attach the patch latter :)09:16
alexbodnhey pokoli, how are you?09:16
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pokolialexbodn: I'm fine and you?09:20
alexbodnfine too pokoli, thanks :). wish you a good day09:21
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pokolihi, there is some way to test user_application methods?09:58
alexbodnpokoli: create issue points here:
pokolialexbodn: I use to integrate it in mercurial10:16
alexbodnpokoli i found no issue is a new issue. if i set --rev, will the patch of this rev be sent?10:31
pokolialexbodn: everything is explained on:
alexbodnpokoli, it's again. why not hgreview?10:38
pokolialexbodn: you have to install and configure hgreview if you want to use it10:40
pokolialexbodn: i personally use hgreview, and I will recomend you it10:40
alexbodnpokoli i did install and configure hgreview as described on rietveld.10:41
alexbodnmy questions were about hgreview10:42
alexbodnpokoli i found no issue is a new issue. if i set --rev, will the patch of this rev be sent?10:42
alexbodnin hgreview10:42
pokolialexbodn: no, only uncommited patches are sent11:11
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csotelodear coders, after update tryton modules on 3.8 version, I have gotten this error, my account invoice module is 3.8.512:36
csoteloany suggest12:36
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alexbodnpokoli, so all uncommitted changes, or only added files? pardon please my ignorance, hopefully temporary ;)13:45
pokolialexbodn: file modifications and new added files13:51
pokolialexbodn: the same files that will be commited when executing hg commit :)13:51
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alexbodnthanks i'm running it now14:02
LordVanpokoli, after recreation of my db i now have the basic accounting stuff - it asked me to create one so i created minimal german one)14:08
LordVanwould there have been a way to re-run that wizard without that?14:09
pokoliLordVan: what do you mean without that?14:10
LordVanwithout re-creating the db14:10
LordVani mean14:10
pokoliLordVan: yes, from the Account -> Configuration -> Templates -> Create Chart of accounts14:12
LordVangood to know - for future reference14:13
pokoliLordVan: but it does not make sense to create multiple times as it will cause duplicate information14:13
LordVanwell it does if you cancelled it the first time by accident ;)14:13
LordVanand had no accounts at all14:13
alexbodnpokoli hgreview is failing:14:14
alexbodnhg review -m "--password argument to trytond-admin"14:14
alexbodn** Unknown exception encountered with possibly-broken third-party extension hgreview14:14
alexbodn** which supports versions 3.2 of Mercurial.14:14
alexbodn** Please disable hgreview and try your action again.14:14
alexbodn** If that fixes the bug please report it to
alexbodn** Python 2.7.9 (default, Aug 13 2016, 16:41:35) [GCC 4.9.2]14:14
alexbodn** Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 4.1.1)14:14
alexbodn** Extensions loaded: hgnested, strip, hgreview14:14
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LordVanpretty sure that was the issue i had with sales ;) -- will test asap, but i gotta do some CAD now14:14
pokoliLordVan: probably that was the issue14:16
pokolialexbodn: please use some paste service14:17
pokolialexbodn: try with an older mercurial version. Using 3.5 works for me14:17
alexbodnok, pokoli, sorry14:17
alexbodnbut will hg 3 support my already present repositories?14:18
Timitosalexbodn: normally hgreview should also work with mercurial > 414:22
alexbodnTimitos: it raised an exception. maybe i didn't use it right? hg review -m "--password argument to trytond-admin"14:24
alexbodni see i need a repository that has code review enabled. is it something to do manually?14:30
mrichezalexbodn: did you add hgreview extension in your .hgrc ?14:36
alexbodnyes mrichez14:37
mrichezalexbodn: strange, i'm using mercurial 4.0-1 and working for me14:38
mrichezalexbodn: which version of hgreview are you using ?14:40
alexbodnmrichez, it's queer14:42
alexbodnmrichez hgreview 0.414:43
mrichezoki latest...14:43
mrichezalexbodn: did you install mercurial with pip ?14:49
alexbodnmrichez, could you show your ~/.hgrc [extensions]?14:52
alexbodnsame for me.14:54
alexbodnis it something to enable in the repository?14:55
mricheztry with a new virtualenv, pip install hgreview, clone module you want to patch and retry15:00
alexbodnthanks mrichez15:04
alexbodnis it a method to open an issue, and pass a patch later?15:05
mrichezyou open your issue here :
mrichezthen you upload your patch with hg review (first line of description is "module_name:patch description", second line is "issueXXXXXX"15:13
pokolialexbodn: have you configured hgreview on ~/.hgrc ?15:16
alexbodnindeed, pokoli15:18
alexbodnpokoli, i expect most of my work will be on version 4.0, so it will be better to send my reports as an user. may i please send you these 2 patches so that you can test and finally commit your patch?15:27
pokolialexbodn: of course, feel free to upload them somewhere and paste the link here :)15:28
alexbodnmay i attach to an email?15:28
pokolialexbodn: I think it's better on a issue, so others can view also15:30
alexbodnah, pokoli, you already have that patch. it's only a patch to your patch. put it on the same place, under your name :)15:32
pokolialexbodn: so attach it to the issue with the comments15:34
alexbodnwell , my father went to hospital, so i'd rather do it before i'll go. so your patch will be testable ;). sorry, pokoli15:37
alexbodnbtw, could you accept my file transfer? 2 very small files15:38
pokolialexbodn: ohhh, sorry. I wish it is nothing serious15:39
alexbodnit always is, the care giver took him to the hosp. i'll have to join in a couple hours :(15:40
alexbodnbye for now friends15:40
LordVani still cannot pick a delivery date for each position on a sale16:01
LordVanis there something i need to activate for that?16:01
pokoliLordVan: delivery date is computed taking in account sale date and product lead_time16:02
LordVanpokoli, but i need to be able to specify it for each16:04
LordVanlike position one is for delivery next week and pos2 for thursday this week16:04
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andrespolitihello! is there a way of restricting the type of input in a char widget? I need the field to be char but only allow numbers in the form16:05
pokoliLordVan: then you should probably use this module:
pokoliLordVan: but I understand that what you want to introduce is the customer request date, that may be diferent from the real one16:06
pokoliandrespoliti: use a functional field with fields.Integer that saves to the real char field16:07
LordVanpokoli, yes i need the customer requested delivery date in there16:07
LordVanhmm that module is not in the gentoo overlay16:07
LordVanACTION looks at the link16:07
andrespolitipokoli: is that available in 4.0?16:08
LordVanpokoli, if i understand this right that module will just make the field editable so i can set what the customer wants right?16:10
pokoliLordVan: that module is a third party module, you should ask the developers to produce a gento build (or build it yourself)16:11
pokoliLordVan: yes16:11
pokoliLordVan: but if you want to track both dates, you can develop a module that adds the new field16:11
LordVanhmm i might do that16:12
LordVanthanks for the link16:13
LordVani will look at it later but gotta go now ;)16:13
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andrespolitihello, i'm trying to define a new widget type qr for Sao that will use jsqrcode to scan qr codes and search records16:21
andrespolitii defined it in form.js, form.rng, added the dependency to jsqrcode in bower.json and loaded the scripts in index.html16:23
andrespolitibut when i try to open a form that contains the newly defined widget type, it doesn't work. It keeps showing "Processing..."16:27
andrespolitii defined it in form.js by copying another widget definition and change the name, for testing purposes16:28
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xcodinasandrespoliti: Did you check the browser console?16:32
andrespolitiUncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'attr' of undefined16:33
xcodinasandrespoliti: That's why it keeps showing Processing16:34
andrespolitixcodinas: thanks! it was old code, i needed to refresh cache16:38
kstengerFor the error shown above by alexbodn on hg review on newer hg versions I have made a patch that should solve it. The pull request is there, but it could be underexplained or undertested, maybe if it's tested enough it can get to be applied by nicoe ;-) I've been using it for some time now
kstengerI use hg --version 4.1.316:45
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