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myself21hello i am on a testing container and i see some fields 2 times, what i did wrong ?20:15
cedkmyself21: what do you mean?20:34
cedkmyself21: looks like you created twice a chart of account20:38
myself21i have the module account and account_es20:38
myself21should i remove the default one ?20:39
cedkmyself21: no but you have run the "create chart of account" twice20:40
myself21i am somewhat lost because i dont remember running it once20:41
cedkmyself21: indeed I do not know what you ar showing20:43
cedkmyself21: maybe it is the templates so it may be normal to have duplicates as I know there are two charts in Spain20:44
myself21how do i delete one chart account20:48
myself21cedk i notice that also products are also duplicate so is a account no ?21:06
myself21ok i see that on accounts is have a double entry21:11
myself21i see the both entry have a 0 code, the code should be unique no ?21:11
cedkmyself21: you can not really delete chart of account21:20
myself21so i need to delte de database21:23
cedkmyself21: probably the easiest21:24
myself21how do i avoid duplicating the account ?21:24
cedkmyself21: run the create chart wizard only one times21:29
cedkI filled
myself21yea i need to figure out what is that wizzard21:30
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cedkmyself21: it is run when account* module is installed21:51
cedkmyself21: or from Accounting>Configuration>Accounts21:52
myself21i know where it was the problem21:53
myself21ping pokoli21:53
myself21during the account setup there is a dialog that as for company name and the tax plan21:54
myself21given that the account is setup before the company is setup the drop down  dont allow u to pick anything because there is no company21:55
myself21so i went back to the wizzard set the status from done to open and run the wizzard again21:56
myself21Administration┬╗ Modules┬╗Modules21:58
cedkmyself21: for me, the company wizard is run before the account21:58
myself21for that reason i did ping pokoli because we did chat about this on tryton-es channel21:59
myself21under that dialog is accounts22:00
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fran_Hi. I need to make a raise_user_warning, but I can't22:28
fran_I try to reproduce it like an raise_user_error, but not working22:28
fran_Sorry, I just make it work. Thanks anyway22:32
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myself21anyone know how to deal with inline discounts ?22:58
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