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myself21hello, does anyone know how to deal with invoices where VAT is included in the price ?08:48
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LiberTangois there a book to learn Tryton Framework ?13:40
LiberTangolike odoo Development Cookbook ?13:41
cedkLiberTango: I'm not aware of13:41
cedkLiberTango: but this may help:
LiberTangothank you13:42
LiberTangois the odoo new API a clone of tryton api ?13:42
LiberTangosince V8 ?13:42
cedkLiberTango: no, Tryton follow ActiveRecord pattern13:44
cedkLiberTango: it is more object oriented13:44
LiberTangoNice choice13:45
cedkLiberTango: but we still have the CRUD API for lower level13:46
myself21cedk how i deal with invoices that have the VAT in the price ?13:59
myself21the perfect example is car fuel14:00
cedkmyself21: what do you mean?14:02
cedkmyself21: normally you should have also price without VAT14:08
myself21well all gas prices have the vat placed here in spain14:16
cedkmyself21: I do not understand14:34
myself21cedk check your PM i show you some examples14:35
cedkmyself21: complain about your supplier that it is not a valid invoice if you do not have VAT details14:36
myself21it has14:36
myself21and i cant complain about highway tolls thats literally the government14:37
cedkmyself21: so no problem14:37
myself21yes but i cant input that on tryton it fails to sum up the numbers14:38
cedkmyself21: edit the field to have the right numbers14:38
myself21so the user need to be invoice admin ?14:39
myself21i mean on permissions14:39
cedkmyself21: I do not understand14:39
cedkmyself21: edit the invoice to be as your paper invoice14:39
myself21the user cant edit the amout
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cedkmyself21: put a quantity of 1 and a unit price of what you want15:09
myself21i will ask pokoli about how to sum IEH15:15
cedkmyself21: what is IEH?15:23
myself21is a spanish healthcare tax that vary from region to region on car fuel that some times it give reimbursed and something is not15:27
cedkmyself21: this sounds again like a complex Spanish taxes15:28
myself21cedk for that reason i need to keep track of every invoice line and cant put just the total + vat = total invoice15:29
cedkmyself21: sounds like a crazy buracratic stuffs15:29
cedkmyself21: any way, just create a tax for each specific case15:30
cedkmyself21: what will be the problem to have a tax for each case?15:38
myself21cedk is there anyway to edit total amount on a invoice ? because all the rounding the math dont adds up placing 1 quantity is not a viable solution16:50
cedkmyself21: it is wrong, you have to have to the unit price16:52
cedkmyself21: and you said that you have all the information16:52
cedkmyself21: and it will be the same problem if you enter the total amount, you still have to ensure the same tax computation and so the same unit price16:53
myself21that is a issues if the fields affect each other if they are just entry in the db where there is no math involved there is no issue16:54
cedkmyself21: I do not understand16:55
myself21for example in excel u put the total in a cell16:55
myself21then in the next cell u dont put = cell1/1,21 u simply put the vat number16:56
cedkmyself21: this is not excel but an ERP16:56
cedkmyself21: it generates accounting which requires to have proper information16:56
myself21the proper info comes in PDF16:57
myself21and so far is ignoring math16:57
cedkmyself21: you can not ignore math16:58
cedkany way, I do not see why you can not enter the data16:58
myself21because i need to keep track of the amounts16:59
myself21the about of product used i mean16:59
cedkmyself21: do not understand16:59
myself21in car fuel the date come with 2 digits rounding 3 and even 417:00
myself21i need to event the most precise about to know the use of fuel per trip per km etc17:00
cedkmyself21: do not understand17:01
myself21what u dont udestand ?17:01
cedkmyself21: the English17:01
myself21in PM i send u a sample to see what i am talking about17:01
cedkmyself21: I do not understand what that means17:02
myself21i have quantity x price = total17:02
cedkmyself21: you can enter taht17:03
myself21every one of those 3 data points have random rounding to 2 3 or 4 digits17:03
cedkmyself21: enter quantity and price final point17:04
myself21then i cant compute the expense per trip17:06
cedkmyself21: what are you talking about?17:06
cedkmyself21: what is your goal? Is it not to enter the *invoice*17:06
myself21to put it on analytical account and track expenses for trip and KM17:08
cedkmyself21: What? first time you are talking about analytic17:09
cedkmyself21: so just put the analytic account on the line or put it later on the move17:09
myself21let me read the doc again because i lost you there17:11
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