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rmuhi. i have a question regarding account_invoice_stock and stock_split. seems splitting stock moves removes association to invoice lines.16:40
rmu and suggest this is more or less deliberate16:41
rmunot completely sure what16:42
rmuhmm. maybe my problem is somewhere else, i overlooked the "setdefault"16:44
cedkrmu: indeed split should keep the invoice_lines links16:54
rmucedk: yes, I see that now, but somehow my links are lost when I split stock moves and assigning LOTs16:57
cedkrmu: as I said, it is a bug17:02
rmucedk: I think it has to do with the specific workflow. I split the inventory move, assign lots, and then assign .... the shipment17:04
rmucedk: it seems sync_inventory_to_outgoing doesn't care for the link to invoice lines17:06
cedkrmu: I think you need to report an issue with a proper scenario to reproduce the problem17:21
rmucedk: yeah, i try to further isolate the problem and submit an issue17:22
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andrespolitii'm trying to create a report that prints a list of invoices, but i only get the first selected18:15
andrespolitii'm in 4.0, and i see the InvoiceReport class, in the method _get_records it discards all ids except the first18:15
andrespolitiwhy is that?18:15
cedkandrespoliti: because invoice report is stored and so it should contain only one invoice at a time18:21
andrespoliticedk: okey, how could i print a list of invoices? if i create a custom invoice report class, it would have to inherit from the parent, and i would have the same problem18:22
cedkandrespoliti: you can not really do it18:23
cedkandrespoliti: but if you request to print many invoices, the client will propose you to send them directly to the printer18:24
andrespoliticedk: that's through the wizard?18:24
cedkandrespoliti: not it is managed by the report18:25
cedkACTION bbl18:25
andrespoliticedk: i think that solution wouldn't really work because it would print a page for each invoice, but i need just a basic list of invoice number and supplier18:26
andrespolitiand state18:26
cedkandrespoliti: so create a new report18:26
cedkandrespoliti: and you probably do not need to print it18:27
andrespolitia new report class?18:27
andrespolitibut wouldn't the new report class have to inherit from InvoiceReport?18:27
andrespolitior i can make it inherit directly from Invoice?18:28
andrespoliticedk: i created a new InvoiceListReport(Report) class, but it still calls InvoiceReport when i execute the report18:37
andrespoliticedk: it's working, i had to restart the client too, maybe it was a cache thing18:47
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rmuseems i misunderstood the "default" parameter in the copy method, I assumed those values only apply where the to-be-copied-from object contains None/NULL values19:30
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