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ArtemHello. Just wondering - is there any way to delete an account from the list of accounts in Finance-Configuration-Accounts in the SAO client? There are no account moves neither parties linked to this account. Thanks09:02
cedkArtem: so probably otherwise you can just deactivate it09:02
Artemcedk: thanks, will use deactivate option for the non-required account.10:02
rmucedk: re. issue7152, should I create a second issue? there are 2 situations with similar outcome10:02
rmucedk: first is: split _outgoing_ move on shipment, that removes the link to invoice lines of draft invoice10:02
rmucedk: second is: split _inventory_ move on shipment, that eventually also removes the link to invoice lines, but the mechanism is different10:02
cedkrmu: no I already explained what is the problem10:02
cedkrmu: it is the same problem10:02
rmucedk: ok nevermind.10:02
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rmucedk: if I understand correctly, the move-copies in stock_split and stock_lot and potentially other modules should be wrapped in something like "with Transaction().set_context(somekeyword=True)" and move.copy in account_invoice_stock will use check Transaction().context.get('somekeyword') to prevent the setdefault('invoice_lines', None)11:02
cedkrmu: yes11:02
cedkand even, I'm wondering if we should not have a specific method for such copy call11:02
rmusomething like "create_sibling"?11:02
cedkrmu: yes but a better name11:02
cedkindeed split would have been great but it is already taken by stock_split12:02
rmuis it not possible to rename method in stock_split?12:02
cedkrmu: why?12:02
rmubut name like split or divide would imply that sum(quantity) before split is sum(quantity) after split12:02
rmucedk: because it would be better name? *g*12:02
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cedkrmu: the usage that must be fixed, implies this equality12:02
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