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pokoliI'm wondering why the read method is overriden on ModelField:
cedkpokoli: to show the right translation10:20
pokolicedk: this is required because the fields have lazy loading?10:22
cedkpokoli: no because it is not a standard translation10:27
pokolicedk: right. Thanks for the explanation10:28
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sisalphello, how does direct print work on windows instead of downloading pdf? does it work over internet?11:34
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cedksisalp: it use the 'print' command from windows11:54
sisalpcedk: done sao and tryton client ?12:15
cedksisalp: I do not understand12:16
sisalpI mean the server trytond doesn't print, there is something in sao and tryton-client which uses this print command. correct ?12:18
pokolisisalp: yes, the tryton client is which is printing (I think direct print is not implemented on sao)12:27
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hedererjsI have an OpenERP v5 and an OpenERP v6 to migrate to tryton15:13
hedererjsis openerp2tryton the best solution to use to migrate?15:13
cedkhedererjs: are you talking of ?15:18
cedkhedererjs: we did some migration with it15:20
cedkhedererjs: but it is more a base to start from than a ready to use script15:20
cedkthere are some choices to make about what to migrate or not etc.15:20
hedererjsgood for openerp v6 and v5?15:21
cedkxcodinas: do not you mind if I continue and refresh
cedkhedererjs: I think it was only v6 and v715:21
xcodinascedk: go with it :)15:22
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Faustonoirhello there16:35
Faustonoiri'm a total newbie, i'm pleased to meet you16:35
nicoeHello Faustonoir16:47
Faustonoirhello, nicoe. English is not my native language, so i hope you all excuse my english...16:55
nicoeFaustonoir: np, there are also channels in french, spanish and german (I think) although the english once is the most responsive one16:57
Faustonoiri'm having a problem with a tryton-Gnuhealth server i'm customizing... I've made some menu-items using te admin user and... my users can view and use them... but i can't find those items and window-actions using admin... I suppose i've restricted my own rights, but i don't know how or how to fix this...17:00
Faustonoirobviously, it's a test server, not a production one...17:01
nicoeFaustonoir: Administration > User Interface > Menu is the path to find your menus17:16
FaustonoirDone. They are not there... No way... I can create new menu items, but i can't touch the old ones17:35
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Faustonoirgreetings, giesen18:06
nicoeFaustonoir: You can not edit menuitems that comes from the XML definitions in the modules18:16
nicoeFaustonoir: But those that you created should be there18:16
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