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mrichezhi, just updated all the modules to tip, got this error : 'psycopg2.ProgrammingError: relation "party_category_name_parent_exclude" already exists' seems linked to this issue
mrichezdeleted manually the constraint -> ok, but when reloading module once again with tryton-admin; it tries to recreate constraint and raise an error09:55
_2cadzmrichez: same issue here :-)10:01
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mrichez_2cadz: Created issue:
_2cadzmrichez: Thanks10:13
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sisalppokoli: thank you for your answer yesterday. It was relevent.10:40
sisalppokoli: do you work for Nantic or separate ?10:40
pokolisisalp: I leaved nantic on April 2016. So nearly two years since we separate10:44
sisalppokoli: today you are self-employed ?11:45
pokolisisalp: I'm working on another company12:24
pokolisisalp: but still working on tryton12:24
cedkpokoli: hi, I'm wondering if we could not make a videocall to talk about account_es13:10
cedkI would like to review the chart, the taxes and understand them13:11
pokolicedk: ok, from my side. I'm available this afternoon13:13
cedkpokoli: I still need to lunch but I ping you after13:13
pokolicedk: I need to lunch also :)13:14
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cedkpokoli: I'm ready14:05
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pokolicedk: me too14:18
mrichezQuestion about moves: when creating a new move with a "storage location" as from_location, assignation is required but "assign" button is invisible (and "do" button is readlony) so can't go on, bug ?14:33
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perillacedk: sorry for the noise review of count on list view ->
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perillacedk: I tried to put badge on center
perillacedk: and tried to put on left
perillacedk: but I don't understand in which part should be added the badge, can you explain me?15:07
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xcodinasperilla: Maybe next to the title? that will make the toolbar keep the same height15:20
perillaxcodinas: cedk suggest put on center
cedkxcodinas perilla: I think it should have a fixed position so it can not be close to text which changes15:34
cedkperilla: for center, it should be on the same line15:35
xcodinaslike ?15:35
cedkxcodinas: better but how does it work when the size increase ?15:47
cedkxcodinas: and in small screen ?15:47
cedkxcodinas: i meaned the size of the screen15:52
cedkxcodinas: is the counter stick to the toolbar or does it stay in the middle15:53
perillaxcodinas: what about small screen like
xcodinascedk: It's stick to the nav-right so it doesn't stay on the middle :/15:55
cedkxcodinas: so this means that on xs it is on the second line instead of the first?15:55
xcodinascedk: yes it doesn't fit well on xs :/15:56
cedkxcodinas: what about pulling to the right inside the navbar-left navbar?16:09
xcodinascedk: Already tried,
cedkxcodinas: what about having it between < > like in one2many ?16:17
cedkindeed the comment is for perilla16:21
perillacedk: like this?
cedkperilla: no, I mean inside the toolbar between < and >16:27
perillacedk: ok, sorry, I will try16:27
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andrespolitiis there a way of forcing the recalculation of an invoice amount? i have a wizard in invoice that adds lines, but when the wizard finishes, the new lines are created but the amounts remains at 019:44
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