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mrichezhi, is it possible to update data loaded by xml (like country list) with another xml file (xpath ?). In my case it's to add a continent field on the country, there's a list with the country code with associated continent and i would avoid to do it manually. Thanks for help!14:04
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pokolimrichez: yes it's possible, you just have to create a xml record referencing the id of parent module and setting your field value15:04
pokolimrichez: here is an example:
mrichezpokoli: ok, thanks for the example :-)15:04
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mrichezpokoli: Working great! Here's the module if anyone interested in:
cedkmrichez: you can announce on
mrichezcedk: ok17:04
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prakashpandeywhy cannot a view type location can be parent of warehouse?17:04
cedkprakashpandey: because warehouse is used as roots for document like sale17:04
prakashpandeycedk: I have a use case of global inventory, where I want to use a view type location and se consolidated inventory from child warehouses17:04
prakashpandeyhow can achieve this17:04
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cedkprakashpandey: create a specific view17:04
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parvizhi all18:04
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parvizi have problam to install sao,18:04
parvizsomeone can guide me ?18:04
cedkparviz: please explain what is your problem?18:04
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parvizi succeeded tody to clone all hg.tryton.org18:04
parvizand install trytond server 4.7 on sorce18:04
parvizi also followed the instruction for installing sao18:04
cedkparviz: 4.7 was the development version, it is always changing18:04
parvizle I need to install version 4.6.3 ?19:04
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cedkparviz: I do not know, what is your goal?19:04
parvizi want to deploy and contribute tryton in Persian19:04
parvizand improved Right to left env19:04
parvizBoth the Tryton Client and the web Client19:04
parvizuntil today i was busy translating tryton documents19:04
cedkparviz: OK so you need the development version19:04
cedkparviz: so what is the problem?19:04
parvizin the sao directory grunt not work19:04
parviznodejs 8.11.1 & npm 5.8 & bower 1.8.4 & grunt-cli@1.2.0 & is installed too19:04
cedkparviz: what does it mean "grunt not work"?19:04
parvizcedk: when i want to install sao19:04
parvizand after npm install19:04
parvizwhen i execute grunt19:04
parvizcommand aborted with error : Warning: Error compiling src/sao.less Use --force to continue19:04
parvizI serched for solution to this problem19:04
cedkparviz: strange never see that19:04
cedkparviz: it looks like an issue with the less version19:04
parvizI even found in the Tryton Google group in franch19:04
parvizbut unfortantely, I did not end up :(19:04
parvizexactly the problem is lees version19:04
cedkparviz: try manually to compile the less file to get more information about the error19:04
parvizcedk: although i do not know how? but however i try19:04
parvizdear cedk thanks alot for your time19:04
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pokolicedk: do you plan to create docker images for 4.8 today (I can do it if you haven't planed it)20:04
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cedkpokoli: I have the patch already21:04
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