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pokoliI've got a bad gateway error on demo5.0.tryton.org08:58
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andrespolitigood morning, i'm having a problem and i wonder if anyone already had the same: only when debugging trytond (not when running normally) in pycharm 2018.2.4, i get this error: "Exception RuntimeError: 'maximum recursion depth exceeded in __subclasscheck__' in <object repr() failed> ignored"  and after that, the debugger doesn't stop in any more breakpoints. It stops normally in the breakpoints before the error happens, and I don't use recursive12:45
andrespolitifunctions nowhere in the code. I tried checking the "collect run-time types...", "gevent compatible" and "pyQT compatible" checks in the python debugger settings and clear caches, i invalidated cache from the file menu, and nothing worked12:45
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pokoliandrespoliti: maybe there is an issue on pycharm13:08
pokoliandrespoliti: I usually use pdb to debug tryton and it works as expected13:08
pokolinever seen any similar error :ยท13:08
andrespolitii tried pycharm 2018.2.3, 2018.2.4, and 2018.3, all show the same behaviour13:10
pokoliACTION bbl13:11
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pokoliandrespoliti: don't now anything about pycharm, but I will suggest that you try pdb or something similar :)14:14
andrespolitipokoli: yes, i'm trying to use pudb14:32
csotelohello community, I have a question related to products15:27
csoteloI have seen that clients and suppliers are not shared by comapanies, but related to products, they will depends on accountant categories, and account depend on a chart by a company, then I have two companies, A and B, and both of them two different account charts, and two users userA and User B fromn each comapny, when the User A gets logged into Tryton, he could see categories and products from Company A and B, how could I just15:32
csotelosee and sell my company prodeucts? thanks15:32
csoteloany suggest please?15:37
cedkcsotelo: do not use multicompany if you are not going to develop it15:42
csotelocedk, I need to use multicompany, but I want to know how to implement that before decide what must I develop15:43
cedkcsotelo: multicompany does not work out of the box for now15:44
csoteloI mean, I need to know what is done and what is no done15:44
csotelocedk, I see15:44
cedkcsotelo: products are shared by default15:44
csotelocedk, one more question, it is just by te filtering, right, since I have seen that I could associate categories to charts account by company, then I could understand are not fully shared, since depend on a category, that depends on a company, but selling is shared, then I need to implement the filteriong on the selling15:46
csoteloor I am wrong15:46
cedkcsotelo: wrong, categories are shared also15:51
cedkcsotelo: they have accounts for each companies15:51
csoteloI just seen15:54
csoteloI start to scare on myself15:55
cedkcsotelo: multicompany is very very very hard15:55
cedkavoid if you can15:55
csotelounfortunately two of my customers requiere multicompnay15:55
csoteloI couldnt avoid that15:56
csoteloI was guessing it was implemented since is possible to add more than one company15:56
csoteloI need a way to solve multicompany with less pain15:57
csotelosharing just providers and suppliers15:57
csotelobut having different chart accounts15:57
csoteloI really start to scare myself15:58
cedkcsotelo: there is multicompany in Tryton but there is no two multicompany setup the same15:58
cedkcompanies that need such stuffs are all doing weird stuffs just for fiscality15:58
cedkthere is no rational in logistics to have multiple companies15:59
cedkso there is not magical solution15:59
csoteloI understand but is someting usual16:00
cedkcsotelo: no there is nothing usual with multicompany16:01
csoteloas exmaple, one of my custommers have two bussiness: heavy machinery and spare parts, then he share suppliers and customers, but he use different setup with different charts account for each company16:02
csoteloI also have something like that My company Connecttix just work with bussiness solutions, but I also have an internet consulting company, same suppliers same customers, but diferent compannies diffrent charts16:03
csoteloI could use two different tryton isntallation16:04
csotelobut I could try just one installation with two different companies setup16:04
csoteloas my custommer16:04
cedkcsotelo: if you share only parties, it does not worse the multicompany cost16:05
csoteloand yes, just only parties16:06
csotelocompanies, categories processes must not be shared16:07
cedkcsotelo: so do not use multicompany16:08
csotelowhat do you suggest? please16:08
cedkcsotelo: 2 trytons16:08
cedkand if you know PG well enough you can try:
csotelocedk, was my initial proposal, use two trytons.. byt my customer say "nmo"16:09
csotelolet me see16:09
cedkcsotelo: Make a very big quotation for multicompany and a normal one without16:14
cedkhe will change his mind16:14
cedkand also you must add extra cost for the maintenance because non standard system are much more expensive to maintain16:15
csoteloyes, I have noticed that16:17
csotelocedk, you are a genious16:17
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csotelocedk, by the way, I have a team focused on localizating tryton for Peru16:25
csoteloand that mnodules are gps16:25
csotelowhen they get full tested I will propose them to the tryton comunity16:25
sisalpbecause sharing customers/suppliers between two tryton is sometimes asked, would it be difficult to develop a kind of party-rsync script on proteus which runs periodically ? and same for product descriptions ?16:36
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pokolisisalp: probably will be easier to create a module that implements:
pokolisisalp: sync scripts are usally hard to maintain17:58
pokolicsotelo: about Peru localization it will be great if you can create a discuss topic to discuss what it's needed for Peru localization and implement it step by step17:59
pokolicsotelo: usually it's easier to review/implement if done step by step, than a very big patch with a lot of features18:00
csotelopokoli, We have alreadyu party_pe, account_pe and account_invoice, now we are working on reports required by tax authority, we are reviewing text reports from account_es, since it is too close to our reports18:00
pokolicsotelo: then you can start working on what you already have, explaining your needs and which desing decisions you have chosen on your module18:11
pokolicsotelo: so we can review them and decide the best way to include on tryton18:11
csotelowe are a team of three coders18:13
csotelothetr just create the disussion , right?18:13
pokolicsotelo: at least the discussion, you can share your code if you want18:16
csoteloyes, it is on a public repo18:16
csoteloquestion, it must be shred on the same repo or on hg tryton?18:18
csoteloI was thinking share it on tryton when it is fuylly tested and finished with reports18:18
pokolicsotelo: about account_pe, for example you can start with the chart of accounts (only xml files)18:20
pokolicsotelo: by start, I proposing the inclusion into tryton18:21
pokolicsotelo: yes, but only the inclusion of the xml data required to create the templates18:21
pokolicsotelo: and then include the other functionalities, as I've seen you have python code18:21
csoteloit is full implemented18:21
pokolicsotelo: on a second step you can add the python code but meanwhile it's not included on base you can have it on a separate module18:22
pokolicsotelo: what does full mean?18:22
csotelosorry I get confused with account_invoice_pe18:22
pokolicsotelo: for party_pe it will be great if you can explain why you require to extend country modules:
csotelothat it has a full peruvian invoicing18:23
pokolicsotelo: normally you don't need to do such things18:23
csoteloI get confused on my response about python code on account_pe18:23
pokolicsotelo: for party_pe you should probably read:
pokolicsotelo: and then create a generic solution that works for most countries18:25
csotelopokoli, about it was done  in order we require a strict structure based on Country / City / province / district, and the mix of that is named ubigeo18:25
csoteloas this line
csotelothat is used on invoicing18:26
csotelothat was the reason   on extends countries18:26
pokolicsotelo: then it should be added when impleminting invoices but not before18:27
pokolicsotelo: the idea is that the party_pe module for tryton should not exist as the party module should be powerfull enougth to work for perivian country18:27
csoteloI was done that on before, but I get into stocks, it also require ubigeo18:27
csotelothat was the reason on create party_pe18:28
pokolicsotelo: The reasoning is easy: Altought I'm based on Spain I should be able to enter on tryton all the data from a peruvian party and validate it's identifier if possible18:29
csoteloon an intial module building country structuire was added on account_invoice_pe18:29
pokolicsotelo: because I've I work for a perivuian company I will be required to enter it's data but I won't have the party_pe module installed18:29
csotelohowever wwhen we need to implement stock, we need again ubigeo18:29
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pokolicsotelo: I don't care about the past, I care about the requirements to be included on Tryton18:30
csotelopokoli, that struture was required progresively18:30
pokoliwhich is normally the future18:30
csotelosome companies start some years ago, and some companies each trhee months18:32
csoteloat marzh 23019 all comapnies must have ubigeo and electronic invoicing full implemented18:32
pokolicsotelo: you have a lot of time until 23019 :P18:33
csotelobut not all the companies uses stock ..18:33
csoteloMarch 2019 :)18:34
pokolicsotelo: tryton 5.2 will be released on April 2019, so if you wan't to have it for 5.2 it's time to start working on it :)18:34
csotelosince no all the companies uses stocks, I take countries to a party_pe module18:34
csotelopokoli, yes, but we are focussing at this moment on 4.2 since gnu health is working with tryton 4.2 and we have two custommers using that versions18:35
csotelothe pkan is having at least minimun full already completed and well validated18:36
csotelowith reports as tax authority required and go up version to version18:36
csotelothat I guess is could be faster18:37
csotelothat I guess iT could be faster*18:37
pokolicsotelo: the process of including to tryton takes some time, so my advice is to talk and discuss with the comunity as much as possible18:39
pokolicsotelo: that will for sure speed up it18:40
pokolicsotelo: you can keep it working on 4.2 will adding the features you have validated on the newer versions18:40
cedkcsotelo: for ubigeo (, you should not create new model but use subdivision as it is a tree18:40
pokolicsotelo: I recommend you starting with the chart of accounts as normally it's regulated an it's the most stable part18:41
cedkthen create a script like trytond_import_zip to complete the subdivision18:41
csotelocedk, yes, I have done that! I have used subdivision and function fields :)18:43
csotelopokoli, ok!18:43
cedkcsotelo: it is not what I see in the link you gave18:48
csotelodo you refer to
csoteloI understand18:54
csotelowell I create model using subdivisions18:54
csotelobut I understand your point of view18:54
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andrespolitihello, is it possible to run 2 trytond servers with the same database?20:42
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