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pokoliandrespoliti: yes, you can run as much as trytond servers as you need for the same database08:11
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sisalppokoli: about sync versus share : a tightly coupled solution is more difficult to maintain than a loosely coupled one.10:11
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pokolisisalp: not sure if a proteus script is a loosely coupled one :)11:11 is giving 502 error again11:11
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csotelohi comunity, I ma looking a trytonic way to solve more than one invoice sequence management, I have seenn on the argentinian account_invoice_ar module a way to manage it based on pos logic on invoicing, is there are more info about this process? thanks a lot for the suggestions17:11
cedkcsotelo: it really depends on why you want that17:11
csotelocedk, the reason on try to use that if for manage more than one cashiers, it means for any role responsible for generate an invoice, must exists a sequence, then what I have done is implement something like a pos, no exactly a pos, but a way to manage multiple sequence number associated to each invoicing responsible role, on the accounting side is ok and works, but I am not sure if is the trytonic way, since on the accounting17:11
csotelomodule configuration, a sequence setup is required, but this sequence wont be used since we use sequences for each invoincing responsible role17:11
cedkcsotelo: I do not see the point to link invoice number with sesponsability17:11
csotelocedk, I gess I was no clear, I mean if you have more than one desks / offices / people posting invoices, then each one must use its own sequence number, does make it sense?17:11
cedkcsotelo: no17:11
smorilloyou can find another implementation here:
cedkcsotelo: it is no more manual&paper work, we can give unique number to multiuser17:11
csotelosmorillo, I have implemented it using a logic like pos but a sequesce must all ways set on the accounting configuration, however this sequence won be used since I am using the logic for multiple sequence, then I would like tha right way on de activate the invoice sequence setup on accounting configuration module17:11
csoteloon the right way17:11
csotelosmorillo, looks really great and to much better than my implementation17:11
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pokolicsotelo: this is somethign usuall in the south american countries? I think this is also the case for Argentina17:11
csotelopokoli, yes, I have done implementation based on Argentina module implementation, but my question was related to keep the account invoice sequence setup on the accounting and fiscal year setup, that was noiding me a litle, the smorillo link make sense for me17:11
cedkindeed it could be much simpler since
cedkeven if I still doubt the real necessity of having multiple sequences17:11
pokolicsotelo: it can be as simple as:
pokoliJFTR I introduced  in order to simplify the implementation of account_invoice_multisequence module18:11
csotelocedk, pokoli great! and thanks a lot, I was looking for that and looks so nice!18:11
pokolicsotelo: just to make sure, there is a legislation that forces you to implement such behaviour? Could you share the link?18:11
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csotelocedk, pokoli great! and thanks a lot, I was looking for that and looks so nice!18:11
csotelopokoli, let me ask to my accountant for the rule18:11
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andrespolitihi, i'm having a weird behavior in which the invoice sequence is advancing when it shouldn't. This causes problems with our country's online tax office, which expects invoice numbers to be in order. What could be the cause?21:11
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cedkandrespoliti: something that is requesting the sequence when it should not21:11
cedkandrespoliti: look at any custom code21:11
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