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xiculanhola hello16:12
xiculanhay alguien aqui? este foro es en español o en ingles?16:12
cedkxiculan: it is English here, Spanish is on  #tryton-es16:12
xiculanok thanks16:12
xiculanone question: I was trying to install a tryton server on raspbian and it was very hard to do, first I try whith apt-.get and I reach it, but then I tried with pip and it was  impossible :( and very long time, I read in one blog that install with apt-get is not updated packages, and with pip there are other kind of problems, meanwhile when I install any soft its simple like agt-get... and done.16:12
cedkxiculan: use the method you prefer and/or master16:12
cedkxiculan: I guess packages are based on the Debian package16:12
cedkxiculan: they are quite up to date usually, you can check debian.tryton.org16:12
xiculanNow i think Tryton is a very confusing thing with hundreds of links with diferent information. Can you all to reach an agreement to do all the same simple as apt-get and finish?16:12
cedkxiculan: no, the world is various and we can not fix the world16:12
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xiculanok thats true16:12
cedkxiculan: we provide archive of releases, it is up to the others to make packages for each distributions16:12
xiculanbut the official should be the same16:12
cedkxiculan: what official?16:12
cedkxiculan: what does it mean?16:12
xiculanofficial I mean:
cedkthe project support some ways that volunteers are up to maintain:
cedkxiculan: we do not want to force people to use any specific OS16:12
xiculanok cedk that's fantastic16:12
xiculanand which is the difference betwen trytond and tryton-server?16:12
cedkxiculan: where did you see tryton-server?16:12
cedkxiculan: are you talking about the debian package tryton-server?16:12
cedkif yes, it is the name the Debian project gives to trytond16:12
cedkwe are not responsible of that16:12
xiculanso you recomendme "sudo pip install trytond" easy like that?16:12
cedkxiculan: I do not recommend to use pip as root as it can messup with the OS packages17:12
xiculani tried some times and it was very long time, and allway occurs some error17:12
xiculanok i will try without sudo then17:12
cedkxiculan: it is probably slow because there are dependencies which requires to be compiled like libxml or psycopg17:12
cedkxiculan: on small devise like raspberry, it is probably better to use pre-compiled packages17:12
xiculanok, thanks a lot  for your help :)17:12
xiculanthere is any way to do it with less time?17:12
cedkxiculan: use a more powerful machine?17:12
xiculanok messaje recived ;D17:12
cedkor precompiled packages17:12
xiculanhow can i do with compiled packages?17:12
cedkxiculan: apparently it is apt-get install …17:12
xiculanlike apt-get install libxml?17:12
cedkxiculan: yes17:12
xiculanso why pip isnt't able to do "apt-get install libxml" itself?17:12
cedkxiculan: ask to
cedkbut I guess as they do a package manager, they do not want to rely on another package manager17:12
xiculanok yes its reasonable17:12
xiculanthe installation is running now form 30 min ago, i'm waiting and hope that it works with your help17:12
cedkxiculan: which package is slow?17:12
xiculanBuilding wheels for collected packages: lxml   Running bdist_wheel for lxml ... |17:12
cedkxiculan: so you should install lxml package prior to use pip17:12
cedkxiculan: I guess on Debian it is named: python-lxml17:12
xiculanso its better I stop the installation now or you mean for future installations?17:12
cedkxiculan: better to restart from scratch17:12
xiculani thing this was the trouble before, raspberry stays building all the time and I have to quit the power cause it doesent respond to crtl+x17:12
xiculando you thing that if is possible i make a bash script that first install the precompiled packages like "apt-get install python-lxml" and others and then "pip install trytond"? to automate the installation procedure?17:12
xiculanmaybe it will be usefull for another people?17:12
xiculanhello, i did apt-get install python-lxml and it goed well18:12
xiculanbut I tried another time "pip install trytond" and the process stoped in the same place18:12
xiculanBuilding wheels for collected packages: lxml   Running bdist_wheel for lxml ... /18:12
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