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LordVanCan someone give me a pointer as to how i can access extra fields I added to "party" with a custom module using proteus?10:01
semarieLordVan: Party = Model.get('') ; p = Party(1) ; p.myfield10:01
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semariethere is really nothing particular in accessing extra field or "standard" one10:01
LordVanbut it does not show my added fields using dir(p)10:01
LordVani had added "pn_name = fields.Char('PN name', size=50)" to Party10:01
LordVanbut if i then do p.pn_name I get an AttributeError10:01
LordVansemarie, <- the module .. super simple for now and i do see the data int he UI10:01
LordVanso i am confused10:01
udonoLordVan: Hi, Your module is missing a tryton.cfg file10:01
LordVanudono, ah nope just my commit XD10:01
semarieLordVan: is the module activated in the database ?10:01
LordVansemarie, yes10:01
LordVanas I said i can see the notepad and fields in the UI10:01
LordVanand i added stuff and it saved it , ..10:01
udonoLordVan: does it help to add <field name="customer_no" tree_invisible="1"/> in the tree view?10:01
LordVanudono, does the view have anythign to do with accessign data using proteus?10:01
udonoLordVan: hmm, no10:01
LordVanlet me just try reconnecting my proteous session10:01
LordVanmaybe itS' that10:01
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LordVanduno if it caches anything10:01
LordVan*smacks self*10:01
LordVanthat ws it ..10:01
LordVaneven if i did a Party.find() it did not refresh the new fields10:01
LordVanguess i added the module after connecting10:01
udonohow you connect with proteus?10:01
udonodirectly or with an url10:01
LordVan <- i am documenting what I do in my blog10:01
LordVanI was going to use attributes to add a dropdown for different Material types (of sheet metal) to my products .. but since they cannot be searched (being Dict,..) I was thinking of just adding a field for it, which would be similar to a dict ..10:01
LordVanknow any modules that do somethign like this where the end-user can edit the options with a nice gui i could maybe just copy instead of making it from scratch?10:01
LordVanbasically similar to the product_attribute "tab" but easier maybe10:01
LordVannm i know how i will do it ..10:01
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LordVananyone can help me with this error?:11:01
LordVanprobably something simple i missed or a stupid mistake11:01
LordVan(first time i make my own model)11:01
LordVannever mind11:01
LordVanignore this11:01
LordVani am an idiot .. i just need a one2many field11:01
LordVanerr many2one11:01
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LordVan.. forgetting to add new classes (ModelSQL, ModelView) in is a pain lol13:01
LordVanhmm seems like sometimes (during development) a trytond restart helps -- something was not reloaded/cached tespite running trytond-admin13:01
LordVanoh nice .. I don't need to make an UI to add data to new models? neat .. how do i add edit/delete to it though?14:01
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LordVancan someone have a look at and help me figure out why the "Folder" input box is multiline in my form? (the production notes are text and are fine that way)14:01
g5pwHey all! I'm trying to set up a model to handle members of an organizations (structured somewhat similar to company.employee, but without access). I'm having some difficulties with implementing a Sequence to index all members numerically regardless of the Party code. Are there any good examples around? I've looked at the sequence for Party, but it looks a bit complex..14:01
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LordVanmakign an import from dolibarr is a pain when one doesn't speak french ..15:01
LordVanah nice15:01
LordVanpostgresql can export json .. might be better to do that than work with csv from dolibarr15:01
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cedkLordVan: Text are multiline so they expand to take all available space16:01
LordVanyes but folder is char not text16:01
cedkg5pw: do you mean to order?16:01
cedkLordVan: not in the link you gave16:01
LordVanso stupid .. i had tried somethign and thought i changed it back (adn with all the other Char under it i misread)16:01
LordVanthanks for pointing that out to me ..16:01
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LordVanah btw16:01
LordVancedk, one quick question: the code you looked at .. it gives me a nice way to add new material / material surface by just using the product form .. but it seems i cannot edit or delete there? can that be enabled somehow or do i need to make an UI for that myself?16:01
g5pwcedk: I mean an auto-incrementing ID with a pattern (like patr16:01
cedkg5pw: you can do like for Party16:01
cedkg5pw: use a sequence to fill a code field16:01
cedkg5pw: and define an code_order method if you do not use padding16:01
g5pwcedk: I'm just not sure exactly on how does the code in Party work, there's a configuration model that references a ConfigurationSequence model that references the same field(?)16:01
cedkg5pw: there is no magic, you have to set the value at create17:01
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