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wifasoiSorry for the late response (I don't wanna mention your name so late in the nigh)23:05
wifasoiFunny stuff, before this module I did the same think, use the party code23:05
wifasoiIt was ugli if you wanted to add a supplier, correct me if I'm wrong (and usually i am)23:08
wifasoi*I did the same thing, I used the party code as aembership I23:09
wifasoi*membership id (her autocorrect)23:11
wifasoi-> correct me if I'm wrong, but the companies takes the code 1 usually23:13
wifasoiAnd if the association will employ some people, they will end up as a party23:18
wifasoiThis is why I created the module23:18
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wifasoiHi, I also noticed that the sale_subscription generate invoice without a pre-filled invoice date (with the date of when the rrule triggered), before i create a bug report/feature request/commit i want ask if a fix will be acepted09:21
cedkwifasoi: I do not think so. The invoice date is when the invoice is posted.09:30
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wifasoiahahh, ok09:37
cedkwifasoi: indeed I guess what you want to show is the period for which the invoice lie was created09:38
cedkwifasoi: I guess you can them with the link invoice_line on consumption lines09:40
wifasoiwell was more a quality of life if you open tryton once a month (and import statement and do housekeeping, like generate invoice for the members), so the dunning rule will work properly (and start at the date of the rrule trigger).. but for now i did all of this by hand09:44
wifasoi* now i populate the post date by hand to mach the next_invoice date/rrule trigger09:46
wifasoipokoli: if can continue the discussion of yesterday: use only subscription doesn't suite the need of an association, keep a book of members(with sequential code) and generate recurrence invoice base of the state of the member10:07
wifasoiand should I create a blueprint for this module, even if I am the developer that will implement it?10:07
wifasoi(just asking)10:07
pokoliwifasoi: you can create a blueprint in order to develop a generic model for association usage, which aims to fullfill the needs of most associations10:33
pokoliwifasoi: and you should use a custom module for specific things of your association10:33
wifasoihehe, my tryton instance have a a bunch of custom module (all quality of life things), just asking is some can be integrated back :)10:37
wifasoiI'll create a blueprint to collect some feedback then10:39
wifasoiat lest the part of keep a book of members10:39
wifasoidon't know if creating/associating a subscription for each member is a job for a separate module, or lies in this one I'm drafting. in my contry is abblygatory that an associate need to pay some annual fee, and I talk to so other association an this rule seems hold for other contry as-well10:42
pokoliwifasoi: may I aks you which country you are from?10:45
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cedkwifasoi: well Tryton Foundation does not require annual fee10:54
wifasoiIn italy the membership fee is mandatory otherwise a company (for example a gym) can be structured like an association without paying taxes (is quite common in italy)10:56
wifasoiok, then it will a separate module :)10:56
cedkwifasoi: I do not understand the link10:56
cedkwifasoi: there is no tax to pay if there is no money exchange10:56
wifasoiweel, an association can give services to the associate without paying taxes/vat10:57
wifasoilike we are an hackerspace (yes, i'm the one from fosdem)10:58
wifasoidon't know if a foundation is similar/equal to an association10:59
pokoliwifasoi: a good contribution will be to complete the Italian translation of all the modules11:03
pokoliwifasoi: see
wifasoiohh yeah, can do11:03
pokoliwifasoi: and also having the italian chart of accounts avaiable on tryton as account_it module11:03
cedkwifasoi: well I think you are doing a generalisation of special case11:04
wifasoipokoli: italy dosn't have an harmonized chart of account (unfortunally)11:05
wifasoii wanted to implement the brand new italian electronic invoice system, but is not my priority right now11:06
cedkwifasoi: if there are no officials CoA, I guess there is one most used11:10
wifasoii can copy the one from my accountant textbook, there are like 350 different account :)11:11
wifasoiis like a separate booklet :)11:11
cedkwifasoi: but how does other software?11:12
wifasoii didn't investigate much, I'll ask arround...11:14
wifasoiaccounting is not my bread-maker11:14
pokoliwifasoi: i see other softwares have an italian chart of accounts:
pokoliwifasoi: at least having a complete translation for italian will be a very good step11:16
wifasoiyes, I can do that, how can ask for an account?11:17
wifasoiI'll ask my accountant friend for some advice...11:19
pokoliwifasoi: you have to register and then we can make you italian languange administrator11:19
pokoliwifasoi: which is your username on pootle server?11:20
wifasoi(original i know)11:21
wifasoicedk: well, the idea/implementation for the module came as a necessity... association need (i think globally) keep a book of all the associate11:22
wifasoiso i started from that11:23
wifasoi(now i have an excuse to by poedit pro :P)11:24
wifasoi*to buy11:27
cedkwifasoi: I gave you the admin right on IT translations11:31
wifasoithank you, I'll try to do my best11:32
cedkwifasoi: you are free to organize a team for it and give them access11:32
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wifasoisorry if i bother you, again but what do you mean by "generalization of a special case". Yes i try to generalize my user case, so maybe other association/group of people can use it as well (but i don't think is what you meant)13:12
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cedkwifasoi: I mean saying that all associations must create membership fees is a generalization of a special case14:39
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mrichezhi, how to convert an issue with multiple patchs to tryton-env ? Should i create a new patch on this issue?15:25
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cedkmrichez: I do not understand the question15:55
mrichezcedk: it's about issue . There's 4 patches. I think there should be only one patch with tryton-env. So i create a new patch with tryton-env ? what about the other patches ?15:57
mrichezcedk: sorry, i've to go..16:07
cedkmrichez: FTR: yes16:09
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