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sisalpwifasoi: Hello, membership for association is a generic need. You may consider proposing a blueprint and set up a discussion in the community, so your module could be mainstream later.10:03
sisalpwifasoi: sorry, I didn't notice pokoli already gave this advice.10:03
mrichezhi, need some advices... when doing a patch in tryton_env, i'm cloning tryton-env in a directory with the id of the issue, then i'm creating a virtualenv... how to add all dependencies in pip? i'm doing "python developp" in trytond, but when doing tests on a module, i'm always getting dependencies errors. So i've to go into module directory and launching Is there another way ? Do you use a script to automate all the process (cloning,11:03
mrichezcreating sqlite database, virtualenv and adding dependencies)? or do you execute a pip install with a txt file having all tryton dependencies inside?11:03
pokolimrichez: you have to manually install them11:03
pokolimrichez: that's what I execute:  pip install python-stdnum stripe febelfin-coda csb43 ldap3 simpleeval cached_property ofxparse zeep PyPDF211:03
pokolimrichez: and then python develop in trytond to get server on path and install dependencies11:03
pokoliindeed i have no text file but i store the command on my shell history :)11:03
mrichezpokoli: ok, i remember i already ask the question in google groups11:03
pokolimrichez: don't worry I understand it is something that we do not do frequently :)11:03
mrichezmaybe i'll write a small script to automate this kind of task11:03
mrichezpokoli: you keep always the same tryton repo for patch ?11:03
mrichezpokoli: it seems complicated when you have multiple issues at the same time11:03
nicoemrichez: What you could do is having a requirements.txt file somewhere and in your virtualenv do something like "pip install -r path_to_requirements.txt"11:03
nicoemrichez: I have only one virtualenv for tryton dev in fact11:03
nicoemrichez: (well maybe two in case I need to work on python2.7 but it's more and more rare)11:03
mrichezok, so one or two virtualenv and multiple tryton-env clones for each patch..11:03
nicoemrichez: That's what I do11:03
mrichezok, thanks nicoe and pokoli!11:03
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pokolicedk: it is possible to restore the country translations for catalan language on pootle?12:03
pokoliit seems somebody translated them using the wrong language:
pokolihere is the culprit:
cedkpokoli: I guess you can upload an updated file12:03
cedkpokoli: but I do not understand how he could translate other languages12:03
pokolicedk: neither do I, but it's all the module that has been translated12:03
cedkhe has only permission for persian12:03
pokolicedk: I will upload the file from the 5.0 series and complete the translation, thanks for the tip12:03
cedknormally, we should process to update country and currency modules with pycountry12:03
cedkpokoli: you can contact him to understand what he did12:03
pokolicedk: done, will keep you informed12:03
mricheznicoe: one more question about dependencies and virtualenv... so you have multiple tryton-env for issues, but which trytond and proteus do you use in your virtualenv ? to run the tests, i have to install in develop mode the trytond in the directory of issue i'm working in... so if i switch to another issue, i'll have to uninstall trytond in pip, and then reinstall trytond from other issue directory ?13:03
wifasoiI found out that tryton doesn't like the developer mode/editable ... Bud didn't have time to debug the problem, a workarround is to manually create a simlink in the venv folder from the project folder to the trytond/module folder13:03
nicoemrichez: I don't install trytond or proteus in my virtualenv13:03
nicoemrichez: If you run your script from the root of your tryton-env you can import trytond or proteus13:03
mricheznicoe: in tryton-env directory i'm executing this command : "python ./trytond/trytond/tests/ -m party -c .trytond_sqlite.conf"13:03
mricheznicoe: and then i got ImportError: No module named 'trytond'13:03
wifasoi(misunderstood the question, but yes.. i need to find the root cause of why i can't install a module in dev/editable mode)13:03
nicoeI have a small script to run the test that adds in the PYTHONPATH trytond and proteus13:03
mricheznicoe: :-) and path is related to directory of your issue13:03
wifasoisisalp: I'll do wen i have some time, maybe I'll post the bleprint tomorrow13:03
mricheznicoe: thanks nicoe :-)13:03
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technoobhey guys16:03
technoobis this a good place to ask16:03
technoobis it possible to install trton on an ubuntu server16:03
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nicoetechnoob: Yes to both questions17:03
technoobis there like a step by step process to install the server on ubuntu17:03
nicoeYou can either use the docker image17:03
nicoeOr the ubuntu packages directly17:03
nicoeThe docker image is probably easier for the newcomers as it sets up the database etc17:03
nicoe(read its readme)17:03
technoobinstalling the server is using this command pip install trytond17:03
technoobam i right?17:03
nicoepip is a method to install python packages on your computer17:03
nicoetrytond is a python package17:03
nicoeSo it can work but you have to understand the difference between using docker, the ubuntu packages or the python packages17:03
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pokoli /exit20:03
BuglouseGetting an ascii encode error, tried with PYTHONIOENCODING=utf-8;
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cedkBuglouse: your database is not UTF-822:03

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