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BuglouseI keep getting a FORBIDDEN notification using sao/trytond. trytond-admin works fine, I can login to tryton:8000.07:03
BuglouseAnd the tryton-client from another system returns errno 104 with no logs on server, nc -v host 8000 shows open.07:03
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BuglouseFri Mar 29 06:23:53 2019] INFO:werkzeug: - - [29/Mar/2019 06:23:53] "POST /tryton/ HTTP/1.1" 403 -
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BuglouseFor the client I disabled server SSL. Where is this recorded other than Client Appendix with ca_certs?08:03
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BuglouseI get the FORBIDDEN on the sao but not after a successful login with tryton -SSL08:03
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pokoliBuglouse: I've read your messages but I do not understand your issues10:03
pokoliBuglouse: have you solved them?10:03
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sisalpnicoe: you said "I have a small script to run the test that adds in the PYTHONPATH trytond and proteus" but the link seems expired. Can you repost please ?11:03
sisalpnicoe: thank you11:03
nicoesisalp: np11:03
pokolinicoe: wow, I will probably copy the notify-send part :)11:03
pokolinicoe: I normally use python -m so it can be run from modules folder11:03
pokoliand I run them inside vim11:03
nicoeOh nice11:03
nicoeI should try to wire that to vim directly indeed11:03
nicoeBut the script is mainly there because I forget how to set up things and I use the script as an external memory11:03
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plaesnicoe: it's actually possible to run the $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/python straight, without source'ing the activate14:03
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