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BuglouseGetting Errno 104 Connecting reset when trying to connect tryton to trytond. nc shows port is open and accessable.00:03
BuglouseWeb interface (sao) works fine.00:03
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nzanielasale  report  how  can  i convert it to be ESC/POS friendly10:03
nzanielahow to add  usb thermal  printers to tryton and it recognize them ?10:03
pokolinzaniela: here is some template that you should probably addapt:
nzanielapokoli: thanks and how can i exports the Products data  only ? i know tryton has an export but havent found it  ?10:03
pokolinzaniela: on the client there is the export feature available for all models10:03
pokolinzaniela: see export functionality of the toolbar:
nzanielapokoli: i have  loggedin the  and on the  toolbar i only see  add save reload  relate execute print ?10:03
pokolinzaniela: you should click on the model name in the upper left side of the tab, and you will see the full options10:03
nzanielapokoli: lost  again could you  mind tell me  the steps using the  demo5.0.tryton.org10:03
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nzaniela  is this in the release 5.010:03
nzanielai  have  tried looking for the export and  import button and dont seem to find it10:03
mricheznzaniela: it'll be in 5.210:03
nzaniela@mrichez  thanks  ,  how do i  access it as  currently  being done10:03
mricheznzaniela: hg clone
nzanielamrichez:   i will have to update the  modules i have to  work with the default  from the  url you have given me11:03
nzanielamrichez: thanks11:03
mricheznzaniela: you will have all the latests commits, you'll have to use trytond server from the clone11:03
mricheznzaniela: don't forget tp add the hook ( or you'll have to create symlinks for your modules in trytond/trytond/modules11:03
nzanielamrichez: thanks didnt  know  about  the hook11:03
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