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sebsteHi Folks! I have got a question regarding payment of invoices. If I click on the "pay" button inside a customer invoice, the "pay invoice" dialog appears. In This dialog there is a required list field for "pament method" which is empty and shows no values to select. Thjere are paymen tmethods defined in the journals section, but they dont show up in the dialog. It appears to be the same in the demo. Any Ideas on how to handle this? Thanks!15:38
cedksebste: you need to have payment method from the same company15:43
cedkI mean "Invoice Payment Method"15:44
sebstecedk: ? sorry - I don't get it. Do you mean the payment method has to be defined in the party?15:46
cedksebste: I mean you need to have in the accounting configuration Invoice Payment Methods for the same company as the invoice company15:47
sebstecedk: sorry - I am afraid I still dont understand what you mean. I have defined the payment methods in Financial -> Configuration -> Journals -> Payment Methods That is not what you are refering, to, right?15:57
cedksebste: it is named "Invoice Payment Methods"16:04
cedksebste: and its company must be the same as the invoice you want to pay16:04
pokolisebste: "Invoice Payment Methods" are defined on Financial -> Configuration -> JOurnals -> INvoice Payment Methods16:04
sebsteYes, they are.16:06
sebsteOh, it is not an invoice I want to pay, but one that has been paid by a customer16:06
cedksebste: I do not understand16:49
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sebstecedk: first of all, thanks for your help, so far. It is a customer invoice, I want to mark a s paid. When i click the button "pay" the dialog appears, but the payment methods I defined as pokoli described above, do not show up there17:05
cedksebste: are you sure they have the same company?17:05
sebsteYes, I only have one17:06
cedksebste: and that it does not have the same account as the invoice17:06
sebstecedk: let me check real quick17:08
sebsteSo you mean the accounts for payable and receiveable of the parties of the company and the customer must be different?17:12
sebstecedk: I works for supplier invoices but not for customer invoices, btw17:12
sebstecedk: I use German language and  "minimal accounts" to understand what is going on. Not sure how to translate the account names to english.17:17
sebsteSo in the invoice in the tab "other" the account is set to "Forderungen"17:18
sebstecedk: in the companies party in the tab "accounting" no accounts are currently set for Forderungen and Verbindlichkeiten17:19
sebsteOK, I think I know what is going on. Am I right in the assumption that I need to define seperate payment methods for receiveables and payablers?17:27
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