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wifasoifor the "keep track of inventory ownership" (
wifasoii was thinking10:05
wifasoican be an viable option to use a lot for each person (and add a field to the lot, that link a lot to a party)10:06
wifasoiit's ok to manage the asset of the company/assocaition  like cedk suggested, but an association need to keep track of what is donated to the association, and what is leased.10:09
wifasoidisregard that last sentence.. keeping track of the donated object as an asset is a good option.10:11
wifasoithe problem with the "a lot for each person" is that i cannot use barcode anymore. Should an "analytic stock"/"meta lot" feature a solution to that?10:14
wifasoi(I'm imaging a general solution were each product have a barcode, but you want to group a set of barcode as a "meta lot".)10:16
wifasoiin my case is to have a barcode on each good, and a group of barcode belong to a party/lot10:17
cedkwifasoi: what about adding metadata to the lot, like owner10:18
wifasoithat will work too (for my case atleast)10:18
wifasoilike the lot_sled module10:20
wifasoibut what about the user case above, If I'm using a lot as a barcode.. how I keep track of witch production run the barcode belong?10:22
wifasoishould this be a custom module that add metadata, or can be generalize in some way?10:23
cedkwifasoi: I do not understand the problem10:23
wifasoisorry, let's change scenario (for my work)10:23
wifasoiI ask some company to produce a product (100 for example) for me.10:24
wifasoithen i need to serialize it, because i need to keep track my installations (the user/party A have the product with serial code #1 for example)10:25
wifasoinow i see a problem in some product with serial code #1, #20, #30 (belonging to from the same production run)10:28
wifasoiso it will be handy to keep track witch serial number belong to witch production run10:28
wifasoiso if I use the lot for serial number purpose, i don't have a mechanism for keeping track from witch production run the product belongs to10:29
cedkwifasoi: you can search for all production that contains as output move the lot10:30
wifasoiok, makes sense. It's a bit overkill.. but is  a viable solution (for work i just wanted a way to keep track of the inventory)10:35
cedkindeed we are missing two views that create a tree for a lot which display all the usages up and down10:39
cedkI'm pretty sure we have an issue or blueprint about that but I can not find10:43
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pokolicedk: we discussed it on!msg/tryton/6fSdXWDSe9M/ElIsGE9dAwAJ but I do not think the issue was never created11:45
pokoliwifasoi: It will be great if you can propose an implementation for this :)11:46
wifasoiwell, yes.. that's was the goal :)11:46
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mrichezhi, need some help with mercurial and subversion...12:25
mrichezin tryton_env, when doing an "hg pull -u", it's always asking me " subrepository modules/account_dunning_fee diverged (local revision: 5a0172cb4566, remote revision: 6eac3272b58d)12:25
mrichez(M)erge, keep (l)ocal [working copy] or keep (r)emote [destination]?"12:25
mrichezfor each module...12:26
cedkmrichez: it means you have modification in the repo12:27
mrichezbut if going inside module directory, and doing "hg pull -u", don't have the question... pull update is launching directly12:27
mrichezi don't have modifications in the repo... so have the question asked for each module... don't understand why12:27
cedkmrichez: it is not that you are not up to date, subrepo always ensure that but you have commits12:28
mrichezand the i interrupted the process and why i try to launch again, the pull says everything is uptodate which is not the case12:29
cedkmrichez: you must do an update not a pull12:29
mrichezcedk: but it concerns modules where i don't have commits...12:29
cedkmrichez: but you have local modifications12:30
cedkusually I answer with remote12:30
mrichezcedk: the problem is linked to documentation12:30
mrichezit 's considered as a local modification12:31
mrichezcedk: i've launched 'hg update' and again it's asking me about 'Merging, keeping local...' in module account (i don't work on this module). I made an hg diff and diff is about readme.rst12:33
mrichezand the removal of index.rst12:33
cedkmrichez: it will always ask you if you have local changes12:34
mrichezcedk: indeed but only when lauching the hg command in tryton_env ... if i'm doing the hg command in the module directory, it ask me nothing....12:37
mrichezcedk: in tryton_env, the readme.rst is considered as a local change... which is not the case...12:38
cedkmrichez: because I guess in a single repo, the command is not ambigus12:38
mrichezcedk: i'll update all my modules... i'll see next time if asking again the question...12:39
semariemrichez: if you update subrepos individually, it will ask you when you update tryton-env. by updating a subrepo directly, you change the "commit-id" for it in tryton-env. so it will ask12:52
mrichezsemarie: ok thanks for explanation12:53
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